1. disgusted american says

    merikkka needs to put its big boy pants on and Give FULL Equality to everyone in all 50 states

  2. gb says

    There will always be gay news — as sure as the sunglasses photographed on, or hanging from Andy Towle’s collar.

  3. anon says

    Boies was not the DOMA attorney, and he did not get the ruling he wanted on Prop 8.

  4. Chadd says

    When he says this is “a great day for all Americans”, he really means, this is a great day for California and the other 12 states where equality exists. For the gay residents of the remaining states, today is a brutal slap in the face reminding us that we are still second class citizens because of where we live. I want to be happy, and I am, but I live in Georgia and am going to be waiting a long time…

  5. Kev C says

    Prop 8 is still in bureaucratic limbo for some months to come. The lawyers in this case tried to be showboaters but got put to the back of the line while other states made progress.

  6. Joey P says


    I fully and completely understand how you are feeling. I now live in NYC, but grew up in TX and still have gay friends there. I know very well that this has immediate impact to those of us in states where we have the ability and the RIGHT to marry and no immediate concrete effect in states where marriage equality is not yet a reality, BUT.. remember this and please, PLEASE remember it well –

    This IS a great day for ALL of us, in ALL 50 States.

    Tossing out Prop 8 on lack of standing IS, in fact, the last nail in the coffin of the last argument they could make. Every argument was stuck down in court and now SCOTUS has told them that just disliking us isn’t an injury to them that allows them to act against us.

    The DOMA ruling, for now, only directly affects states with marriage, but if you read it, and Scalia’s hateful dissent, it does something so much greater.. and it DOES help you. They have given us a road map to the finish line. They unlocked the door and turned on the light, they’ve told us “this is how you can get there, now go do it because we are waiting.” For the first time, really, in such a direct and straight forward way, we have a SCOTUS document that tells us how we can win marriage equality coast to coast. A mere 10 years ago we had Scalia say “this is the start of the slippery slope”..

    Now, let’s keep up this fight and up the heat to pass ENDA.