1. LetSodomRing says

    To the morons who don’t know what they’re talking about: the federal form requires a driver license # or the last four digits of a social security number. The Arizona law tried to go even further than that. Furthermore, all voter registrations and voting activity (when and where, but not who they vote for) are public records. They’re vetted by plenty of conservative groups.

    But really, the idea that undocumented immigrants, who live in dire fear of the federal government, would actually commit public fraud to participate in a government activity only 50% of eligible citizens even bother with, is beyond ridiculous. It only exists in the fetid and stunted imaginations of tea party xenophobes.

  2. HA!! says

    A sad day for the Republic. It is not about the Tea Party or Xenophobia. There is nothing wrong with being requiring. There is nothing wrong with being held to standard. And calling some one a moron is not very nice.

  3. Zlick says

    It’s not a matter of whether Arizona’s requirements were reasonable. It’s simply a matter of any state not being able to trump federal law when it comes to elections. That is specifically in the Constitution. So no matter what the federal law is, a state law cannot be more stringent.

    If the citizens of Arizona, or any other state, want more stringent restrictions, they have to work for it at the federal level.

  4. ernstroehm's ghost says

    The ruling is not as bad as it sounds. Arizona (or any other state) can petition the federal government to add special requirements for their particular state to the generic form. The court said Arizona should sue the Feds if Obama’s people turn such a request down. Sounds like the ruling was more about procedure than about principle.

  5. says

    I live in Arizona. There is NO EVIDENCE that non-citizens have ever voted in large numbers in this state. By large numbers, I mean more than two or three individuals. No one is being caught doing so in any of Arizona’s 15 counties.

    Of course, there are plenty of racist morons who will continue to insist that this isn’t true.

  6. stephen says

    I am 49 years old. I think that we have some other issues in this world. Your GAY. OK we get it gay queens. I hope your ready to fight in a war that is coming.

  7. Jack M says

    @Zlick is right, and the vote of 7-2 signifies that this ruling is unlikely to be overturned in the future. I agree completely with the decision. Racists are going to have to find some other was to persecute legal immigrants.

  8. ratbastard says

    The federal law is ridiculous. Asking and expecting a voter to legally prove who they are, and that they’re entitled to vote, is hardly restrictive or an attempt to deny lawful citizens their right to vote.

    We need a sophisticated, biometric national ID card in this country. I don’t care who you are, what your politics are, the fraud is getting ridiculous, and it’s not just voter fraud,either.

  9. ratbastard says


    I do know how the federal law works, and it’s a joke, easily manipulated. I personally managed to get voter registration and indeed voted, when I moved to a new locale, and NEVER had to ‘prove’ the info I provided was true and accurate.

    It is beyond comprehension why a simple thing like being able to prove who you are when you vote, with a legal form of identification, which can be instantly verified through a data base, bothers some people poo-less. You can do NOTHING of any legal consequence without first proving your identity. It’s basically impossible or next to impossible to function in this society without having legal form[s] of identification. My only conclusion is massive voter fraud is knowingly going on, and both main political parties are in on it.

  10. ratbastard says

    Those using the old ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’ card makes their motivations and sincerity highly suspect.

    I would be amused [if that’s the word to use] if I was living in another country, say Mexico or the UK, and as a non-citizen or even illegal ‘immigrant’ I applied to vote and it was made incredibly easy for me. I would fully expect to have to provide solid verifiable identification at both the time of application and registration, and at the voting station.


  11. ratbastard says

    As for anyone mentioning SS numbers:

    I worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a 1 1/2 years processing people’s welfare [transitional assistance it’s called in MA] claims, and at the time we were instructed to give those without any SS # a fake one, which the state provided. There are a multitiude of other ways for people to get their hands on a SS number not legally there’s. one popular way is to use a person with the same name as you who has died, or simply to commit identity fraud and use the SS number of a dead person, preferably a dead child. It’s VERY easy to pick up a birth certificate at most city halls.

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