1. Jeff says

    If only she was half as outraged about our privacy violations. But no, that’s anti-Obama administration, and goes against her channel’s policy.

  2. Moz's says

    jeff you do know the documents revealed show prism ONLY dealt with non americans

    IT profesionals are pointing out how snowden has said a lot of impossible BS

    greenwald’s own paper is debunking Greenwald now = much of what greenwald “reported” was untrue and cherry picked to promote greenwalds uber libertarian vis a vis “privacy” agenda

    and snowden has supposedly revealed a ton of secure info to china

    the snowden greenwald libertarian fanbois need to shh for a while because it looks like you will end up with egg on your collective faces if you don’t

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m laughing because the Repubs have created their own black hole and it’s sucking them in. That these politicians can be so dense and still have power…well, come on Virginians, get out and vote and change things, these guys aren’t fit to fix your toilet.

    Come to think of it, if any of the people Rachel showed here had to get a real job, do you think that any HR person in their right mind wouldn’t just immediately throw these “candidates’ ” resumes in the garbage? Or have them committed…

  4. JONES says

    WTF Virginia ??
    You just can’t make this sh*t up.

    Deflection again. This segment of Rachael’s show was about the astounding lunacy of GOP nominees in Virginia.
    Any comment about that?

  5. UFFDA says

    Virginia, the State of Washington and Jefferson is now an addled fight-ring of ignorance and superstition, America’s “burden” in the most classic sense of such a phrase. We have to bear with her to bring her along so that someday the State of Virginia will be as good as most of the other states. It’s the slavery of minds to idiocy that must be bourne until it is eliminated. Good luck with that. So grateful to Rachael Maddow.

  6. Jim says

    The Republican Party grows crazier by the day and has yet to hit bottom. I’m looking forward to the party’s gutting in the 2014 elections and it’s wipe-out in 2016. I think these loons are going the way of the old Whig party. I’m willing to bet that there won’t even be a Republican Party after 2016. The religious nuts will form some kind of renegade ultra-nationalist, white racist-fascist party and the secular conservatives will cobble together a rump imitation-Tory party devoted mostly to worshipping the ghosts of Reagan and Thatcher while pining away for the halcyon days of the 1980s. Whatever happens, Republicans and normality have parted company–for good.

  7. eyescintilla says

    Is it really that surprising? The state that spit out both Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, home to one of the largest southern baptist colleges in the world – Liberty University. Northern VA may be progressive but once you start traveling south on 95 or 81 its just as backwater as the rest of the south.

  8. Jeff says

    In case anyone was wondering: I’m not against her going after the GOP guys like she did, not at all. Only pointing out that she’s not doing it because she’s “liberal” – if she were, she would’ve expressed an equal level of outrage–or even dedicated an equal amount of time–at what’s been revealed in the news lately (many aspects of which have NOT been denied, despite the selective dissembling of certain points from people trying to discredit this guy)

  9. Jeff says

    However, I will never criticize Fox News because that’s me and my Klan’s favorite network. I like pretending that the problems is liberals so that my parents don’t beat me.

  10. Jeff says

    After a weekend of huge revelations, Maddow returned Monday with this mealy-mouthed segment, the first 5 minutes of which was spent analyzing an only tangentially related attempt to recruit young hakers. All distractions from the important issues involved – “Probably nothing to worry about here, people, but isn’t it all so interesting? Let’s dissect it till you zone out”:

  11. Jeff says

    In reply to the fake troll using my name two posts above above, I DO think Fox News is far, far worse than MSNBC. I’m liberal. But everyone here knows it’s worse, too, and everyone is pitted in an “us vs them” fight, so no one on the left criticizes MSNBC even when they deserve to be taken to task. See how that works?

  12. Zlick says

    As an aside, MSNBC has been all over the privacy and NSA story. Rachel has done quite a bit on it – and if you think not, you’re simply not paying attention. (Chris Hayes seems to have the most interest in that subject though, of the MSNBC show hosts.)

  13. Jeff says

    I’m happy to be wrong about this, Zlick. I was mainly responding to the opening Monday segment I linked to, which was this boring parsing of info. (I also think MSNBC likes to hire nerds who are easier to keep in line, and fire even high-rated people like Donahue, or Cenk, who really threaten the status quo). We don’t need “outrage”, but we could use some more direct tackling of the main issues involved, which are far more important to everyone than one state’s bad GOP lineup, and will have much more impact on us when the next gop prez is elected.

    The Maddow link above has a “Previously” menu – if there were harder-hitting segments I missed, please post the links.

  14. Whoolia Shild says

    The Republican Party is like a roux made from rancid vegetables, being reduced in a slow-simmering pan, boiling down to the craziest, most extreme, foul-stenched elements. Anything moderate is being burned away, and the McDonalds, Jacksons, and Cuccinellis are all that’s left.

  15. ernstroehm's ghost says

    While this story gives us many things to consider, there is a basic problem. It is the problem of credible sources. Rachael Maddow is just a mirror image of Sean Hannity. Maddow = Hannity and Hannity = Maddow. They should be looked at as entertainers, not as reporters. I happen to live in Virginia, and I will investigate the positions of both party’s candidates before casting my vote.

  16. UFFDA says

    Andy why aren’t you doing as you said and getting rid of those who post under the names of others. You said you know who they are. So what’s the problem?

  17. JONES says

    @ Maddow = Hannity

    That statement goes a long way to explaining why Virginia is in the crapper.

    Not on the best day of Hannity’s life can he come close to Rachael Maddow by anything that can be measured.

  18. danielle says

    I would like to think that a majority of voters in Virginia are rational, decent people who simply are too lazy to vote out the crazy. But, I may be over-confident about that.

  19. UFFDA says

    Goodness she does go on…and on sometimes, to rarely focusing down for a knockout remark. The outrage is fantastic, and she did make her point. Virginia now looks like a soiled dump of inferior minds.

  20. MikeInQueens says

    @ErnestRoehm’s Ghost: I can’t believe you equate Rachel Maddow with Sean Hannity!

    I’ve followed them both for quite a while and here’s the difference:

    Ms. Maddow deals in facts and statistics and fair research. When she’s wrong, she admits it. But, she’s seldom wrong about anything.

    Hannity, on the other hand, deals in anecdotes and hearsay and bluster and blatant bias. In his very little mind, he’s never wrong. Ever.

    I’ll stick with Rachel Maddow.

    P.S.: Ms. Maddow’s analysis of the current edition of the Republican Party is correct. It is a political Potemkin Village trying hard to disguise its true self, which is now even MORE reactionary and MORE extremist than it has ever been. It’s something to give one pause because Republicans control 27 state legislatures and control 24 states’ governments completely. They also control The House with no fear of losing their majority and, in fact, may pick up more House seats in 2014 due to redistricting and voter suppression laws.

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