1. MIke says

    God has Martin Scorcese sunk since losing Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci and finding Leonardo. Just bottomed.

    The only possible reason I might see this it that I read Joanna “Patsy” Lumley has a role. Where the hell is she?

  2. shawnthesheep says

    I love how people instantly think that any movie that depicts the excesses of Wall Street is promoting them. If you watched that trailer and thought, “This is an endorsement of that lifestyle” then you really need to get a clue.

  3. Agreed says

    I actually agree with Jason for once – this site really is turning into a place to shill for things that are not gay-related in any way (i.e. the non-stop Man of Steel stories) and it’s getting tiresome.

  4. Disagree says

    If you can’t see the gay angle to Leo DiCaprio, Matt McConaughy or Henry Cavill, then you don’t get the meaning of homosexual tendencies at all.

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