1. Aedan says

    It truly is so very ugly in the preview. Honestly I’m excited for the revamp. I like the idea of a flat design and getting rid of all the elements that are meant to mimic real materials. However I’m completely and TOTALLY BAFFLED by this. They chose a hideous background that only got uglier when they applied the soft-focus celaphane-look to its sub-menus. I’m sure this OS would look nicer with a nicer background- but it says something that it is so affected by the background at all. And then there are the sub-menu icons that look like the place-holder icons the game designers would place on the HUD mockups when I was working at a Videogame console. They are that ugly. I’m all for lovely simplicity- but this is just . , . Not it. Not yet.

    However I do love a LOT of the other changes they are making.

  2. bernard says

    Standing ovation for copying Windows Phone’s Metro.

    What was that they were saying years ago about Microsoft using “photocopiers”? Et tu, Apple?

  3. Aedan says

    Actually, Bernard, I was expecting to see a Windows Phone tip off when I heard of their plans. And it didn’t happen. I don’t have any idea what video you just watched but the OSs look entirely different. I mean for god sakes- the shaps and general layouts haven’t even been touched.

  4. Josh says

    I don’t get the people here saying it’s ugly. It looks very visually appealing to me. It’s different, but nice to look at, and I love that things like a flashlight are being integrated as a native feature.

  5. Rrhain says

    The thin, sans serif font, displayed very large is right out of Windows Phone. The flat, round buttons are right out of Windows 8.

    Now, you’re right that iOS doesn’t use the tiles that Windows Phone uses, but there is a huge look-and-feel borrowing here. Android took a step in that direction and Windows Phone went running. iOS is late to the game.

  6. Merv says

    I have to pile on and say my first reaction was also Windows Phone Metro. It isn’t an exact copy, but does look inspired by it.

  7. TONEZ says

    THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! All the smartphone makers love all this uber religiosity people have for their products. The more loyal you are, the more you will spend.

  8. David says

    Amy I impressed? That’s a baited question.
    Am I happy that the skeuomorphic elements are mostly gone? Yes.

  9. peterparker says

    Okay, I commented that it was ugly based purely on the photo that Andy posted here. But once I watched the video, I understood that most of it looks quite different from the photo. And my take on it is that it is okay. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and like it. But I also think it looks very much inspired by Windows.

    As for the green felt and fake wood on my current iPhone 5—what the heck are you guys talking about? I don’t see any green felt or fake wood represented there. What am I missing?

  10. gayalltheway says

    This is what iOS supposed to look like years ago if Jony Ive was put in charge of designing the iOS as well. Unfortunately, Scott Forstall convinced Jobs about implementing photorealism or “skeumorphism” that includes wood, leather, felt, and other weird elements in the iOS interface that is not consistent with Apple’s design goal – functionality through simplicity.

    The icon design in iOS7 is based on a grid and axis system that John Gruber talks about in his blog. People think it’s just about typography, or rounded corners, or “flat UI” but it’s more structural and complex than that. Ive is not just your run-of-the-mill designer. Every design decision must have a justification.

    I just hope people can judge or pretend to judge every single design iteration by its own merits and in the context of its own evolution rather than comparing it to competitors.

  11. David R. says

    No, Martin, you will not run into any trouble. Apple products are well-compatible for 3–5 years from release. Even as they age, they might lose some bits of latest functionality, but will still run very well for a looooong time.

  12. bandanajack says

    i usually love the apple promo bits, but this just went on and on. they might have been better served if they had finished the first half and queued the second. there were some features i saw that i liked, but i’ll wait until android selectively copies the good bits, OR until the good bits are offered as apps. the calendar is the one thing i honed in on as a useful redesign, and it would not surprise me if its parent was not out there as an app already.

  13. Jacknasty says

    I’m surprised it doesn’t look even more Dieter Rams-esque. I expected Ive to take iOS totally in that direction, but this looks more like a hybrid of the old iOS and the stylings of Rams.

    Maybe iOS 8 will complete the transformation.

    Anyhow, this looks nothing like Metro. The colors aren’t as Crayola extreme, and there isn’t nearly as much inky black (which also makes Android look cheap).

    Also, none of the annoying tiles of Windows 8. Who was the idiot in Seattle that decided that every app’s icon should be able to constantly change? What a dumb idea. It would be like trying to find your way around town while the buildings, streets and signs constantly reconfigured themselves.


  14. Nirgal says

    I don’t know about the system, but the video is the cheesiest thing I’ve watched in weeks.

  15. Dave J says

    Wow, what a bunch of pretentious marketing babble! I’ve heard Art Directors go on about font changes, but really…seven minutes of that crap is nauseating.

  16. Pete says

    The translucency looks annoying as hell and the new icons are ugly. I wonder how much customization will be allowed, or will it be like current Apple products where you ,the user and owner of the device, have very little ability to control how it looks.

  17. Ulu says

    Looks cool!

    The narrators spoke in a cultist way, eww.

    Also, why are only white people shown?

  18. DickBrode says

    Will not comment on the new iOS7 without actually having it my hand – but I think the Windows Phone 8 is the best – graphically and operationally. The “live” tiles are a plus (and, no, Jacknasty, only some tiles are live.) In any case, I will stick with my Windows 8 Nokia phone with great joy.

  19. Jacknasty says

    Looks better than Metro, which always struck me as a huge step backward. Metro is an eyesore – it looks like an EGA display from the late ’80s.

    This is pretty much the current interface stripped of some cheesy ornamentation, with a few long-needed features tacked on. Nothing revolutionary, but I’m not sure “revolutionary” interfaces are what’s needed.

  20. Dis Satisfied says

    Ugly! New look seems more appropriate for little girls and gays.

    I want my business look back.