1. Gigi says

    @jason — There’s a difference between reporting on the release of a single and “promoting the career of a woman beater.” Guess you won’t be back to TOWLEROAD any more? We’ll. Miss. U.

  2. says

    Awwwww look at him all grow’d up and sensible. Sarcasm aside, though, this is good news because it affects a portion of the population that DOES need to hear this.

    Oh and SMDH at some of the comments above. Some of you simply won’t quit, will ya?

  3. jakeinlove says

    Damage Control – Uh it’s a few years too late for that people. Just let it be what it is intended.

    Eventually actions will speak louder than words – again.

  4. Deion says

    Dude Chris Brown isnt homophobic and @Ty he calls people the F word on a daily basis? You completely made that up. Like out of left field. Anyway you know who calls people the F word. Perez Hilton

  5. Deion says

    And also if someone does something and it affects people for the good. Why does it matter why its done. And who is to say this is just a PR stunt. Chris Brown’s charity has been raising awareness and money for Elton’s John AIDS foundation for years. Don’t believe. Research it like smart people do.

  6. Peter Hargmier says

    Well Mr. Brown, thanks soo much for your endorsement finally. The stand-up, honourable, gentlemanly type of guy you are is exactly the kind of role model for today’s youth that we want backing the LGBT cause.


  7. NE1 says

    For years he would call someone the F word every 6 months like clockwork. So I guess now it’s been 7 months. whatever at least he’s trying to do some good.

  8. Marc says

    Dear CB — Go away. We don’t want you at our party. You are self-centred, homophobic and engage in physical violence to settle your scores. You have a LOT of maturing, apologizing and explaining to do before anyone will buy this nonsense. Go see a therapist and go the f___ away.

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