Ray Donovan’s Hostile Hollywood: TV REVIEW

By embedding Ray in Hollywood's dark, messy underbelly, we're subjected to a Tinseltown robbed of its glamour (and much of its fun, really). Humor is supposed to come at the expense of a closeted action hero busted picking up a "tranny hooker." (*MINOR SPOILER*) Instead of owning up to his indiscretion, Ray puts the actor in the hotel room of a girl who just overdosed on drugs. Now, the actor just goes to rehab and no one places him at scene of the prostitute. Ray's partner, Lee Drexler (Peter Jacobson), posits: "Suck one cock, you're a cocksucker for life. Get caught with a dead girl, admit to a drug problem, go to rehab, no problem. Crazy town, right?" Ha?

Rounding out the ensemble is an entire school of fish out of water, as Ray, his wife, kids and two brothers are all South Boston transplants in California. One brother, Terry (Eddie Marsan), suffers from Parkinson's, and younger brother, Bunchy (Dash Mihok), was molested by a priest as a child. (Ray insinuates a connection between the aforementioned closeted actor and molesting children in a way that should make viewers less than comfortable.) There's also a hardened female assistant (The LWord's Katherine Moennig) who wakes up in bed with a woman, but we don't get to spend too much time with her in Sunday's episode.

Paula Malcomson (as Ray's wife, Abby) shows glimmers of a powerful performance in her whole Southie Carmela Soprano schtick. She hasn't been given a ton to do in this first episode other than suffer, but if her previous work on shows like Deadwood are any indication, she could steal the show from Schreiber.

And then, of course, there's Jon Voight.

The patriarch of the Donovan clan is fresh out of prison, and his arrival in Los Angeles appears to be the beginning of Ray's undoing. As he slithers through each scene, his slimy confidence is tinged with just enough threat to make him appropriately unsettling. Voight's visage is the perfect canvas for Mickey Donovan's reptilian menace, and, oddly, his charm.

With such a great cast, one might be inclined to give Ray Donovan a chance to find its footing. However, without a compelling twist on the established antihero conventions, this may be a Hollywood problem not even Donovan could fix.

Ray Donovan premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime.


  1. bandanajack says

    riveting, repulsive, compulsive and addictive. i used the same adjective for voight, slimy. he oozes menace and conviviality. a sociopath who convincingly mimics human empathy, but out of view lets the mask slip.

    schrieber is equal parts sociopath, he is is father’s son, and avenging angel.

    i got tricked into watching a free preview, but i don’t have the cable channel, so i am free of the burden of watching this captivating misery unfold…

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, a show where they say “tranny hooker,” have the main character link being gay with child molestation, and starring right-winger Jon Voight?

    Hell no.

  3. Sammie says

    Great review. Thanks for the forwarning…I’ll make sure I’ll be watching something more riveting and someone with more eye candy like the local Sunday news.

  4. says

    I put it on, turned it off due the stereotypical portrayal of blacks and gays, and then put it back on out of boredom. I was in love with it by the end of the show. It really is too bad that great writers and talented actors are used to push every low down dirty plague of society. This show has them all…infidelity, child molestation, violence, murder, racism, sexism, all wrapped in a top notched production. At least I can say I download it from Pirate Bay and don’t pay for it. Shame on me…..for watching it, not pirating it.

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