Gay Couple Attacked For Sharing Their Marriage

Club Kensington
Even in relatively gay-friendly California, gay couples are still at risk for violent attacks based on their orientation. Rather than being accosted by strangers on the street, San Diego couple Zack and Shawn struck up a friendship with an older straight couple at Club Kensington, who congratulated the men on their marriage. Then, after inviting the couple over for dinner, things got violent:

But after 20 minutes at Shawn and Zach's home, Zach said the evening took a violent turn while he was talking to the woman's husband about sports. 

"He looked at me and said, 'I hate faggots,'" Zach told 10News. "Next thing you know, he hit me upside the head." 

When asked by the police what happened, the man claimed Zach tried to molest him, but when pressed for specifics he conveniently was "unable to remember details." ABC 10 News reports that the man and wife were planning to divorce and suspect that he may have been lashing out at the happily married couple.



  1. says

    I’d be interested to see if the attacker turns out to be Mexican. California is overrun with illegal immigrants from Mexico. They commit a lot of crime.

    Watch your backs my Cali brothers!

  2. Hagatha says

    Translation ; alcoholic gay couple invites alcoholic straight couple over for dinner, and George and Martha got critically crunk.

  3. Jerry says

    What part said they were all alcoholics? I get the age ogre and Martha part, but otherwise…

  4. MIke says

    Aren’t there enough stories here to prove that inviting any people you really don’t know to your home puts you at risk? As Lily Tomlin would say in her act as the bland housewife: “It just makes sense.”

  5. FuryOfFirestorm says

    It’s pretty obvious that the post by “Little Kiwi” is really Rick/Jason/one of his 50 other alts posing as LK.

  6. Frank says

    Little Kiwi is a grandiose c&nt sometimes, so I wasn’t sure if that was her or not. The racism seems a bit much, though.

  7. Diogenes says

    Inviting strangers over for dinner is fraught with risks, be it to your furniture, your cutlery, your carpet or your self.

  8. says

    I stand by what I believe and I speak up when I feel like it. That’s just who I am and I don’t self-censor and I can’t be pigeon-holed, K? .. . . There’s a real Mexican crime problem in Cali and I just want to see if this is one more example of it.

  9. Jesse says

    Kiwi, you are the one who started this. Promise now to respect other people and to never post under other peoples’ online names and then maybe people will reciprocate.

  10. johnny says

    It’s to the point when I see any posts by Kiwi, I simply scroll over them. I can’t give much credence to posts by children.

  11. ripper says

    There’s a lot of unfortunate blaming the victim that goes on at this site, but in this case it’s mostly justified.

  12. Rich says

    Folks, the “blaming the victim” thing may apply in appropriate circumstances, but I doubt it in this situation. The neighborhood of San Diego in question is a very upscale neighborhood. While the bar isn’t the nicest place there, one would not expect to have to be wary of inviting other neighbors to dinner for fear of being attacked. It’s not shocking just because of what happened, but because of where it happened.

  13. jamal49 says

    @Little Kiwi: go f*ck yourself, you lousy, trolling, racist twit. You’ve mucked up this site long enough. You don’t know sh*t about anything and the only thing you DO know about is how to be as annoying and vile possible.

  14. GRivera says

    Little Kiwi – You are on the wrong site you closet case or typical REPUBLICAN ASS. You should watch your tongue rather than your ass.

  15. GRivera says

    Little Kiwi is a fake everyone. It is obvious. I would bet he is a child or an angry closet case who dislikes Mexicans.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL. What the is wrong with y’all. If you’ve been coming to this blog during the last year you’d know that stupid comment about Mexicans was NOT made by Little Kiwi.

    Can’t y’all tell when Rick/David Hagatha Hearne is throwing bullsh.t? And he’s not even that good at it.

  17. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Too all of us who are “LittleKiwi” fans–the imposter above, please note, puts a space between the words, “little” and “kiwi.” The Original has no space. “Little Kiwi” the imposteris just a garden-variety low-life

  18. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    The story sounds to me like the “man” who hit Zach was attracted to Zach, and so, reacted the way many closeted self-haters do.

  19. Hagatha says

    Derrick, you festering tuot, I do not impersonate others. However, as someone else noted, kiwi started the practice and deserves everything he gets.

  20. says


    what’s really funny is that the coward posting anti-Mexican prejudice under my screen name also links folks to my blog. funny, because even a cursory glance at my blog shows that, well, addressing racism and cultural prejudice is pretty much my raison d’etre.

    i live out loud, i put a face to my statements, and via my blog and youtube accounts i’ve condemned not only anti-LGBT prejudice, but racism as well.

    so, of course, for the racists who don’t have the orbs to put a face to their bigotry, they pathetically try to attribute it to me.

    it’s to be expected. those who can’t tell the truth about themselves will always waste their lives making up lies about others.

    oh well. that’s not my problem.

  21. gomez says

    i actually enjoy watching little child get a taste of his own troll medicine. he does this fake posting thing all the time himself.

  22. anon says

    Many of us have too much time on our hands. Time that could be spent watching porn or something.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Many of us have too much time on our hands. Time that could be spent watching porn or something”

    Well said, ANON. But I’m at work. I may be stupid enough to be on internet blogs all day, but I AINT dumb enough to download porn on my employer’s computer….unless you know some way I can do it without getting caught.

  24. Anon says

    Little Kiwi, your blog looks like a bunch of pics of you and a much of queens at a parade. Way to address racial disparity!

  25. andypharmer says

    This is a very odd story. I live in SD and Club Ken is in a pretty straight but gay friendly neighborhood. The whole story is not being told here.

  26. truthteller says

    The funny thing is, racists do not realize the vast majority or Mexicans are CAUCASIAN! gasp! just as was white as any white person in the U.S.

    Mexico has the largest populations of Native Americans: 30% of the population. It also has a smaller percentage of mixed Afro/Mexican and the rest are Caucasian.

    Funny, white people being “racist” against other whites. Bhwa ha ha. And yes, Mexicans are AMERICANS, as in America is a continent.