1. MIke says

    I noted that Best Director of a Musical and Best Director of a Play were both women. That has to be a first as well, wonder if it was warranted. The latter said in her speech “Boy were the Vegas oddsmakers wrong” meaning someone else was supposed to win.

  2. Josh says

    This was the best part of the show. I read Cyndi’s Memoir and I can tell you that this girl really is amazing! A friend of our community for so many years. Cyndi has done so much for the LGBT community. We don’t have too many artists out there so outspoken and real like Ms. Cyn. Bravo Bravo Bravo-

  3. Bob says

    The first women to win for directing were Garry Hines for “Beauty Queen of Leenanne” and Julie Taymor for “The Lion King” both in 1998. Lauper wasn’t the first woman to win the award, but she was the first to win it by herself — previously Betty Comden had won three Tonys and Lisa Lambert won as part of a writing team.

  4. Ronny says

    Best Score is given for music and lyrics. Cyndi’s the first to write both and win, though Carolyn Leigh, Lisa Lambert and the multi-winning Betty Comden won in this category for writing lyrics. And Garry Hynes and Julie Taymor both won best director for play and musical in 1998–sadly, the FIRST women to do so.

  5. Dback says

    Two African American women–Patina Miller and Cicely Tyson–also won Best Actress in a musical and a play respectively. (If you missed Tyson’s acceptance speech, YOU MUST GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW. SERIOUSLY, NOW.)

  6. Icebloo says

    Very few straight people have supported the gay community like Cyndi. We have so many straight people like GaGa, Republican Joan Rivers, Cher, Kathy Griffin, Bette Midler and lots of others all SAYING they support us but they do NOTHING for us. We just make them rich by buying their tickets just because they SAY they support us. We are so desperate and gullible !

    Cyndi is raising money for us all the time. She personally got involved for a number of years contacting politicians and campaigning for the Mathew Shepherd hate crimes bill, she founded the True Colors Tour to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign and she has opened a house in NYC for gay teens who have been rejected by their families. Cyndi DELIVERS for us.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. All of our other so-called allies just use us to get rich.

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