Here’s One High School’s ‘Cutest Couple’

High school seniors (and boyfriends) Brad Taylor And Dylan Meehan were awarded the title of "Cutest Couple" and a photo of the happy couple was published in their school's yearbook. A friend excitedly posted the the image on Tumblr along with the following message:

"Two of my best friends won Cutest Couple of our senior class. First time in my school history a same sex couple has even been able to run for this category, not to mention winning it. So proud of them, and my school."

The Huffington Post reached out to the couple who responded with this message:

"This whole thing has been a bit surreal for us because we have been raised to believe that love is love. We never realized that our happiness and openness would inspire so many individuals. The support we have received from our family, friends, and even strangers has led us to believe that our affection for each other is normal … When we started dating a year [ago], the thought of a photo of us traveling throughout the world would be a bit frightening, but now we are proud to be part of the LGBT community."

Adorable. Congrats, guys!


  1. TONEZ says

    Thank god they are gay. Imagine the day walker children they would make. (south park)

  2. Arbogast says

    such duality in our world. the fundies planning to protest the HRC and then beautiful news about these two youngsters.

  3. Twinkoisseur says

    Nice, yes…but frankly, I liked the prom date couple in Central Park with balloons better.

  4. Anthony says

    This is why we are supported by the younger generation. They aren’t brainwashed to hate like their parents and grandparents.

  5. says

    My comment eaten again:

    Well done guys, congratulations.

    You embody hope and progress and normalcy and love. Your generation will achieve equality on the shoulders of the others, as it should be.

  6. Paul says

    Here’s hoping they enjoy being in the LGBT community when they leave high school and enter the real world.

  7. andrew says

    Good looking couple. Imagine how much healthier society will be when things like this are common place. I think gingers are cute and a ginger couple: AWESOME!

  8. Paul says

    Yeah. High school is the real world. And who knew being realistic is bitter. Good to know you know me so well.

  9. terry says

    Cute indeed. I am interested in what state they’re from. Something tells me is not Texas, Kansas or South Carolina. Someday maybe it will be.

  10. Ed P. says

    This won’t make the news in Mississippi either, but it give a little normalcy to my way of thinking. I love the progress the young people are sending to us older people!

  11. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @Ed (or is it “Sex Ed”?) — Can’t you just be happy for them? Go join Paul in the bitter corner.

  12. Garth says

    This is so cute. Reminds me of one of those “Whatever Happened To?” stories. I imagine in 20 years, one could be 40 pounds overweight, and the other might be doing time for lewd acts with a minor. You never know. Life holds many surprises. All the best boys, on your adventure….

  13. Malcolm says

    This week my boyfriend, of 6 years, went on a business trip and during the time he’s been gone, his bruttally homophobic family have been calling our house leaving the most hateful messages for me (which I refuse to share with my boyfriend and ruin his trip or focus at work). It’s been an awful few days (having to hear the family of the man I love say they hope I catch AIDS and die).
    I unplugged the phone and decided to come online and just read this story of these two boys. I really needed this and smiled for the first time after nearly four days.

  14. Gino says

    Look at how happy they look in that photo. Look at how genuine their smile is! Absolutely adorable!

  15. Texas Crew says

    Damn. There’s some homophobic trolls on this site. Two of the comments to this story are revolting. But then again, towleroad has been infested with trolls from the conservative religious klan who frequent this site.

    Congrats to this beautiful couple.

  16. Anthony Rodriguez says

    Love everything about this story! They are absolutely precious and I applaud them for not being ashamed of not only who each is as an individual but proud of their appreciation for one another as a couple.

  17. M.C says

    This is so cool on so many different levels. Maybe it sticks with me because I had to live through hell, hell! In highschool. Crying every night to bed. To see this happening makes me so proud of how hard we as an LGBT community worked to allow this.

  18. USC Trojans Fan says

    I read another article about this where a lot of their classmates also commented on how they are also very sweet, kind, caring guys. They compliment each other great. I’m also curious what state, but doesn’t matter to me as long as this is happening.

    I just want all GLBT kids to be in such a supportive high school environment. Saddens me to think about how hard some GLBT youth have it in parts of our country. Stay strong kids!

  19. Anthony says

    This is Carmel, NY. Outside of NYC. But I’ve seen stuff like this in a town outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma too.

  20. Francis #1 says

    They’re from New York, Manhattan to be exact, terry. You’re right, this probably wouldn’t happen throughout much, most of the country. But that’s what makes this photo so beautiful, something to celebrate. Celebrate progress, celebrate openness. The fact there are more LGBT youth out there who have support systems and acceptance today.

    Adorable, beautiful, loving photo. This is what having pride is all about. Brad and Dylan, bravo to the two of you, and your classmates as well!

  21. Francis #1 says

    Yeah, actually it is Carmel, someone said on HuffPost they were from Manhattan but I saw their FB pages and they go to Carmel HS.

    Things still aren’t great for most LGBT youth. Over 80% still suffer harassment as a result of their orientation and nearly 75% hear hate speech on a daily basis, so these boys represent more what what we dream most schools would be rather than the norm. But LGBT youth these days have a voice that they’ve never had before and that’s important. They have role models and a certain level of pride, and self-assured nature that so many of us wish we would have had when we were younger.

  22. UFFDA says

    Malcom – believe me, a lot of us have read your sad post and deeply sympathise. Your have some very hateful “inlaws”, but they’re his family and it’s worse for him, or will be. In all things what other people think does not matter. Firmly shut them out and down. You’ve done the right thing to find relief. Keep doing so.

  23. Rich says

    Carmel is in Putnam County, about 60 miles north of New York City. It’s part of the New York SMSA, which surprised me because it was deep country when I was growing up 50 years ago.

  24. Rich says


    Sorry that our out-laws are so hateful. Consider it notice that you and your partner need to have carefully drawn legal arrangements between the two of you that will keep them at bay should anything happen to him.

  25. Bollux says

    The one in the blue bears all the cuteness. The Bieber-haired, fun.-faced other one may ripen with age.

  26. gregorybrown says

    @ED–so what if it’s sex and not some “deep, enduring Love”? How many hetero couples chosen for this or any other category in high school popularity contests are going to stay together for long after their moment? As with SSM, we mustn’t expect our own who emerge in these public ways to hold to some different standard than their hetero counterparts.

    That said, the are indeed a cute couple and their classmates say the are kind and sweet, nice guys. I am happy to know they are in the world. Best wishes to them now and ever.

  27. Bill Michael says

    Wonderful. Just remember guys, life’s more about the journey and not so much the destination. Gingers are cute, aren’t they? And so are blonds, and brunettes, and …

  28. darkorient says

    Just like Malcolm, I’m in need of good news and the story about this school brings me hope :)

  29. DC Insider says

    Can I be the petty, catty one this time?

    These two are the cutest couple?

  30. JC says

    Congrats to them! This is fantastic. My city is about 30 miles from theirs and we can’t even get a GSA going without the runaround.

  31. rebarb says

    So sweet! I’m so happy for them& so proud that their school & fellow classmates support them! Man I had to go to my prom w/my best friend who was a lesbian(silver lining we each got to make out w/our real dates later in the parking lot). Jimmy, where ever you are I hope you are reading this article and smiling as much as I am!

  32. Pedigru says

    There is a truth to this story that is being overlooked. It is the fact these boys did not “win” the title of “Cutest Couple”. Another couple won. However, these two argued they lost because they were gay and accused the yearbook staff of being bigoted. Only after this did the yearbook staff suddenly change their minds, granting these boys the title of “Cutest Couple”.

    So, this isn’t a story of a leap forward in gay or civil rights. This is a story of typical litigation and threats rewarding people who otherwise wouldn’t have earned anything at all.

  33. says

    This is GREAT ! They are from Carmel,N.Y. That is not Manhattan (N.Y.C.) it is a small suburban town in upstate N.Y. Either way…remember Petula Clark in the 1960’s and her hit song: “IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES…..” OH YES….for sure ! Anyone evil jerk that has a problem with it, and gay visibility in general, it’s just that…..”Their Problem ! “…NOT the problem of gay people. They are just living their lives…OUT LOUD & PROUD !

  34. says

    These gays repulse me ! I am a good and devout Catholic and go to Church almost everyday. I take my beloved Bible with me everywhere and trust no one but GOD and my Lord Jesus Christ. Without him, my life is worthless !He talks to me through my faith and reassures me my Christian beliefs will get me to heaven. I do believe the Bible literally and it clearly states homosexuals are an abomination, vile vermin and must burn in hell. This is why scripture can not allow me to accept their sinful and perverse and deviant ways. They must be stoned to death in the Old Testament. This is God’s law and command. I can only follow it here on Earth. That is why I do believe strictly that homosexuals must receive the death penalty on Earth if they refuse to convert, rid themselves of their repulsive sins and beg for forgiveness and become celibate !If they refuse to repent, they must perish !This is what being a good Christian and child of God means-for heaven’s sake !

  35. says

    Anyone with half a brain could see these two young men were “born” gay and are “wired” this way ! Why would any decent and sane person deny them happiness and condemn their loving relationship ? They are human beings and consenting adults, as such, they deserve the basic human need and right of love and companionship. Furthermore, they are fine role-models for their generation. In school, intelligent, on full scholarships to N.Y.U.,responsible and I’ll bet good and loving sons. So, they’re gay…BIG DEAL ? Trying to make them be heterosexual would be tantamount to trying to turn your small dog into a cat ….HELLO ? Wake-Up all you evil, brainless and holier than thou Jesus freaks ! Not everyone is heterosexual !

  36. Just_a_guy says

    Wonda, your imagined god is empty, bigoted, paper-thin, and full of your own bloated hate. Please go away.

    Besides, you give any REAL Christian a bad name. I look forward to the day that people see folks like you only in movies, amazed that such bigotry and evil could have ever been given so much power in the name of “Christianity.”

    Now go apologize to your gay son. Introduce him to the cute gay boy his age you know; maybe they’d even hit it off. Why wouldn’t you want your son to be happy?

  37. says

    NEWSFLASH…..these two cute gays (and no others),are living their lives to please you or anyone else ! They are simply living their lives according to their own natural prescription ! Where do gays “come from” some ignorant homophobes asked on this blog ? Heterosexuals create them ! The parents of these kids are surely straight, as are 99% of all other gay men and lesbians on Earth !It is a natural fact of life and a part of human sexuality (as it is also in the animal kingdom.) I do not need some religious “JERK” preaching trash about the Bible to me in an attempt to disgrace gays and halt their unions. How does keeping them apart help you or society at large in any way ?These are just evil hate-mongers that have their own “issues” of sexuality and “masculinity” !A true ally to the GLBT Community is a straight friend (male or female) that is comfortable enough in their own sexual identity not to perceive gays as a threat and want them to secure full equality as consenting adults and tax paying citizens….that’s it !

  38. says

    I for one see all this “Gay Visibility” as a further attempt to destroy our society and expunge religion from our lives. GOD did not intend for people of the same-sex to marry and be together in a “Perverse” sexual way. There were no homosexuals around when I was young. I am 70 now and they simply did not exist or were invisible, due to fear of rearing their evil ways to the rest of us! What’s next….a man marrying his canary and a women wanting to marrying her dildo ? It’s outrageous ! I wish all these “queers” would go back in the closet….the way it was in the 1950’s and 60’s and leave the rest of us normal and GOD fearing,church going folk alone !