Fox News Cites Hate Groups To Justify Transgender Oppression

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice have determined that trans students are protected by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the law that bans sex discrimination. writer Michael Roppolo decided to "rip" the DOJ for making bathroom rights its "latest cause," focusing on a ninth-grade trans student in Arcadia, CA.

In addition to refusing to identify the transgender student by the proper pronoun (the student is female-to-male, and thus should be reffered to as "he", not "she" as Roppolo insists on doing), he bolsters his argument by citing hate groups, including Randy Thomasson of Save California and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition, both of which SLPC-certified hate groups in California. He also quoted Bob Tyler, attorney for the Christian law firm Advocates for Faith & Freedom, and Steve Johnson, president of Arcadia Republicans.

Equality Matters sums up the toilet-fixated article best, calling it "a story framed by hyperbolic and medically ignorant transphobic arguments."


  1. Dana says

    Bottom line: It is ridiculous to claim that the US Congress in 1964 intended to cover “transgender” bathroom usage. Whether you agree or disagree with it, this agency’s interpretation is not binding on any court and it is not going to stand.

    The real tragedy is that LGB organizations – which get zero money and zero volunteer contributions from from trans activists – are spending their time, money and political capital on issues like this, which have nothing to do with LGB people.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    Dana, of course, making unsubstantiated claims regarding trans folk. I, personally, have made several contributions to LGBT orgs, without any expectation that my donation will solely, or even mostly, go to trans-specific advocacy.

  3. Jake says

    Welcome to the outer limits. Why not transgender bathrooms in the Kremlin? One small step for Gays, is one giant leap for who cares to a majority of the population.

  4. Rick says

    Perhaps if Trans people didn’t delude themselves into thinking surgery and surrounding themselves with perverted, liberal yes men and women somehow changed their God-given gender then they would see the necessity of social and legal structures that do not indulge the whims of the self-mutilated in order to protect children from their sickness.

  5. Dale says

    Sodomites who chop off their penises are still filthy sodomites. This is what I teach my children. I’m raising an army of children who see beyond your pc homosexual perversion. You all have no place in heaven.

  6. Dana says

    Yeah, I really doubt that you made any such contributions or if you did, that it was in anything more than a token amount. And there’s no way to check, is there?

    In the unlikely event that you did give, even a modest amount, then I think that is commendable. But it would make you the rarest of birds. Trans activists don’t give, they take. Even Joanne Herman, one of the very few trans people who give, publicly admits that trans people do not donate to LGBT groups nor do they give much even to their own segregated T groups.

    Why should they give when LGBs are so easily duped into funding their agenda? LGBs even fund the segregated T groups – even while LGBs are prohibited by the warped ideology of LGBT from forming their own groups.


  7. TheDrDonna says

    Again, Dana, you make assumptions and unsubstantiated claims. How do you know the first thing about me? Are you incapable of making a solid argument without lying and making claims you can’t back up?

  8. Dana says


    Dummy, I can only make assumptions about you because you post under a fake name and don’t verify anything you say. Do you want to provide some evidence that you have made contributions? Please do and I’ll acknowledge it and modify my assumptions. But you won’t.

  9. Thedrdonna says

    Dana, lets do a comparison of our assertions: I claim to have donated to LGBT advocacy groups. You claim trans people as a group are part of a massive conspiracy to hold the LGB rights movement hostage so they can force through their “perversions”, which also includes most medical and psychiatric professionals who deal with them. I think the burden of proof is on you, here.

  10. Dana says

    Those aren’t my claims dummy. Also, you don’t understand what burden of proof means. Hint: It doesn’t mean that Dana has to provide links but DrDonna doesn’t.

    Another poorly educated “trans woman.” Have any of you actually finished high school?

  11. Thedrdonna says

    Why the appeal to authority? Do you think that A) you have “more” education than me and B) that would somehow make every hateful turd that falls from your lips more true?

  12. Daniel in MO says

    Hey Towleroad, can we just etch-a-sketch this whole thread and start over with less anger and crazy?

  13. Charles says

    Mateom seems to be the most correct.

    Jake, Rick & Dale belong in their own personal “HELL”.
    Dana and TheDrDonna and the rest need to get a life and post on their own site and not bother the rest of us.

  14. Thedrdonna says

    Because its unimportant that I have a college degree and professional accreditation. It has nothing to do with the conversation, but hey, trolls will be trolls.

  15. mmike1969 says

    Of course Faux News would cite a hate group… They have no other reliable sources.

  16. says

    if you want to see the most pathetic and cowardly gay men in our community, look no further than the anti-trans gay males.

    you’ll know them by their complete inability to ever make their statements from a place of visibility.