Gay Cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts to Get Married

The gay cousin of chief justice John Roberts is getting married now that Roberts sent Prop8 back to California, effectively re-legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.

J_robertsReports Talking Points Memo:

When the Supreme Court heard the oral arguments for and against the constitutionality of DOMA this March, Chief Justice John Roberts probably noticed a familiar face in the crowd — his openly gay cousin, Jean Podrasky.

At the time, Podrasky found the arguments difficult to hear, and a little nerve-racking, no doubt in part because Podrasky was engaged to be married to her partner, and stuck in limbo until the Court issued its decision on California’s Proposition 8.

Now that the ruling is in, Podrasky says that the magnitude of the ruling overwhelms whatever personal disagreements she has with her cousin, who signed on with the minority view that DOMA should be upheld.

“I am so excited. I am absolutely overwhelmed,” Podrasky told me in a phone interview Wednesday.

Podrasky said she had a difficult time listening to the Prop8 proceedings due to the "disconcerting" questions that Roberts asked.

She's unsure as to whether she's going to invite him to the wedding, because she hasn't made a guest list yet.


  1. DavidR says

    Inviting Roberts would be incredibly graceful. Not inviting him would be totally understandable.

  2. my2cents says

    invite him to the wedding and treat him as an honored guest. maybe the ‘doubting thomas’ in roberts would benefit from witnessing love and acceptance manifest.

  3. Stefan says

    To be fair, Robert’s dissent in Windsor was only about standing, and not the merits of the case. As far as the questions asked, he could have just been playing devil’s advocate. Good judges do that.

  4. Rexford says

    It’s her business how she feels about Cousin John, but I’d be more concerned that he signed on to Scalia’s hate-filled screed in the DOMA case.

  5. Bob R says

    I personally wouldn’t invite him. But then I’d probably not have anything further to do with him. I have made it a policy to not make someone a priority in my life when I am but an option in theirs. Roberts’ decision was very hurtful to his cousin. If not for Justice Kennedy she wouldn’t be getting married so there’d be no wedding to invite him to attend. Even if she were to marry, she would still be denied federal benefits.

  6. Rich says

    My mother’s advice to me, (with which my fiancé has problems): elope.

    But by all means, send him a wedding announcement.

  7. John says

    Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Perhaps if she invites him and gets really friendly with him, he’ll soften his stance on gays. And then she might get an ear on the supreme court!

  8. Bob says

    Didn’t you learn from Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, 2 Bushes, the Koch brothers, etc?
    The man thinks he is a prince of the catholic church and a prince of capitalism.

    EVERY DECISION IS ABOUT POLITICS AND STRATEGY — for instance, he could dissent on Windsor to look good, but he made sure it would win anyhow, to keep up the illusion of balance in the Court.
    His decisions that appear liberal-ish, don’t cost his backers money.

  9. Kevin says

    I’d make him sit in the corner. He had no problem gutting the voters right but thinks COngress should have been left to decide whether or not his cousin should get the same federal benefits he and his wife get.

  10. Mike says


    Unfortunately, his dissent in Windsor was not limited to standing. Both he and Scalia (in whose dissent he also joined) went beyond the standing issue to opine on the merits and it is very clear that Roberts would have upheld Prop 8 and DOMA on the merits. It was completely improper for him to opine on the merits of either case, since it is his view that neither case was properly before the Court.

  11. Mike B. says

    lol Hell yes, I hadn’t thought of that. If my cousin was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, I’d ask him to officiate at my wedding, too.

  12. AG says

    Well, it was actually Chief Justice Roberts who wrote the majority opinion (Scalia concurred), which on the technical grounds made gay marriage effectively legal again in California. No reason for his cousin to have bad feelings.

  13. Andy says

    Why would you invite him? Hasn’t he made it clear how he feels about gay marriage?

  14. Jack M says

    I’d invite him, and let him face the real world. Roberts eating crow at a gay wedding reception would be the perfect scenario.