1. Matt26 says

    The Catholic Church has lost lots of its supporters to Protestants and Pentecostals, because (according to one interview I saw in the news), CC hasn’t changed, feels distant and has had so many scandals.
    We all know the pope and the Vatican oppose gays and gay marriage, but at the same time in Vatican and the Catholic Church…

  2. says

    to Matt’s point, the church i grew up in (united church of canada) had a congregation almost-entirely made up of people who’d been raised in OTHER denominations, whose consciences gave them a moral pause when dealing with dogmatic bigotry. so they instead left and went to an Affirming, non-dogmatic, and inclusive spiritual-religious church.

  3. Joel says

    Why does anybody pay any attention to this delusional idiot who thinks himself infallible, at least when sitting on his “throne”? Catholicism destroys people’s minds.

  4. JONES says

    Turn the most treasured thing you’ll ever have in your life, your child, over to an organization that molds it’s young mind with the pollution of creationism, original sin, monsters in the basement, and the only path to salvation is through them. Invasive and permeating through every aspect of your life from birth to death. The Catholic Church.
    ‘Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so. And God hates fags.’

  5. andrew says

    We shouldn’t be too happy about the Catholic Church in Latin America losing members to Pentecostals and Fundamentalist Protestants. Those groups are even worse when it comes to blocking human progress.

  6. says

    If you think the Catholic Church is bad, just wait until you get to see all of these radical, reactionary protestant Pentecostal churches. One of my relatives was a Catholic but then he joined a Pentecostal “church” (mainly an office with folding chairs and a podium where the “minister” rages) and became a homophobe.

    The good thing about the Catholic Church is that as an international body with a singular governing authority it will be much easier to implement any changes, versus these little micro “churches” that are hiding like cockroaches in the Amazon.

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