1. Zlick says

    Heheh, I heard them in the background this morning. Nice to hear these two clips more fully.

    “Make Them Hear You” is pretty much the perfect song for this struggle, and ones like it. We used it, in fact, as the finale for my favorite activist event I was involved in during the Prop 8 days, held on the eve of the California Supreme Court hearing on the proposition’s validity.

    It had rained through most of the program, but hundreds of people stayed at the historic Olivera Street location with their umbrellas. The rain finally broke towards the end, and hundreds lit candles. As the program director, I had been busy for hours and through all of the show – but I finally had time to sit just off stage and watch the finale.

    Our vocalist changed the middle verse of “Make Them Hear You” to something more specific to the event, and she really belted it out of the park. I’ll never forget looking out over the sea of candle-lit faces as she brought down the house. To this day, that song is guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye.

    So thanks, Gay Mens’ Chorus of D.C. Music really touches the heart.

  2. Eric says

    It was an amazingly proud and humbling experience to be a part of this group singing. One correction, though. We were not across the street from the Supreme Court…we were on the grounds. Either way, we were raising our voices for ALL.

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