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British Rugby Star James Haskell Has a Brick House Bod and a Great 'Attitude': PHOTOS


British rugby star James Haskell is letting most of it hang out on the cover of July's Attitude magazine.

Said Haskell to the magazine:

‘I’ve got a big gay following on Twitter so it’s an honour for me to be in Attitude. I’m surprised that across all sports more people haven’t come out because going by sheer statistics there have to be lots of gay sportsmen, right? I hate the idea of people feeling they can’t just be themselves and personally I wouldn’t give a s**t if any of my team-mates were gay.’"

More shots of the 28-year-old open-minded flanker from the London Wasps, AFTER THE JUMP...



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  1. Rugby. My new favorite sport. Sorry, soccer.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jun 22, 2013 11:08:22 AM

  2. Damn!!

    Posted by: Tom | Jun 22, 2013 11:27:23 AM

  3. I believe I am letting myself down in not paying more attention to Rugby. I've decided to take action to remedy that...

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Jun 22, 2013 12:01:49 PM

  4. Rugby guys have the best bodies on the planet. And you never see them do porn. (If someone has, let me know!). Those recent pics of the Lions players romping in the surf are excruciatingly hot.

    Posted by: Dan | Jun 22, 2013 12:17:44 PM

  5. I love how his stocky-ness makes him look short. He's over 6'4... Perfection

    Posted by: WGAF? | Jun 22, 2013 12:34:53 PM

  6. YUM!

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 22, 2013 12:47:52 PM

  7. Ooh yeah.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 22, 2013 1:35:30 PM

  8. please stop shaving your body

    Posted by: t | Jun 22, 2013 2:21:19 PM

  9. Ooooh. Hot. Daddy.

    You can almost predict all the resposes before people respond.

    Damn. Baby. Give me some of that. Slip me the sasauge. What a hunk of man.

    Posted by: will | Jun 22, 2013 2:25:50 PM

  10. I thought Attitude featured only gay people on it's covers. Here's hoping...

    Posted by: S. | Jun 22, 2013 2:27:11 PM

  11. there's something about taint shots in underwear that is so hot to me ;o

    Posted by: luke | Jun 22, 2013 2:44:46 PM

  12. He's 6'4"? I wanna climb that mountain!

    Posted by: jsb | Jun 22, 2013 3:07:24 PM

  13. No bulge, no thanks ... but ok ._.´

    Posted by: MArk | Jun 22, 2013 3:40:58 PM

  14. He's scenery and a fine clear headed fellow. I love both his attitude and his gratitude.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Jun 22, 2013 3:44:53 PM

  15. Well, maybe he should come out first

    Posted by: litper | Jun 22, 2013 4:34:08 PM

  16. A beautiful man, inside and out.

    Posted by: Carlos | Jun 22, 2013 4:47:25 PM

  17. Nice. Bodybuilder competitor material.

    Posted by: Maleka | Jun 22, 2013 5:14:07 PM

  18. "No bulge, no thanks ... but ok ._.´"

    its been digitally altered(if you look closely you can see where they edited out the vertical seams and "opening" on the front of the underwear) and there is a lack of contrast to to being in shadow, who knows what else they messed around with, a simple google image search showed he's not the owner of a "stump" as this photo seems to imply, then again some people like stumps

    Posted by: epic | Jun 22, 2013 7:15:26 PM

  19. A bit sad to see the comments treating this man as if he's a porn star. Obviously he knows (and we know) of his physical charms. Put your tongues back in your mouths, guys. The droolfest isn't flattering.

    Posted by: Michael D | Jun 22, 2013 10:31:15 PM

  20. Attitude magazine rarely puts gay people on the cover. It's a heterosexual worshipping magazine.

    Posted by: Billy Crytical | Jun 22, 2013 11:02:57 PM

  21. Wonder if he's related to Neil, the dancer. James is very hot.

    Posted by: AriesMatt | Jun 23, 2013 12:36:21 AM

  22. This is the first time I've ever heard 'brickhouse' used to describe a man. If his bulge really was digitally altered, that's a tragedy, and as bad as digitally altering a woman's cleavage.

    Posted by: Zeta | Jun 23, 2013 6:49:28 AM

  23. James Haskell is a god. He is proof that God exists, as far as Im concerned and you queens who think his package is too small, dont worry about it. You should be so lucky as to climb Mt Haskell.


  24. I want him to flank me. Hard. Over and over.

    Posted by: Martin Haro | Jun 23, 2013 12:44:17 PM

  25. A piece of that and a glass of whiskey would probably kill me!

    Posted by: Jack M | Jun 24, 2013 8:00:14 AM

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