Michigan State Representatives Introduce Legislation To Repeal State’s Ban On Gay Marriage

MichiganIn anticipation of the upcoming Supreme Court decision, a group of Michigan state representatives have introduced a legislative package that will hopefully legalize marriage equality in the state by 2016. The legislation mirrors a similar package introduced by state senators late last month. The Detroit News reports:

Democratic state representatives are sponsoring a package of legislation that would ask voters to repeal the 2004 constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage and create state recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Michigan and other states. The proposals would require the approval of two-thirds of both the GOP-controlled House and Republican-dominated Senate, where approval is considered a long shot.

If passed, the proposal would then be placed on the 2016 ballot, where supporters are cautiously optimistic Michigan voters will make the right decision this time.

"Recent polls have shown that the tide is shifting and a majority of citizens support marriage equality," said State Representative Rude Hobbs (D-Southfield). With or without those polls, supporting the love of our brothers, sisters, friends, and their partners in this fight for inclusiveness is the right move for Michigan and the right thing to do."


  1. JONES says

    Two thirds of both houses for a possible 2016 ballot initiative.

    Yeah. Not gonna happen.

    Right after SCOTUS decides Prop 8 & DOMA District Court Judge Friedman will rule on DeBoer v. Snyder. I have a feeling his favorable ruling will result in the 2004 Michigan constitutional amendment banning SSM being declared unconstitutional. DeBoer could very well be the next SCOTUS case.

  2. Victor says

    I second. This voluntary repeal won’t happen. The Republicans in MI (at least those in the legislature) do not believe in equal rights. But they do believe in turning their religious beliefs into state laws.

  3. Ken says

    Why are they wasting time with the legislature where this stands no chance? Michigan has an initiative system for amending the constitution where citizens can put it on the ballot by getting enough signatures. Has that law changed since I last checked??? I believe a repeal can happen in 2014, but only if we are able to go around the legislature. I believe this is also how the original amendment banning marriage equality got on the ballot.

  4. LDC says

    I live in Michigan and voted for the constitutional ban on gay marriages in 2004. I hope the GOP in our state do all that they can to uphold what the people voted for. Thankfully Michigan is a political Republican state, not quite red…but we’re definitely not blue.

  5. JONES says

    Well you joined the right party to support you in your bigotry and I suggest you wallow in the joy you take in having voted away a minority groups civil rights while it lasts because your biased views are not shared by the majority of the rest of the state now. Either by citizen vote, legislation, or court action equality is coming.

  6. scott says

    uh wow LDC…. wanna tell us why an antigay whatever you are is coming on this site at so late an hour?