Vladimir Putin Reiterates Claim That Russia Does Not Discriminate Against Gays

PutinThis week, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his claim that the rights of LGBT Russians were not being violated under the country's new, vehemently antigay legislation. RIA Novosti reports:

When asked about a recently passed bill that would impose fines of up to 1 million rubles ($30,000) for promoting homosexuality toward minors, Putin said that sexual minorities "are full fledged members of our society and are not being discriminated against in any way."

"It's not about imposing some sort of sanctions on homosexuality…It's about protecting children from such information," Putin said.

"Certain countries…think that there is no need to protect [children] from this…But we are going to provide such protection the way that State Duma [parliamentary] lawmakers have decided. We ask you not to interfere in our governance," he said. 

Back in April, we reported on all the LGBT Russians and allies who have enjoyed the country's warm, non-discriminatory reception.  


  1. MaryM says

    The truly pathetic thing is that Vladimir Putin is a closeted homosexual himself.

    Closet cases are always the most dangerous people – look at that festering boil Ken Mehlman

  2. JoelD says

    Sadly, the social culture of Russia is more akin to Iran than France, despite that Russians have for centuries preferred to call themselves Europeans rather than Asians. I love so much about aspects of Russia…but gender relations are pathetically mediaeval, corruption is rife, and Russians judge “the other” as part of a deeply ingrained inadequacy complex.

    Smile at a Russian who does not know you and the first assumption is not, or their’s a potential friend..it’s oh there’s someone with a mental disorder, or just plain glupi (stupid).

    Enlightened, world traveling Russians don’t rock boats because maintaining position is all about fitting in with your crowd … so I am liked but would be cut quick if I expected support that made them seem “other” to their crowd. Misery is, after all, a proud Russian tradition…Putin is doing his post-KGB part symbiotically with the church.

  3. Zeta says

    @Jack M, don’t go to Free Republic. I never thought I’d see that site go lower than having so many posters support Romney the Mormon, but this Snowden thing has brought all the Putin worshippers out of the woodworks. If they love him so much, why don’t they move there?

  4. says

    “Protecting children”… pshhh!

    And who will protect the children that ARE gay and those who WILL be gay from him and his discriminatory actions? THAT’s what he doesn’t get. That children being gay is simply a harmless reality of life.

    Been trying for too long to suppress what you feel is your own “shame,” Puty Poo?

  5. ElCid says

    It’s all very sad for LGBT Russians. Even more so because I don’t see any support coming from the Russian general population. I have been reading about Putin and all these years under his government and the thing that amazes me is how popular he remains among the Russian people.
    I think is going to be very very hard for LGBT Russians to be acknowledged as equal by their fellow citizens. I really wish them the best in this fight.

  6. Bob says

    This guy used to be head of the KGB, remember that.

    This guy is living in a cold-war “Berlin Wall is still up” alternate reality.

    He lies without remorse and often without realizing he -is- lying.

    He panders to the Russian mob and the reactionary mess that is the post-Soviet electorate.

    He rules like a mob don. A mob don with 1000+ multi-tipped nuclear ICBMS.

    We need to watch him 24×7 with a 200 megapixel media camera.

  7. Agnes Maria says

    READ: Civil rights will be upheld even if sexual orientation will not be state-sanctioned. For example, assault on any person, irregardless of their personal views or practices, will get the same response from the law. That is what it means for Russia to disallow the propaganda yet acknowledge the full fledged citizenship of gay people. The point is to make the issue of sexuality into a non-issue politically, to get this out of the way, so that the main focus can be on the enormous task of bringing the system to a functional state. Undisciplined citizens turned savage will all be discouraged, to put it delicately.

    The timing of the signing of this law was tactically brilliant.

    To protect civil rights is important. To state-sanction sexual orientation is not. Granting excesses of freedoms leads to detrimental extremes. That city streets are trashed after gay pride parades and that the event is an inordinate capitalist spectacle exploiting sexuality, speaks for itself. There is no love in it, and it is not about civil liberties. It is the same as the loss of eroticism and passion to pornography and sleaze.

    History has not been kind to sexuality, and in the confusion it is being destroyed as soon as it is being freed. That people cannot tell what is decent, what is beautiful and sacred, and what ought to be protected or not, and that they suffer identity crises and uncontrolled addictions to consumption, and that they continue to make demands for what amount to personalised laws, is a sad state of affairs. It is a reaction to millennia of repression. People do not know themselves.

    And, with regards to the blasphemy law that is also now passed, personally I respect and appreciate peoples’ sensitivities and sensibilities, especially with regards to their religious and cultural practices. That is tolerance. Allowing undisciplined people to behave like imbeciles in public is not. Instead, that is equivalent to surrendering command of your nation to mutinous citizens turned savage. There is no reasoning in tolerating it.

  8. Will says

    This does not look good for Russia or the Olympics next year.

    Putin appears to be one of those self hating closeted homosexuals (shirtless photos, manly imagery riding a horse topless?, living apart from his wife and recently announcing his separation/divorce by accident on television during an interview after an opera?).

    We have all seen the Ted Haggart’s (evangelicals) of the world, condemning homosexuality to the world while at the same time getting a “happy ending massage from a rented male friend”.

    The “to protect the children reasoning” is also what we listened to with Anita Bryant back in the day and we know how that eventually turned out.

    Swift International pressure including boycotts (anything Russian, including vodka and others) shame and outright defiance is the only solution.

    LBGT russians need to come out in mass and push back. Being visible is the only solution.

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