1. says

    you should share your own story, Rick.

    it’s as easy as putting it on a blog or youtube channel 😀

    there! i gave you an example for what you can do to share your own personal experiences as a gay man and your relationship with your father.

    When can we expect to see yours?

    McNally, love ya dude. he’s given us some of the funniest, quirkiest, critical, and most self-aware and loving gay-themed stage works. happy pride, indeed!

  2. will says

    I will see Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart” when it comes to HBO, but, after that, no more AIDS plays unless they’re masterpieces. I’m AIDS-played out. I’ve seen enough for 2 lifetimes. I loved “Angel in America”. I loved “Longtime Companion”. I’ve seen a couple dozen. Enough for me.

  3. Jaysonn says

    “Has it been hard living through the deaths of two lovers?”
    What kind of dumb question is that? Why not say “Tell us the difficulties of living through the deaths of two lovers”

  4. Profe Sancho Panza says

    I find McNally a frustratingly uneven playwright, especially in recent years. But his best work is good enough that I always keep hoping each new play will be one of the good ones.

  5. Dr. C says

    saw the play and LOVED it. I, too, am done with sorrowful ‘AIDS’ plays, but this isn’t an ‘AIDS’ play. It is remarkably concise too (for McNally, who can to overwrite). This new play is a powerful conversation featuring four generations and some remarkably positive strides in gay theater. It’s a play about loss, yes, but also remarkable celebration too. Positive, life affirming, and truly quite simple too. Thanks Mr. McNally… This one is a keeper! See it…!

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