NBC Affiliate In Philadelphia Botches Attempt To Cover Trans Woman’s Murder

NBC 10
NBC 10 Philadelphia is finding itself in the crosshairs of LGBT organizations after the affiliate "sensationalized and inaccurately reported" a story surrounding a trans woman's murder. The victim, who was brutally murdered and dismembered last week, was identified by the affiliate using the wrong pronouns and name. The reporter, Nefertiti Jaquez, also chose to include irrelevant information regarding the victim's past, including completely unrelated prior criminal convictions, as well as a former mugshot. According to GLAAD, the report even "included the victim-blaming suggestion that Ms. Williams was murdered following the supposed 'discovery' that she was transgender."

The story first broke last week via trans advocate Monica Roberts and her blog TransGriot.

"One of the reasons we're getting more combative about insisting on respectful media coverage for transpeople is because potential jurors that watch these misgendering and sensationalized reports are being poisoned with this slanted anti-trans coverage that could result in the murder victim at trial not getting justice and the alleged killer going free. 

Hate violenceIt then subsequently caught the attention of GLAAD, who chose to reach out to NBC 10 and give them an opportunity to correct the error. They report that the station has removed the offending clip from their website, but have still chosen to incorporate the victim's prior name and mugshot. 

Unfortunately, as GLAAD subsequently pointed out, such practice is startlingly common. 

"Recently the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released its annual Hate Violence Report. Findings for the 2012 calendar year show that in 53% of anti-LGBTQ homicides, the victims were transgender women. Additionally 73% of all anti-LGBTQ homicide victims were people of color. Just this past April, three transgender women of color were murdered. These crimes often go unreported in the media and when media outlets do cover the stories, the reports are often dehumanizing and disrespectful."

To combat this, GLAAD has created a guide for journalists to use when covering stories about transgender people, such as proper terminology, name and pronoun usage, and a brief explanation as to why usage of proper language is so important. GLAAD is also asking anyone who comes across a defamatory report to please let them know at www.glaad.org/reportdefamation.


  1. JMC says

    It’s very telling and very sad that transgender women can’t even be talked about with sensitivity and respect when their brutal murder and dismemberment is the topic at hand.

  2. Zeta says

    “According to GLAAD, the report even “included the victim-blaming suggestion that Ms. Williams was murdered following the supposed ‘discovery’ that she was transgender.”

    If that’s a possible motive for why the murder happened, then how is it victim blaming?

  3. Zeta says

    The news includes prior mugshots and photos all time. That stuff doesn’t just disappear because someone decides to change their gender. So basically LGBT groups are now saying that trans are to be treated differently from everyone else???????


  4. RJ says

    @Zeta They may still exist, but that’s not the question. The question is whether the mugshot is relevant to the story, or whether it’s just salt in the wound.

  5. Lee says

    It very well could be relevant we don’t know who killer her or why could be that someone from her criminal past was looking for some payback who knows?

  6. MaryM says

    A trans person’s previous identity is a matter of public record isn’t it?

    So while I understand that they don’t want it referenced or mentioned, but it’s impossible to erase the past, so it’s unrealistic to expect that.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Why as a gay man I’m lumped in with transgenders is something I will never understand.”

    Walt, the Philadelphia Gay News mentioned that as a teenager Diamond Williams was thrown out of her home. She lived on the streets for a while. One of the places where she found refuge was The Attic. The Attic is a place for Gay youth to go for santuary and companionship. I guess that is an example of how some Gay youth and Transgender youth become connected.

    As far as I’m concerned “Gay” and “Transgender” are both umbrella terms that include a lot of different types of people.

  8. Rick says

    I’m not saying this poor soul had it coming. But he was a mutilated man passing himself off as a woman. That was certainly going to enrage and disgust someone. Unfortunately for him, that rage was the catalyst for an urge to kill.

  9. Marc C says

    Hey Rick. When will you become a man? You show nothing but contempt for yourself. If I was to guess, I’d say that you were a man hating lesbian from the 70s with the bile that you spew. When you are ready to come back to the class and apologize, and then contribute constructively, you are welcome. In the meantime, grow a pair.

  10. Dana says

    Nothing wrong with pointing out the victim’s criminal past. It may be relevant to the type of company that she kept and the locales that she frequented.

    No surprise that “DrDonna” shows up to demand that no one speak about the very real issue of “trans women” picking up straight guys and not disclosing their gender identity. Trans bloggers have written that they have a right to do this because they need sex and disclosing the truth to their partners might hinder their getting it. It is a justification of rape-by-deception prevalent among men who call themselves women. Whether this had anything to do with this particular case, we don’t know. But to say that the subject is off-limits only shows how terrified trans activists are of real discussion and debate.

  11. Thedrdonna says

    I never said anyone should not talk about a certain subject, I was drawing a parallel between two very related defenses for murder. I haven’t advanced an opinion on when disclosure should occur, because I have not get personally been able to form a coherent and defensible opinion on the matter. What’s really unsurprising is that you, Dana, show up here ready to blame the victim for her crime, and then go on to call trans women rapists. You’re tired, predictable, and trite.

  12. Dana says


    I in no way blame the victim for being murdered. The murderer is the responsible party. I also said that we don’t know what was behind this particular case.

    As for the issue of “trans women” picking up straight guys to have sex either w/ active deception or w/o disclosing, it is really a thing. If you don’t think so, take that up with the trans bloggers who not only say that it happens but that “transfolk” have a right to score sex in this way.

    It isn’t comparable to the gay panic defense. GP situations almost always involve some tale of an unwelcome “homosexual pass.” It doesn’t involve rape by deception. Of course, neither situation justifies a homicidal reaction, but the 2 are not morally comparable.

    Don’t know why you can’t form a position on this. It really isn’t complicated. Don’t rape. Don’t lie to people to get them into bed. Don’t conceal facts which, if known, would mean that they wouldn’t consent. Respect others and respect yourself. If disclosure would create a dangerous situation, then you shouldn’t be with that person. In such a situation, don’t disclose and don’t have sex.

    These are easy rules to follow. The only reason this issue seems difficult for you and your fellow trans bloggers is that you want to have sex with straight guys. You want to have sex with lots of different guys, including many that you don’t know well. And the only way to get your rocks off in this manner is by lying. So this poses a problem for you. But it isn’t a problem for anyone with basic human decency. You don’t get off sexually by procuring access to other peoples’ bodies by deception.

  13. TheDrDonna says

    Hahaha you really can’t just make an argument without resorting to ad hominems, lies, and unverified claims. You’ve got about as much credibility as my dog, because you have approximately his ability to cite sources or facts.

  14. Dana says

    Mmm, yeah. Not seeing any citations in your comments. In case you didn’t know, this is the comment section of a blog, not the defense of a PhD thesis. I guess this whole demand for citations is just your way of avoiding discussing the transgender rape problem. I can’t blame you. If I were trans, I’d be desperate to change the topic too.

    But maybe we can do it your way and have full citations in all our comments. Let’s start by having you link to sources proving that you are trans and have a dog.

  15. Scooter says

    Going back to the coverage of a broadcaster that you believe is inappropriate, if you live in the broadcaster’s transmission area, write your complaint in a letter to the station mgmt and the FCC, stating why you think it was inappropriate and how there was little to no retraction, and across the top print in red ink “to be placed in the public file”. And then a couple of weeks after you think it should have been received go to the station and ask to see the public file, to make sure your letter is there. You could go so far as to say you ask that their FCC license not be renewd because of thier egregious actions. A letter with the words “to be placed in the public file.” Gets their attention. Enough of the letters and they are very inclined to look at the offensive behavior and changing it.

  16. Thedrdonna says

    Here’s the thing: I’m not making ridiculous claims, and you are. So the burden of proof is on you. I’m not talking about disclosure because, as I said, it’s a complex area. Why should a person have to discuss a part of their past that has no bearing on the present? Do you tell all your potential partners that you lie about how awful trans people are on the Internet before you do the ol’ hokey pokey wih them? Should they be required to disclose that they used to be a different political party, if that might negatively affect your opinion of them? Why is some information germane, and others not?

  17. Dana says


    Thank you for documenting the rape mentality of trans activists. You have recapped very nicely some of the pro-rape arguments on the trans blogs. I am sending the link to this page to others who are interested in this topic so they can read for themselves the mentality prevalent among men who call themselves women.

    The reason you need to disclose this is because it is information that your partner would want to have to make a decision as to whether to consent. The trans bloggers who write about this admit that they are afraid that disclosure will lead to a very negative reaction, possibly even a violent reaction. Avoiding a negative reaction is precisely why they do not want to disclose.

    But the fact that it determines whether there is consent is precisely why they and you have to disclose if you are going to proceed to sex. That is why it is different than disclosing every other bit of trivia about your past and present.

    You can pretend that this is such a difficult issue, deciding what a partner would care about. But you know that it isn’t. You are just trying to contrive a reason to justify rape by deception. If trans activists want to play a game where they argue “gee, I didn’t disclose that I had my wisdom tooth removed and I can’t see how this is any different” then that is why we have prosecutors. You can put that argument before a jury at your sexual assault trial.

  18. Thedrdonna says

    You’re avoiding my questions: given that a lot of people would find your behavior here repellant, and may as a consequence not want to do the sideways salsa with you, do you tell them about that? How is one set of information that casts you in a light that hurts your chances of getting action different from any other? You talk a big game, but you don’t actually say anything besides vague whines and outlandish assertions.

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