1. Sam says

    Dan Villarreal is working at Towleroad? You have got to be kidding me. This is one of the most irresponsible writers on the internet. This is a man who wrote homophobic, incendiary pieces for Queerty, including one piece entitled “Why can’t we just admit that gays want to indoctrinate children?” which has been cited by anti-gay organizations all over the world, from NOM and FRC here in the US to anti-gay outfits in violently anti-gay countries like Russia and Uganda.

    Villarreal, you are responsible for defaming gay people and hurting gay families. You have no place on Towleroad. Shame on Andy Towle for hiring you.

  2. ElCid says

    This post is preposterous. What is the point of it???
    And who is Daniel Villarreal? I think the post is implying several things: discrimination to LGBT, to Hispanics, and it is portraying the Peruvian LGBT community as something less civilized than the rest.
    I feel very disappointed that this kind of posts are allowed at Towleroad. It diminishes the value of the whole web-site.

  3. Mark D. says

    Dan Villarreal wrote numerous disgusting antigay articles at Queerty. They were cited on NOMBlog as a reason to vote against marriage equality. Bryan Fischer of AFA discussed them too as did Scott Lively.

    Dan Villarreal has smeared millions of gay people just in order to generate controversy and get some hits on Queerty and make a few bucks.

    And he never once apologized. You are despicable Dan!

  4. ajax2828 says

    I have to agree with the commentators who are disgusted by the posting of this video. The quality of the video itself is crude and unviewable. The point of it seems to be to laugh at a pair of fighting drag queens, but it’s not at all funny — it’s demeaning, and a little heartbreaking to see such a desperate tussle at what is meant to be a fun event. The post comes across as an act of homophobic superiority — by a gay man, no less. Please, Andy, no more of this.

  5. UFFDA says

    What are you talking about Ajax and the rest? This is hilarious as well as sordid and supid. If two beauty straight queens got in a fight like this it would be all over the media and everyone would be laughing. That it’s drag queens makes it even funnier since drag queens are a joke in the zoo to begin with.

    As for Villarreal, if it’s the same guy get rid of him immediately.

  6. says

    whew, whole bag of gummi-worms got opened here, eh?

    1. drag fight got ugly.

    2. LGBT people and our Straight Allies *do* want to “indoctrinate children” – in the sense that children need to be taught to understand and accept diversity, not be taught how to hate: which is entirely where anti-LGBT prejudice comes from. there is no such thing as “indoctrinating children into homosexuality” – only a form of preventative-indoctrination wherein children don’t learn to be bigoted idiots.

    3. dharun ravi was less responsible for Tyler Clementi’s death than Clementi’s own parents where, having raised him in a decidedly anti-gay church. by their own admission. Ravi broke laws in regard to invasion of privacy, and did indeed contribute to Clementi’s suicide: and yet, were we not in a culture where parents, religious groups and far too many Political Leaders spout and promote that SAME anti-LGBT bgiotry, it would have been nothing more than buzzing hatred in a vacuum. Ravi’s words and actions would have meant ZILCH to a gay person growing up in a culture that is not anti-gay. the anti-gay prejudiced Ravi revealed is no different from what pretty much every Republican politician espouses: consider it Trickle-Down Bigotry.

    4. gay men who take issue with drag queens are always the most insecure and pathetic wimps. as evidenced by the fact that every anti-drag poster is an anonymous trolling wimp.

    in short, Happy Pride Recovery Day!

  7. says

    You gotta love the lack of context to the post, a pervasive problem in what passes for journalism anymore. We used to dig for truth, now we dig for a laugh…for a meme.

    Woulda been swell if there coulda been some reporting about what led to the fight, but that would be asking too much and the reason why this ain’t [insert your news website of choice – even though those, too, sometimes fall prey to going with the bare minimum].

  8. Aaron says

    Not only did this vile piece of sh*t Dan Villarreal write in defense of Dharun Ravi, he also wrote a piece for Queerty speculating about what kind of sex and what kind of guys Tyler Clementi was into. Remember, this was an 18-year old kid who had his sexual privacy violated on the internet. And who killed himself in anguish.

    And knowing this, Dan Villarreal chose to write about his sex life and preferences on the internet. Presumably for the controversy and the web page hits and the money.

    There are no words sufficient to describe what an evil piece of crap you are, Dan. It is absolutely unbelievable that Towleroad would hire you. Your presence de-legitimizes this blog. I wonder if Towleroad’s advertisers would be interested in hearing about this . . .

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