1. says

    Christie believes that the majority should vote on the civil rights of a minority. Does he feel that President Johnson and Congress were wrong when the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964? Should the majority white populous have voted on the civil rights of blacks and other minorities? How would he feel if someone put up a bill for a vote that no one over 250 pounds could hold office under the premise of health concerns?

  2. Bob R says

    With or without any weight loss, Christie is still an obnoxious pig and a bully. He’ll never be president. Never. I doubt he’ll land the nomination despite his pandering to the conservative loons on the right. I hope this attack on gay rights costs him dearly in this upcoming election. He may win, but I hope it is by a narrow margin. Wake up New Jersey, vote Democratic!

  3. reality says

    I am so angry at Christie’s words on equal marriage. He thinks the feelings were hurt of Clinton and the 90s congress? WHO CARES! How about the feelings of millions of gay americans and their families? He’s totally insane.

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