LGBT Advocacy Groups To Picket Russian Consulate Tomorrow

Two New York based LGBT groups will be protesting the Russian consulate tomorrow, according to a joint press release. One group, RUSA LGBT, is an organization for Russian-speaking members of the community, and has reportedly welcomed "many LGBT asylum seekers from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus who fled the abuse and
mistreatment in their homelands" into the United States. The other, Queer Nation, identifies itself as "committed to direct action to end homophobia and anti-LGBT violence". Both will be carrying signs as well as dumping Russian vodka in the gutters to protest recent atrocities committed against LGBT citizens and foreigners in Russia. Business owners participating in the current Russian vodka boycott will also be on hand to express their solidarity to the cause. 

According to the release, the protesters' demands are as follows:

"1) The Russian government repeal the “anti-gay propaganda” law before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Queer_Nation_logo"2) A boycott of all Russian products, including Russian vodka. We are calling for all New Yorkers to stop ordering and purchasing Russian made products and demand that their bars and restaurants stop serving Russian products, including Russian vodka.

"3) A boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics, with a suggestion to move the 2014 Games to Vancouver, Canada.

"4) Corporate sponsors of the Sochi Olympics withdraw their sponsorship of the Games. Olympic sponsors include: Coca-Cola, Omega Watches, VISA, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, and Panasonic."

The group claims to also have "the support of a wide range of LGBT activists and organizations in
Russia, the United States and around the globe." While no other groups have explicitly expressed their support of this protest just yet, it does come as one of many demonstrations taking place recently to protest Russia and its various human rights violations. 

You can read the full release by clicking the following link —> (Download QN_RUSA_Joint_Release.)


  1. Danny says

    A. Vancouver was just flooded a few weeks ago, it’s terribly presumptuous of a small group of Americans to just assume that Vancouver is ready, willing, and able to perform such an event again on such short notice. It’s an extremely costly event even with all the structures already built. many of the buildings would be used by other people now that can’t just be kicked out. You think they build all those apartments for the athletes and then just let them sit there while they pay to upkeep them with no tennants?

    B. While i don’t equate the life of a dog as equal to that of a human, Vancouver specifically bred sled dogs to make the village look cute and then murdered them all and put them in a mass grave afterwards cause they didn’t want to deal with them anymore. just a note.

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