1. Strepsi says


    You two are an adorable couple. Many years of happiness.

  2. Matt26 says

    Such a lovely looking couple. All the best to them. I’ve seen John in West End in musicals, great actor and singer, Torchwood is (was) also excellent.

  3. pedro says

    They’ve been together for 20 years so I think he found his first mate a long time ago.

  4. RMc says

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (rips up I heart John Barrowman covered notebook)


  5. Zeta says

    Still the hotness. I’d buy those sex tapes and have them on permanent loop. Haven’t they been together for, like, 20 years?

    That’s a happy couple. Dan Savage’s situation, not so much.

  6. spg says

    That’s cool. But didn’t they already get married in the UK? Or is this a second ceremony?

  7. Mike says

    Yes Pedro. However, this is just ONE wonderful example of the Supreme Court ruling! This has been needlessly delayed for FAR to long because of ugly bigots. [Grr] Whatever wish them the very BEST OF EVERYTHING and a continued long life together! ♥♥

  8. Neil says

    @spg: There is no “marriage” in the UK yet. They are “civil partners” in the UK (since 2006), but I don’t think that counts as a “marriage” under U.S. federal law.

  9. spg says

    @Neil. Oh, didn’t know. Thanks. This then makes the story even better. Very awesome. I wonder what countries will accept US same sex marriages.

  10. says

    IMO, they act like they are drunk in those videos. Hopefully they were just acting that way. Nasty.

    I don’t watch Dr. Who so I don’t know this Barrowman guy but his voice is several octaves higher than that of a normal male. I would think that a professional actor would hire a voice coach so that he doesn’t sound like a little girl.

  11. Lucas H says

    Dammit, he’s officially off the market. What’s a gay nerd to do now? LOL. For real though congrats to them, I hope they have a long, happy marriage!

  12. MateoM says

    That’s not the real Little Kiwi. It’s Zeta…I mean Rick/Jason/David Hearne (same person, dontchaknow).

    Only Rick would ridicule someone for not being enough of a man, a state that he himself is all too familiar with. If only he would learn to accept himself. Or go elsewhere. Whichever comes first.

  13. db says

    spg, even if they were married in the UK it’s not recognized in the US (thank you DOMA) just as even though they are married in California the marriage isn’t recognized in most other states.

  14. anon says

    CA needs more fabulous marriage certificates. Perhaps a gay designer can make a better one.

  15. Mike says

    Right MateoM. Little Kiwi here at Towleroad is WONDERFUL! That bad imposter is definitely NOT our Little Kiwi!!!

  16. says

    *SWOOOON* for Barrowman!

    lordy, I’ve been in love with him for years.

    check out his incredible rendition of “I’d Rather Be Sailing” – it’ll melt your heart.

    congrats baby!

  17. candide001 says

    if you’ve never heard john speak with his original (scottish) accent, it’s a trip. he’s bi-dialectical. he says it freaks scott out since their relationship was built around the american “version” of john.

  18. gomez says

    little kiwi getting a taste of his own medicine. *popcorn*

    grats to the happy couple. i first remember crushing on barrowman from the short lived sudser “central park west” i think it was called

  19. says

    @gomez – not really. no matter what a cowardly closeted troll may post in my name, won’t make my own rad life any less rad 😀

    just goes to show how deep their obsessions with me are. i mean how deep his obsession with me is.

  20. Neil says

    @spg: I think that most countries (if not all) that have same-sex registrations called “marriages” will accept marriages performed in the US, and there are also some countries that don’t have same-sex marriages themselves but will recognize marriages from other jurisdictions (Israel, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, Mexico, and some states of the US).

    I think that John and Scott officially live in the UK, but I’m sure that John works in the US quite a bit.

  21. simon says

    A bit strange people criticized his voice. He was a lead Broadway actor before being a TV actor. Here is a clip of him singing “Marry me a little” in “Putting it together (2000)”.

  22. Harrison says

    Yeah, I’m with anon. Those marriage certificates are the pits. Looks like something someone threw together with a Microsoft Office template in three minutes. But, marriage is marriage no matter the design!

  23. andrew says

    Posting comments in the name of someone else, whether it is one of Little Kiwi’s “enemies” or Little Kiwi himself is disgusting and devious.

  24. greenfuzz says

    If you guys wanna see something funny check him out on chatty man. It’s on youtube.

  25. DickG says

    His first date with Scott was a dinner with Cher! Cher didn’t care if John was gay, she had seen him in a West End musical and wanted to meet him and have dinner. When John explained that he had a date that night Cher said to bring him along.

  26. BLM says

    @db umm, I’m really that you don’t know that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA? It was probably even bigger news the Prop 8 being overturned.

  27. BLM says

    @db umm, I’m really surprised that you don’t know that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA? It was probably even bigger news than Prop 8 being overturned.

  28. jhr459 says

    I’ve loved John for a long time – I just wish he would come out of his shell more. 😉

  29. Dennis Crotts says

    Congratulations to you both miss seeing you on the TV hope you will be back again real soon.

  30. andrew says

    Love his singing. Especially the CD: John Barrowman “Swings Cole Porter”. Great music.