German Football Club St. Pauli Puts Rainbow Flag on Permanent Display in Anti-Homophobia Statement


The German football club St. Pauli made a groundbreaking statement against homophobia last Thursday when it decided to raise the rainbow flag permanently in its stadium.

CNN reports:

"The club has been active for many years against homophobia and discrimination," St. Pauli's vice-president Gernot Stenger told the club website. "With this flag we are giving this highly visible sign that these issues have great importance at St. Pauli and we are working hard on them."

A member of the club's gay and lesbian fan club, Dirk Brullau, backed the initiative and said it would be a "quantum leap for the football world" if a Bundesliga team followed suit.

Hamburg's St. Pauli, which enjoys a cult following due to the skull and crossbones shown on the flag of its supporters, plays in Germany's second tier.


  1. ratbastard says

    Impossible. We all know Germans are all closet Nazis and blond northern European males are all bullies, mysogenist, homophobic and racist to their cores. They can’t be trusted. At least that’s what I’ve heard my entire life from ‘progressives’ and hardcore leftists. White, ‘blond’ northern European males are the enemy who ‘oppress’ women, homosexuals, transgendered, and ‘people of color’.

  2. RyanC says

    @ratbastard I’ve literally never heard those stereotypes. The Northern European countries are some of the most (as you oddly used as an insult) progressive nations in the world.

    Curious, how people find hate in even the most positive of stories.

  3. ratbastard says


    In America, ‘progressives’ and radical leftist blame EVERYTHING on white males, especially ‘white bread’ white males [that’s a reference to ‘boring’ northern European descended people]. White males [ESPECIALLY if they’re not ‘ethnic looking’] are the root of all evil, the ultimate oppressors of ‘people of color’ and ‘queers’. If you’re a white male, and you look ‘ethnic’, you should have an easier time dealing with self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ and ‘queers’. They love ‘diversity’ [diversity to them means ‘ethnic’ and ‘persons of color’, preferably with dark eyes and dark hair, it certainly doesn’t mean nordic Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch, British, Irish. Those people are the white oppressors of ‘ethnic’ people and ‘persons of color’. And of course women and ‘queers’.

  4. ratbastard says

    If I died tomorrow do you think anyone would give a damn? No. Because I’m a masculine white man and progressives don’t care when we get killed.

  5. murray cohn says

    Ratbastard, is that the editorial “we” or the royal “we”? Considering your delusion, I imagine the latter is a definite possibility. Cherish your xenophobia. It’s your barrier against reality.

  6. says

    You can always watch the FC St. Pauli games (on tape delay) with the FC St. Pauli Fans NYC at East River Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The team and fans stand up against racism, sexism, and homophobia. New York ist braun-weiss!

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