Russian Parliament Bans Adoption for International Same-Sex Couples


The lower house of Russia's parliament today approved a law banning same-sex couples in any country from adopting Russian children.  RT has more on the latest anti-LGBT news out of the country:

The amendment was passed on Tuesday as the State Duma approved the second reading of the bill to protect orphans.

The amendment also forbids single people who are citizens or permanent residents of countries that allow same sex marriage to become adoptive parents or legal guardians of Russian children.

Russia itself does not allow same sex marriage and the country’s authorities have passed a number of regional and federal bills banning the promotion of gay and other “non-traditional” sex to minors – a move considered as discriminative by a large part of society.

Earlier this month, RT reported that President Putin would sign the adoption bill if it were approved by the State Duma. During a press conference at a Russia-EU summit in early June, Putin told reporters, "You really got me with these same sex marriages. Wherever I go… When I come to Europe they are waving their flags there."

The new adoption ban is the latest in a recent series of disconcerting reports out of Russia concerning homophobia and anti-LGBT violence.  Last week, the State Duma voted unanimously for a ban on so-called "gay propoganda, and a 39-year-old man was murdered because of his sexuality in the region of Kamchatka earlier this month.  In response to the violence, a Russian LGBT group is calling for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which are to be held in the Russian city of Sochi.


  1. franklin says

    It sounds like a cliche, but the same things are happening now in Russia that happened in Nazi Germany. The identification of a hated minority group that is “responsible” for the country’s ills. The incremental passage of evermore restrictive laws against the movements and rights of this group. The silence from the rest of the world which is turning a blind eye – even awarding the conduct with an Olympics berth. I do hope that homosexuals in Russia will not wait until it is too late, as many Jews and others did in Germany, to flee this blackening cloud.

  2. Truth says

    Better yet, Russia focus on your rampant alcoholism and whorishness that produces all these abandoned, damaged children in the first place. Pathetic that Russia’s most famous import is orphans (other than the vodka that helps create them and those messed up Russain hookers that are on every other episode of Law and Order SVU).

  3. J Y says

    What a rathole. Well, I guess they can keep their kids in those orphanages and then deal with the aftermath. There are plenty of other kids who need homes, and not all of them have the kinds of problems many Russian orphans have.

  4. guynyc says

    @Franklin. IT’S NOT A CLICHE! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is coming from a gay jew…the world needs to open its eyes to what Russia is doing.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    I feel so lucky for the children deemed “unadoptable” due to age or health issues. This may give them a fighting chance to finally find a wonderful family, yes Russia, even a wonderful gay family. We don’t need to import children to find ones for ourselves. It’s sad Russia would hold them hostage as a bargaining chip.

    If a country could treat it’s own adult citizens the way they are headed imagine how that same system would treat a defenseless child. I feel truly sorry that the children are trapped in Russia, it sounds like all their children need to be liberated the way things are headed, even the ones not up for adoption.

  6. The Milkman says

    Fine. Take care of your orphaned kids yourselves, then. We certainly have plenty of children here in the States who need loving homes.

    Perhaps charity really does start at home.

  7. says

    We could work to get RT pulled off American cable systems in retaliation for Russia’s exclusionary policies. Even though RT’s Voice of America type programming is good, we need to send a message to Russia.

  8. Bollux says

    @The Milkman People want to buy white babies with round eyes. Them are real pricey here in the States. So they have to find what they can in the third world.

  9. Booka says

    The Russian Orthodox Church is the driving force behind all of this. In recent years they have gained back all their wealth and power, and more. Add to this that Putin is trying to gain validation for his thinly veiled dictatorship, and will basically give the ROC anything they want, as long as they support him…

  10. Jay says

    One would think Russia would have legitimate issues to tackle. Putin is defrauding the Russian people and they are so caught up in prejudice to even notice.

  11. RexT says

    As Booka says above, this is the work of the Russian Orthodox Church, more power and money than ever before. All of the various ‘Orthodox’ countries, including Greece, Georgia – fueling hatred with great success. The Duma voted to please the Church, think cash, corruption, and purposeful targeting of a minority as a side show. And you can be the Vatican is definitely supporting the efforts of their ‘Orthodox’ pals. This bill – was meant to do exactly what it has done, generate international reaction while the Church defends it’s people and it’s position. Just like here, these are extremists – more access to power and influence and they’re doing serious damage. Putin has aligned with the Church – and they’re using the LGBT Community as their lightning rod. Very much like our GOP / Tea Party, without an Opposing Party or Group with any degree of power.

  12. Alex says

    Jay hit the nail on the head – this is just another atrocity in the string of smoke-screen laws Russian Duma (nicknamed “The Rabid Printer”) passes in order to take people’s attention away from massive crimes of the Russian government. You think gays were allowed to adopt Russian kids BEFORE this law? Russian “nine circles of Hell” adoption laws are among the strictest in the world, and not just for foreigners – only “ideal” families (no single mothers, no divorcees, or widows) with high income can adopt. And only healthy kids with Slavic features (light hair and skin) have a shot at being adopted (so, about 0.001% of them, since most are sick, dark-skinned or both). So this law is just another Russian fart into the face of the civilized world to see how far they can be pushed.

  13. Emma says

    Ah, Russia, the land which remains stuck in the past.

    Stuck-in-the-past little Russia is going to block adoption to alot of countries, even many world powers, through this bill. Not just the US, UK, and France (soon Germany, etc), but also Brazil and South Africa all of where same-gender marriage is legal.

    And their backwardness and homophobia is condemned by the European parliament AND the UN!

    The Ruskie regime is increasingly isolated on this, just like every other issue.

  14. RectalBleeding says

    Finally, someone protecting the minds of young children from the sick perversion of men having rectal sex with each other covered in excrement. Sodomites are sick sexual perverts. Their sick lifestyle should be condemned and banished from schools. Putting this filth into children’s minds is as bad as molesting them, which many of these sick Sodomites surely want to do to little boys. These men who are sick in the head need to get help from a psychiatrist who treats sexual identity disorder. These are not men, they are animals.

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