1. Nigel says

    If you think you are truly equal, then take your spouse and freely travel the country and see when your marriage disappears, like when you cross a state line.

  2. Gus says

    “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country…”

    I don’t think our straight friends understand the joy we have for the Fed to treat us as citizens. Nothing more, nothing less. They really don’t understand the daily large and small legal impediments we have. If we had not felt the full fisted amimus of a bashing, there was no discrimination.

    My partner and I walked into our non-discriminating workplace in a non-marriage equality state yesterday with a spring in our step…and no one said a word about the rulings, not even us. Not one close friend/coworker asked how it might effect our 28 year relationship. Maybe because they don’t hear us complain how messed up even the benefits package is for us, maybe because we have acclimated to the legal workarounds, maybe because our life together seems so middle class normal, the ruling doesn’t appear to touch us.

    We are going to have to calmly educate our friends and coworkers how important full civil marriage equality is to us.

  3. Rick says

    The people of New York’s 18th district are indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding representative.

  4. Lee says

    He’s seen as “less than” thanks to the party he chose to be a member of, and which, if it had its way, would continue to make life miserable for people like him and many others.

  5. Fancy says

    Lee. What are you talking about? He isn’t a Republican.

    Also, I concur with the sentiment that his country does in fact view him as unequal. Until all gay couples can marry wherever they choose to live in this country, we are not equal. Now is the time to move to get the remaining states that have not yet banned gay marriage in the fold and start moving legislatures in states that do have bans to repeal them where it can be done by a majority vote.

  6. andrew says

    Very moving. Words and emotions like those from Mr. Sean Patrick Maloney overcome a whole lot of hatred and win over many hearts and minds to the cause of EQUALITY.

  7. Jersey says

    I don’t think there are any out gay republicans in either branch of congress. He’s a democrat. There are of course tons of closeted self-hating gays in the repub party but this guy isn’t one of them.

  8. mickey says

    Watching that moment on tv was glorious.
    My Love and I have been together for almost 18 years now…and we live in Texas….so seeing the happiness of those who have the ability to be full and equal citizens was incredible and moving….
    Now when the hell do we get a slice of the promise of America????

  9. jamal49 says

    @Gus, I wish you and your partner much luck and I hope you encounter many receptive minds and hearts. I hope one day–and may that day come very, very soon–full civil equality for LGBTQ people will be a fact of life here in these sometimes but not always United States of America.

  10. pedro says

    Umm…to all the daft people in the room…”Rep” stands for representative not Republican.

  11. YsoSerious says

    As someone who isn’t married at home, but is married 4 miles away (over a state line) I can tell you how unequal we still are.

    Until ENDA is passed and DOMA is truly gone, (and every State has marriage equality) we are all unequal.