Five Outlandish Moments From ‘Princesses: Long Island’

Ashlee’s Premiere Pedicure

Right from the beginning, Ashlee rocketed ahead as the most aggressively unlikable character of this bunch. Her proudly-pampered lifestyle was on display when she went for a pedicure with her father in the first episode. Not only did it culminate with Ashlee’s refusal to walk in anything other than heels, but then she demanded to be carried out of the salon by an employee (see photo at the top of the post). 

Casey Confronts Erica

The most fascinating (and tragic) aspect of Princesses is the persistence of their high-school past. For a group of girls in their late-twenties and early-thirties, there is an awful lot of talk about their teenage years. Never was that more at the forefront than when Casey breaks down while confronting Erica about sleeping with her boyfriend when she was 16

Fighting Over Facebook 

Sure, holding a grudge over a high school romance for more than 10 years sounds petty, but that’s nothing compared to the screaming match — complete with gay slurs — that erupted over who was Facebook friends with Amanda’s boyfriend.

Defiling A 9/11 Memorial Statue

In true reality fashion, some of the girls have completely unnecessary product lines, including Amanda’s “Drink Hanky.” (It’s like a sock for your cup.) To promote the product, she went on a “spontaneous” photoshoot that incorporated a 9/11 memorial statue of a firefighter in a less than respectful way.

Get Your Dukes Up

It was a perfect Princesses storm. The typically tolerable Chanel was embroiled in an argument with a guest at a party celebrating Amanda’s “Drink Hanky.” When Joey ignored Ashlee’s commands, it triggered a second shouting match. For some reason, it's Joey's use of the phrase "Mama Dukes" that really sets Ashlee off. It’s here that the seeds of the fight from last Sunday’s breakdown were first sown.

Which Princess: Long Island moments made you cringe?



  1. Butch says

    OK, so let me admit that I don’t watch much TV to begin with (and it’s not an “it’s beneath me” attitude – there are just other things I’d rather be doing). That said, I absolutely don’t get why people watch stuff like this.

  2. Omar says

    Ashlee asking her father if he could get her a jet or something to come pick her up from the vineyard(which I found out is only 17 miles away from her house), after the bulldogs(Joey, the cracked out girl, and the bug eyed one) went after a teacup yorkie(Ashlee). And Ashlee wonders why she’s single. Ashlee just needs to marry her father.

  3. Jacob W says

    If we’re admitting all throughout the post that these series are “so widely unappealing”, then why are we covering them here?

    Just because some gay men (like all people) happen to watch trash TV, it doesn’t make trash TV gay news.

  4. alex says

    To Bobby (the author): If you want these types of shows to disappear, don’t write a long article filled with links back to Bravo. That’s one of the ways these shows measure popularity.

  5. Adam says

    Why promote Bravo on Towleroad? It’s not a very gay-inclusive channel. Air-head female attention wh’ores don’t appeal to me as a gay man. Flush Bravo down the toilet.

  6. dredmond says

    @adam – actually, bravo is pretty gay-inclusive. almost every show has at least one gay character – most of whom are not super “stereotypcial”. That said, I don’t know why the hell the writer of this piece would call Lisa Vanderpump an even-temprered charmer. I’d call her a pompous, out-of-touch self-promoting bi-atch!

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