1. Bollux says

    If you are caught anywhere on Parsons Ave, you better have a gun or a black belt in Taekwondo. Sadly none of these are great areas despite the gay gentrification in them.

    The Exile used to be a decent leather bar in a dire neighborhood. Dark, dank and seedy. Until they renovated. Maybe the thugs mistook it for a Chipotle.

  2. nick says

    Bollux -you are spot on with your comments.
    Columbus has very small pockets of safe zones but it is just like most communities in the US-still very homophobic and has a very long way to go.

  3. Dave says

    I’ve been going out in Columbus for years…and I’ve never heard of that bar! That is not a nice part of town though.

  4. Eric says

    We have more than small pockets that are fine. Hell all of high street already has pride banners up. I am glad as a community we’re going to show the pockets of hate in Columbus that we won’t stand for this. It is t many.

  5. *****overtx says

    Ever notice how brave all these “straight men” are when attacking gay people? It seems that it is never one on one. I am waiting for something like this to occur in a “concealed carry” state against a guy with something in his pants other than his cell phone.

  6. nick says

    A few blocks in the Short North along High Street do not make a community-as much as you think. The area has diversified and the gays that gentrified the community have dispersed throughout the city or moved away entirely.
    Columbus has always had a strong Gay Pride Parade and that is admirable and commendable for the city but it is because people from all over Ohio come to the city for its festivities.
    The city proper is very homophobic. Kudos to Gloria and Chris- great role models for all of us in Columbus.

  7. Mike says

    I agree Eric. German Village and Clintonville for the ladies are also more than “small pockets.” All three attacks took place in gentrifying neighborhoods. These attacks very well could have happened to straight guys. Just be careful out there and know your surroundings.

  8. johnny says

    All of these attacks have one thing in common:

    The victims were by themselves.

    Be warned and take precautions.

  9. jamal49 says

    The violence surges against us. The homophobes can’t and won’t tolerate that we are everywhere and that America is slowly changing its attitude to one of acceptance. These acts of violence, occurring everywhere across America are the last, desperate acts of religious bigots to stem the forces of change. Expect more. Be prepared. Learn self-defense. Know the area where your club or bar of choice is. Keep that cellphone handy. Try to never be out alone. Organize watch patrols. Never count on the police–they’re part of the problem.

  10. trscmh says

    @Nick…no, a few blocks don’t make a community per sea, but people coming together, united in a cause do. Witness the Pink Equality support both within the LGBTQ “community” as well as the straight allies. I’m sorry you don’t feel a sense of community. Columbus may not be NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, but compared to other cities in Ohio and other cities in the midwest, Columbus is pretty diverse and welcoming.