New York City’s Splash Bar Closing In August

Splash Bar
Sad news for New Yorkers:

Brian Landeche and the late Harry Bartel opened Splash in 1991, quickly making it the go-to bar in Chelsea. But as gay life has migrated to the East Village and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods, Splash became know more for tourists than locals, cutting into the crowds who once flocked to strip shows, happy hours and vibrant social scene.

The bar will have farewell celebrations starting August 1st, leading up to a disco ball-dismantling before the bar shuts its doors for good on August 10th.


  1. says

    though splash was fun
    it copied the video style from Privte Eyes
    12 west 21 st,
    Private Eyes was the first video bar in nyc and for the seven years it was open, it was amazing.

  2. David H says

    Maybe if NYC bars like Splash would play more accessable music, then people from ou of town would visit. Every time I’ve tried to visit the club in the bast few years, they were playing hard tribal beats and minimal vocals. That’s great if you’re tweaking on crystal meth, but not so much for the rest of us. They’re the perfect example of why so many people have given up on the bar scene lately.
    For another great example, see Pride. For a crowd there to see Deborah Cox and Cher, you have Oscar G playing hard tribal beats for a crowd that wasn’t having it. If you watched the dance floor the vast majority of the crowd was just standing there annoyed. He’d try playing deep mixes of gay classics, but it wasn’t working, since the mixes he played had minimal vocals and minimal melodies. The tweakers seemed happy though. And it wasn’t just that the crowd only wanted Cher. Everyone seemed happy with Dave Aude earlier, playing songs that most people actually knew.

  3. Audi-owner says

    @ David H

    Not all of us are tweaked out circuit queens like you claim. And for the record,I hate that happy vocally commercial pop-ish dance music s**t you claim so many gays like. This is why I only go to clubs that are House Music driven. I started going to straight clubs like Cielo a few years back because the gay club scene was obviously going through an identity crisis and lost its New York City roots because the management and DJs of these gay bars apparently didn’t know what House Music was. Then in late January 2012 John Blair opened XL nightclub and for awhile that was a good spot for dancing to actual underground House Music on any given Saturday night. And I will tell you this much,I’ve seen very few of these “tweakers” of which your ignorant arse speaks of. Shortly after,John Blair parted ways with XL and moved onto Stage48 which is doing very well right now.I find myself at Stage48 twice a month on average. At the end of the day,the last good gay club New York City had seen was the ROXY. Splash has been irrelevant for years but not for the reasons you claim. Their customer service was s****y on their BEST nights. Then they had the nerve to host 18 and over twink nights,yeah that’s a good way to scare the grown-ups away. They managed to charge a ridiculous cover for shoddy service/entertainment. The place has been a joke for quite awhile and it’s a shock to me that they even managed to remain open past 2008. Hell’s Kitchen is the new place to party on the weekends and Splash’s owner knows damn good and well that he was losing money and customers not because of his age but because he and his management team just outright abandoned keeping that place in quality shape. And don’t let what you see on social networks fool you! There aren’t that many gay men who are sad to Splash go. It really needs to be put out of its misery. That should have happened 5 or 6 years ago.

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