1. says

    I really hope this gets some traction. So often really small or petty things come through here and people FREAK OUT, over nothing! This is something to freak out on, this is a really disgusting effort to rile us up into some sort of action. I am totally writing a letter.

  2. Michael Barber says

    BillO seems to have to go pretty far afield from any real journalism to find a story on which to report. What’s the matter Bill? The White House refuse your press pass?

  3. HadenoughBS says

    The vast majority of people who watch O’Reilly (and the rest of the Faux Noise “personalities”) already THINK and BELIEVE like him. This is but one of countless segments shown each and every day on this fake news channel that serves to belittle the intelligence of its audience. It’s why a research project discovered Faux Noise watchers to be the least informed TV news viewers in the country. Do we need any other example to understand why that is? I think not.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    He is probably trying to make up to his anti-gay audience for saying it should be illegal to tell gays they are “going to hell”.

  5. Sam says

    @John when you act like a pompous, sanctimonious, robotic windbag, expect to be treated like one.

  6. Wolfgang says

    The microphone clearly states “FOX NEWS”. What were those that willingly gave an interview to him (obviously anything to be on TV, huh) think would happen?? Sorry, but be a little smarter about who you have your 15 minutes with.

  7. Scott says

    With all due respect to the gay community (I am gay myself), I didn’t find this offensive in any way. He and Jesse were making light of a clearly lighthearted event. You have to admit that the parade was very flamboyant and ostentatious. I’m sure each and every person who participated has a sense of humor.

  8. JONES says

    Feeble attempt to duplicate Jon Stewart’s Daily Show schtick for his conservative audience.

    It’s O’Reilley’s platform so he gets to Breibart the clips to achieve the desired effects his audience craves. This is his audience’s opiate.

    Saddest part is that even though it’s done so poorly it was shown on air so it must meet the O’Reilly standard.

    Want this buffoonery as part of your journalism resume O’Reilly?
    How about you Watters?

  9. Mikey says

    The poster Zeta on this site is a bigot….please pass it on….enough with pandering to religious trolls who pretend to be our friend on this site.

    In a recent thread, Zeta stated “gays coming out are drama queens who want to shove their sexuality down people’s throats”

    In a thread last week, Zeta said:

    “which is it? Is marriage about love or about contracts?

    If it’s about love, then no one should tell someone they can’t marry the grove they’ve bonded with, they take of, they own, or which they are going to pledge to own and take care of.

    If it’s about contracts, then ditto.

    I don’t see the problem. Should homosexuals?” while going on and on about how gay marriage can lead to animals and humans marrying.


  10. Teyo says

    Bill O’rielly has used gay people to mock and ridicule every segment on his show. Why he’s not called out as much as others is beyond me

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “You have to admit that the parade was very flamboyant and ostentatious.”

    The Mermaid Parade is famous for its flamboyance. If flamboyance makes you want to puke, don’t go to the Mermaid Parade.

  12. Leo says

    So they did a news piece about a 10+ year old event that happened most recently 3 weeks ago, an event that’s always been about costume a performance, and they’re taken aback when they found um costume and performance.

  13. Yellow Mellow says

    His show is riddled in homophobia yet LGBT organizations don’t often call him out on it nearly as much as they should

  14. jakeinlove says

    Wait, wasn’t he just talking arresting people for talking about gay people on his or someone’s show. Someone needs to stop feeding O’Reily Rush Limbaugh’s drugs.

  15. LiamB says

    @John, so they also cover Mardi Gras with the same attitude? What about all those sports fans who paint their bodies and dress in similarly outlandish manner?

  16. says

    it’s Fox News.

    every day is a scramble to regurgitate some more bigotry for their gluttonous viewers who demand a steady diet of Stupid.

    Gays! Being Weird! Abortions! Little Christian Children being denied the freedom to hate their classmates from different walks of life! white people are in trouble! Gays are going to convert your sons into Muslim Mermaids!

    will Fox devote real time to covering historic moments of LGBT Equality in America? if so, they’ve not done it yet.

  17. John says

    Once again, when you act ridiculous (whether it be in Mardi Gras, a sporting event, on a reality tv show, or in ANY other forum), then expect to be made fun of. Just because you are a member of a minority doesn’t not exempt you from being called out for acting ridiculous.

  18. says

    John, did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?

    Here’s the point you dunces miss, most likely intentionally: Fox News. historically anti-gay. THIS is what they choose to devote their time to. They ignore anti-LGBT hate stories. They ignore them. They avoid them. They barely deal with the victories being won for LGBT Equality.

    This is what Fox News does: it works hard to find any desperate angle to feed and encourage the prejudices of the stupidest people in America.

    being ridiculous is fun. great way to let of steam.

    Fox News? they just want their plebeian viewers to hate gay people.

  19. says

    “Just because you are a member of a minority doesn’t not exempt you from being called out for acting ridiculous.”

    For FOX “News” being a member of a minority they don’t like is the reason why they’re “calling out” these people–and it’s not really calling out, which they would never do for “ridiculous” straight people, it’s gratuitous juvenile targeting to satisfy their own and their audience’s homophobia.

    The funny part is the fact that FOX thinks everyone should be dressed in a suit and tie at a MERMAID PARADE.

  20. Mawm says

    I love Mermaid parade! I went last year.

    How can anyone have a problem with Mermaid parade. There is nothing political about it. Just people having fun in costumes.

    What a kill joy this O’Reilly thing is.

  21. DavyJones says

    So he’s making fun of a random person for not knowing about the NSA controversy; then he proceeds to inaccurately summarize the same controversy; way to go, dumbass.