1. Zlick says

    I’m so glad there’s another one of these videos. This guy is hysterically funny (not to mention super cute) with his sad-sack and very pointed critiques of the gay dating scene. It would be a bit depressing if it were not a crafted act. (Obvious to me because I can smell comedy and also because there’s no way this talented and cute guy has trouble getting a date.)

    Anyway, I’m glad to learn he apparently lives in L.A. now and – though he’s way too young to be dating material for me (plus I’m involved in a very seriously relationship with a guy I met on – yes- OK Cupid), I would really love to make his acquaintance and maybe be pals. Wonder which of those many online forums I can hit him up on?

  2. will says

    I like him. Funny lighthearted guy.

    Here’s my advice I’ve learned in 15 years of dating and relationships: Humor is more important than cock size or body. It’s nice to have it all but humor compatibility (and an easygoing attitude) transcends sexual compatibility.

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    His OK Cupid profile says he smokes ‘Sometimes’ and drinks ‘Socially’. I suppose ‘Constantly’ wasn’t a choice.

    Maybe Socially is the brand of his canned Champagne, because I didn’t see anyone else in his video.

  4. Dback says

    1) Yes, I would definitely do this guy, he’s adorable–and I don’t care if he smells like smoke, that’s what mouthwash and a good, long shower are for. 2) If I wasn’t looking for a relationship (maybe that’s the point of this video, he is), I’d say that ad for the guy moving to SF sounds like a great deal–you get to have a great hot time with a guy who thinks you’re gorgeous, no strings or complications, and nice memories, kind of like “Before Sunrise” (without the two sequels). What is not to like?

  5. Billy Crytical says

    There are a lot of fakers online. You have to realize that and not take it personal. Many gay people do not have boyfriends or girlfriends in their formative years so they learn to live without partners and are scared of dating so they chicken out when things get real.

  6. redball says

    he has wit and looks nice, but he’d get a boyfriend RIGHT QUICK if he weren’t a smoker. all i can think about when i see smokers is CANCER CANCER CANCER (like, 10 or 15 types of cancer!) and emphysema and COPD and heart disease, and, and, and.

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