1. Miss Sheena Easton says

    My sugar walls
    My sugar walls

    Where I came from there’s a place called heaven
    That’s the place where all the good children go
    The houses are of silver, the streets are gold
    But there’s more where you come from, my sugar walls

    (My sugar walls) oooh (my sugar walls)

    Blood races to your private spots, lets me know there’s a fire
    You can’t fight passion when passion is hot
    Temperatures rise inside my sugar walls

  2. Caliban says

    What an archaic legislative body! It would be like giving the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) or some other group with historic ties the final say over laws in the US.

    Though now I think about it, they might end up being the voice of reason compared to some of the Jesus-obsessed hillbillies elected to the House of Representatives!

  3. simon says

    The Lords are just putting on a show. Some play good guys while others play bad guys to show they are “independent”. At the end of the day, the bill will pass. Unless they want to lose their jobs they don’t really need.

  4. simon says

    As one of the Lords stated, he doesn’t agree with the bill on religious grounds and he will abstain. It seems to be the best choice for them to avoid collision with the Commons.

  5. simon says

    His Lordship who is speaking now said that marriage and civil partnership are like two parallel lines. They should be separate and never meet. Judging from his age, he learned only Euclidean geometry in school. He may never have heard of non-Euclidean geometry and general relativity.

  6. anon says

    The quorum rules for the HOL are so strange that passage can be assured even when the place is seemingly shut down. It mainly functions as a repository for retired politicians and their campaign donors.

  7. Keith says

    Considering they have been trying to abolish the Lords for over a hundred years it seems to be going strong as ever. Like The Queen. Sixty years on the thrown. England forever England. Now with Gay Marriage thrown in.

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