1. Rrhain says

    Two bits: First, the notice is on the main page but the video requires you to view the whole article. Thus, you have to “jump” to view the video.

    Second, there’s an ad between the end of the article and the video. In the copy editing world, this is known as a “jump” because the story jumps from one place to another.

  2. anon says

    Obviously people w/ low levels of myostatin naturally have an unfair advantage because life is unfair! Equal efforts do not always produce equal outcomes.

  3. Marc C says

    Unfortunately Zlick, your income is diminished by my abundance of myostatin. Perhaps you’ve probably seen me on the beach getting sand kicked in my face? Lucky for me that never stopped me from standing up to bullies anyway.

  4. Matt says

    Of all the websites I visit, Towleroad seems to strain my work computer, home computer, or smart phone in terms of always seeming slowest to load of being busy loading something or having something not show up. Like this video. I went to the jump and just have a black box where the video should be … on my work PC, and my home Mac. Sad times.

  5. ratbastard says

    The ‘secret’ of those very well muscled gym rats and some pro, collegiate and even HS athletes, is called anabolic steroids.

    Yes, I also like the science vids.

  6. millerbeach says

    Um, Moz’s, you do know you are slowly killing yourself with that poison, don’t you? Aren’t HGH better than ‘roids and more effective, too? Next time, at least give us a chance to worship that muscle by posting a pic! LOL Seriously, lay off the ‘roids. They kill you.

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