1. matt says

    why don’t these two get together and satisfy their growing curiousity!! they obviously have a huge interest on what sex is like between two men…

  2. anon says

    There’s no epidemic of head, neck and throat cancers among the 15 to 30 yo crowd. Not only are they too young to have cases of such cancer but they’re less likely to be infected in the first place and less likely to smoke.

  3. kit says

    Oooo… I hope Cucinelli wins. It would be very instructive for everyone straight person who has ever had oral or anal sex to know what it feels like to have your bedroom invaded by these Nazis. A real learning moment.

  4. oscar says

    This kind of talk reminds me of the underground people in the movie “A Boy and His Dog.” I wish these real world sex fascists would take it underground and stay there.

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