Five Things To Watch For In The 2013 Emmy Nominations

Is This the Year of Netflix?

This is the first year that, in addition to their robust library of network and cable series, Netflix has debuted original programming. Although the absolutely brilliant Orange Is the New Black is not eligible this year (though watch out, 2014 Emmys), Arrested Development and House of Cards are both likely to score some nods.

Who Is Tatiana Maslany?

Don’t be puzzled to find Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) on the list here. Though she’s a dark horse in the very crowded Lead Actress In a Drama race (expect to see Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, Homeland’s Claire Danes and Scandal’s Kerry Washington in there as well), a recent Critics' Choice TV Award win could place the star of this BBC America drama squarely in the sights of Emmy voters.

ModernfamilyIs Modern Family Unstoppable?

Surely there are funnier shows than this three-time winner. Bet on catching Girls, 30 Rock and Veep among the nominees, but that still leaves a few slots open. Farewell seasons for 30 Rock and The Office could illicit elicit some honorific votes, but some say the best chance of dethroning Modern Family may be the resurrected Arrested Development.

Will Game of Thrones Make Fantasy Reality?

An uneven season of Mad Men, Downton Abbey’s lame ender and Homeland’s increasingly tenuous grasp on believability has opened the door for buzzy new series like House of Cards, The Americans and Orphan Black to swoop in. Still, there’s a good chance Game of Thrones will ultimately be crowned the victor here. Fans’ feverish reaction across social media to a particularly memorable turn in the back half of the most recent season proved this fantasy series has transcended from cult favorite to bona fide phenomenon.

Can Mindy Kaling break in?

Like Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Lena Dunham (Girls), Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) is a lead actress, writer and producer of her own show. Folks are hoping she can snag a lead comedy actress spot from either of her fellow triple threats, or potential nominees Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep).

What are your dream Emmy nominees?


  1. Steve says

    I’d like to see Jane Krakowski finally win. She always brought the funny through seven seasons of 30 Rock and think that her time is long overdue.

  2. Steve says

    I’d like to see Jane Krakowski finally win. She always brought the funny through seven seasons of 30 Rock and think that her time is long overdue.

  3. Terry says

    “Modern Family” and “Mad Men” will get the usual slew of nominations. “Veep” and “The Newsroom” from HBO will get several nominations. “Behind the Candleabra”, also from HBO, will get quite a few nominations. HBO will do very well in the nominations. Personal hope: I wish ABC’s “The Neighbors” will get some nominations. It’s quite a good show.

  4. strepsi says

    Tatiana Maslany is phenomenal. She plays clones — 7 distinct characters, often interacting with each other! The biggest hurdle is not that she’s unknown, but that it’s Sci Fi: a genre that the Emmys HATE. She’s my vote.

  5. Charles Decker says

    ‘Veep’ is the funniest show on television and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the modern Lucy. I find nothing even smile-inducing about ‘Modern Family’ but somebody must be watching.

  6. Jesse says

    I’m hoping the Netflix series get some wins. They’re producing quality “television” and I’m anxious to see how it changes tv as a whole…

  7. Mike says

    Can RuPaul’s Drag Race finally break into the Reality-Competition category? Anyone else bored with it always going to Amazing Race (cept once)?

  8. Joel V says

    I hope “Smash” gets some recognition for it’s actors, specifically Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, and for guest appearance Bernadette Peters. Peter’s “Hang the Moon” number alone deserves an Emmy.

  9. says

    Agree that Jane Krakowski deserves recognition. She had 100% commitment to an over-the-top character that could easily have gone too over-the-top and she especially nailed it this last season.

  10. Zeta says

    Orange is the New Black is offensive, personally. I just don’t dig White Princess narratives, it’s like Miley Cyrus’ new song (or worse, Paris Hilton’s infamous stay in jail) as a series. The new season of Arrested Development and House of Cards deserve nominations, though.

  11. says

    @Zeta: I’d encourage you to give Orange Is The New Black a real chance. The creator has said she’s using the main character’s narrative as an excuse to actually tell the stories of all the women of color in the prison with her. We could certainly debate how successfully the show tackles diversity, but it is definitely being very aware and purposeful about how it addresses race, class, sexuality and gender identity.

  12. mg_xtra says

    I must agree that Jane K deserves overdue recognition. I think they should’ve done a full season of 30 rock to say farewell, but the cast and production crew really pulled out all the stops for the final season, and gave us a nearly perfect ending. I would like to see the new season of AD get some recognition as well, even though it wasn’t perfect, it was brilliantly executed.

  13. Dback says

    I’d pitch “The Americans” for best drama series, best actor (Matthew Rhys), best actress in a cakewalk (the astonishing Kerri Russell), and best supporting actor (Noah Emmerich).

    I agree with the posters about Jane Krakowski, but I’d also really, really like Courtney Cox to get a nod for “Cougar Town”–not only has she never been nominated for this series, she was the only cast member never nominated from “Friends.” And her work this season–especially the episode with her father acknowledging his creeping dementia–was stellar. (Probably too much to hope for a nod for “Happy Endings” now that it’s cancelled, huh?)

  14. NE1 says

    I’m hoping it’s Jon Hamm’s year because Mad Men was better than ever and so was he. I haven’t seen House of Cards, I might check it out I dunno, Arrested Development was good but I dunno where Emmy’s would be fitting. For Comedy it’s no question it’s Big Bang Theories’ year.

  15. Paul says

    Just finished ‘Rectify’, and my vote goes to Abigail Spencer. So good. Must see.

    If ‘Enlightened’ doesn’t get what it deserves this year, then I may officially ban all future Emmy parties at my house. House is Mike White not standing at the podium?

    Robin Wright was my favorite part about ‘Cards’ and I think Anna Gunn is overdue on ‘Breaking’

    I’m setting my alarm early tomorrow morning; this could be very good.

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