1. LongBeach says

    Ugh, stay out of it Obama. You’re now joining the ranks of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race-hustlers and poverty pimps that are using this incident for personal gain.

    IF what happened here was such a travesty, why doesn’t Obama comment on Marley Lion?

    “WHO is Marley Lion?” you ask. You don’t know? Of course you don’t know. Because outlets like Towleroad and the mainstream media don’t report on them.

    Marley Lion, like Trayvon Martin, was a 17yo unarmed teenager who was murdered. The facts of the case are identical. Except Marley was white and his assailant was black.

    But no one’s reporting or commenting on that. Especially the president. Who was raised by his white mother and grandparents and was abandoned by his black father.

  2. melvin says

    Well Mateo you didn’t have to wait long. Here comes the flood of racist trash, plucking an anecdote here, an allegation there and claiming it counters the entire history of this country.

    This thread will be one of the vilest cesspools on the net withing twenty minutes.

  3. sundaybot says

    I agree with the president. If I was a black mother raising children in this country I would literally be in fear for their lives.

    America needs to confront it’s history of racism and the legacy of slavery. It really hasn’t yet. When rights are granted to a despised minority that doesn’t automatically undo the damaging legacy of oppression. Gays know that or they should.

  4. says

    Wonderfully said, Mr. President.

    And yes, this post will inspire hateful comments. But take solace: not one hateful commenter will be able to a face and name to their comments. It’ll just be the Anonymous Wimps With No Balls; hiding behind a computer screen because they don’t have the orbs to say anything from a place of visibility.

    It’s ugly, but even they know it is – that’s why they hide in the dark like the shamed scum that they are.

    Our collective culture has not yet eradicated the cancers of prejudice and bigotry, but it’s getting better.

    the Stand Your Ground law needs to go. ASAP.

    and the people who’ll come on here and be typically-bigoted idiots? pity them, for all the joys they’ll never know.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Marley Lion’s killers were arrested, and they face murder charges. Being that the murder took place in South Carolina the killers will not get off like George Zimmerman did…aint no way.

  6. says

    The President’s statements were graced with truth and intelligence and had nuance, which means that the simpleminded racist brigades will fume over every word of them.

  7. says

    Thanks Derrick, I am so tired of the “White Trayvon” meme going around.

    A good rule of thumb when talking about race in America, does the person you are talking/arguing with believe that life is fundamentally equal for all people? If they do, stop arguing with them, they are delusional and you can’t help them until they start to fight that.

  8. Andrew says

    Trayvon probably shouldn’t have gotten on top of Zimmerman and smashed the guy’s head into the concrete if he didn’t want to suffer any repercussions.

    The kid was a pothead who got suspended from school for violent behavior and had drugs in his system when this incident took place. Trayvon also took pictures of himself with handguns.

    What an exemplary kid he was. What a role model. A true little angel.

  9. SamIam says


    Do NOT post anything negative about Trayvon or the president.

    If you do, you are a racist.


  10. BAY_SF says

    Here in Oakland the other night, tons of “protesters” smashed the windows and vandalized tons of small businesses.

    Great way to honor Trayvon. Real nice!

  11. melvin says

    So I can kill your Stormfront buddies and get off because they posed with guns?

    A 17 year old that smoked pot? Oh lord, fetch my smelling salsts, I’m going to faint.

    Good luck next time you are thuggish enough to walk to the mini mart to buy a can of soda.

  12. Andrew says

    Like my fellow commenters ratbastard and David Hearne, I lost my father in a tragic black-on-white gang bang accident. My father choked to death on nearly 4 gallons of black male ejaculate and as you can see it’s screwed me up, royally.

  13. says

    Sam, are you gay? Can you tell the difference between someone saying the F** word in anger vs out of hate?

    It’s the same thing with racists and racism, it’s just not that hard to see where someone is a racist and desperately doesn’t want you to call them on it and a person legitimately asking a race related question.

    Maybe if so many racists would just shut the hell up we could hear from the non-racist Obama haters/trayvon haters. In Obamas case there are lots of negatives to talk about, but all these racists really hurt that conversation.

  14. says

    @Andrew, why the hell does any of that matter? Zimmerman wasn’t justified in murdering trayvon. A stupid law in a racist state let him get away with murder. Putting an underage murder victim on trial for his own murder is inhuman.

  15. shemzee says

    If Obama really cares about African Americans, why doesn’t he focus on the double-digit unemployment rate in that community?

    And before everyone cries “racism” when it comes to jobs, why is the unemployment rate lower for Hispanics, Asians, and every other group? Asians actually have the lowest unemployment rate of all groups.

    If he wants to start a real dialogue, talk about the welfare, baby-mama “culture” that’s continuing generation after generation. Unless the black community starts to truly take some self-responsibility, things will NEVER change for them. Never.

  16. says

    i love how Trayvon’s “apparent history” with a substance known for making people PACIFISTS is used against him, posthumously, yet Zimmerman’s own sordid track record of Not Understanding The Law wasn’t….

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Unless the black community starts to truly take some self-responsibility, things will NEVER change for them. Never.”

    Things won’t change for many who do take responsibility. But sometimes you get some results. For instance, Trayvon’s parents took responsiblity in their reaction to the state of Florida (or Seminole County)not arresting George Zimmerman. With the help of thouisands they got him arrested and he went to trial. Did they get justice for their son? No, but they tried by taking responsibilty.

    And maybe they’ll try again.

  18. Peter says

    I am disappointed by all the character assassination directed against a dead child.

    Trayvon Martin smoked pot. So what? How does that justify his murder?

  19. James says

    I think commenters like “Little Kiwi” and “melvin” and “Fenrox” really need to get with reality. If someone disagrees with you it doesn’t make them racist. We all are entitled to our own opinions. BTW how can you even tell what race anyone who comments here is? Kinda presumptuous.

  20. SamIan says

    No, Peter, that alone doesn’t.

    Smashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete, thus putting Zimmerman in fear for his life did.

    I’d love to see how all of you would react if a 6’2” 17yo was on top of you, smashing your head into the concrete.

    Would you just lay there like puzzies? Sounds like most of you would. How pathetic.

  21. Peter says

    Samian, apparently it does. Because a lot of commentators on CNN, NBC, and here keep referring to his marijuana use.

    It is just character assassination. Mud slinging. In order to justify the killing of a black youth.

  22. Peter says

    Samian, apparently it does. Because a lot of commentators on CNN, NBC, and here keep referring to his marijuana use.

    It is just character assassination. Mud slinging. In order to justify the killing of a black youth.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    It should be kinda’ obvious to those of you defending George Zimmerman that we who defend Trayvon Martin do not believe Zimmerman’s account of what happened that night.

    The prosecution had a medical expert on wounds take the stand. She said that the kind of wounds on the back of Zimmerman’s head do not suggest a “smashing” or pounding. We believe her.

    Trayvon didn’t want to perform a sustained azz whipping of Zimmerman (the coward who’d followed him). Trayvon had something to do that was far important to him: to get back to his father’s girlfriend’s house to catch the second half of the NBA All Star Game. He had no interest in a prolonged beating of a creepy creeping coward.

  24. MateoM says

    Towleroad’s transformation into Trollroad is complete. The amount of utterly racist garbage in all threads dealing with Trayvon Martin is revolting. Looks like this site won’t be winning any more awards for excellence. How Andy has remained so passive in the face of a growing presence of racism, homophobia and misogyny is beyond me. With success comes complacency.

  25. Munro says

    GOBAMA. As a gay man of color I get the best of both worlds and the sharp end(s) of the stick all the time. I fear for my children having to go through what I went through. Things are getting better but they are far from over or resolved. My partner, who is white, and I sat down and candidly discussed all this because I wanted him to understand that of we had kids together they’d probably be little brown kids and making sure they are safe and treated fairly will become his shared struggle.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Lord, David Hagatha Hearne is back.

    You were gone so long that I thought Rick had killed you off. You know, like George and Martha did to their make-believe son in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.

    (sigh) oh, well, I’m ready for you.

  27. says

    Obama needs to stay out of it. His initial statement a fews days ago should have sufficed. He doesn’t need to be devisive. If the decision went the other way, would he have made this speech? Doubtful. The jury made the right decision on what was afforded them. This was not whether Zimmerman killed Martin, that is a known, and yes Zimmerman was stalking Martin, but the trial was about who attacked who first, and the prosecution failed to prove that Zimmerman, without a reasonable doubt, attacked Martin first.

  28. says

    @James, I can’t and therefore I didn’t call anyone a racial name, or call anyone out as a racist. But hey, you didn’t/can’t read the things I wrote so we will all be sure to listen to you.

    If you think that people are all born equally into the same world and have the same chances, you are a racist. If you think that racism isn’t a big deal, you are a racist. If you think that white people have it as bad as black people you are a racist.

    Now if you have some sort of point and didn’t fall into the mine field of racism, then I bet we all would like to hear it.

    Also never lump me in with Kiwi again.

  29. says

    @Mateom, Andy is not a good person, he allows for the horrible state of his comments. There have been attacks in the comments here that have had real world ramifications (people have gotten others fired here for e-fights) and he doesn’t care.

    I would love to learn more about him actually, the picture his void makes is a very disturbing one.

  30. Hagatha says

    Trayvon attacked George and George shot him after sustaining considerable injury. These are the facts as found by a jury. You either believe in the system or you don’t. You can’t maintain that our prisons are full of innocent people, including those who confessed to their crimes, but that in this one magical case the jury decided to let a guilty man go free.

    Now, let’s talk about the 97% of black people who are killed by other black people and the dysfunctional subculture that excuses or ignores that.

  31. Zlick says

    Personally, I don’t think this thread is the proper place to re-litigate the Travon / Zimmerman case, but rather to discuss the president’s remarks.

    In that vein, though I think Obama is horrible in many important areas relating to the security state, he’s been fantastic in so many other areas that I’m proud to consider him the least worst president in my lifetime (which stretches back to the Kennedy administration, btw).

    Least Worst is, imo, about the best we’re ever going to get in a president of these United States. I’m immensely proud of his remarks today.

  32. Hagatha says

    @Hagatha tell us more about your extensive knowledge of the comings and goings of the American black community.


    I lived in Prince Georges County Maryland and Washington DC. I’m willing to bet that I have always had more black people within ten blocks of my house than Obama has, including now.

  33. bandanajack says

    maybe if there was a way to make comments in towleroad unsearchable the trolling would slow down?

    its not trolling anymore, its beyond that, it is freeping a site valuable to the larger glbt community. honest criticisms are tolerable, racist, homophobic rants really detract from the experience.

  34. Lee says

    Kiwi travyon was a thug pure and simple world is a better place without him he was head no where fast saved us all the trouble of havig him in and out of the system the rest of his life.

  35. melvin says

    Walking from the store to his own home = THUG?

    What did he do besides walk down the street? What the hell is the matter with you people that you take such glee in the death of an innocent?

  36. MateoM says

    Melvin, I don’t know why you bother engaging the trolls. Just leave this place. Go to JoeMyGod or other blogs that are still moderated and are run by people who actually care about the quality of the comments posted.

  37. MateoM says

    Melvin, at this point there’s no reason to engage the trolls in any sort of discussion. Nor is there any real reason to even visit this site. JoeMyGod is far quicker with updates, features far more relevant stories, and maintains a far higher quality standard of comments. Trollroad is over.

  38. Kev C says

    No, Melvin. Give me a break and stop defending a creep, a druggie, a violent punk. Stop pretending he was an angel. If you and Obama want to live in a fantasy world where you make up facts, please step off my planet and into some black hole.

  39. Zlick says

    Going under the assumption that the people who comment here are gay, I have to say gay racists disgust me with a very putrid and unique level of sickening disgust.

  40. Carl says

    The ridiculousness continues, it appears there is a game called divide and conquer being played.

    “Borrowing a quote from Abraham Lincoln, Obama said people should appeal to “the better angels” of human natures, rather than using incidents like Travyvon’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal to “heighten divisions.”

    Really? Seriously?

    I am so glad their are still people like those on this site that actually care about this country.

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  41. fqoabny says

    He should have said he could also identify with George Zimmerman. As President he shouldn’t take sides. He represents all of us. We are all Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

  42. Tatts says

    Here in Philadelphia, since Trayvon Martin was killed, 360 black people have been killed by OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

    And what do we hear from black leaders about that? Nothing. Crickets chirping in the silence. I guess the message is “It’s okay for us to kill our own. We just don’t want anybody else doing it. That’s where we draw the line.”

    Here’s the real truth…”It could have been me.” rings really hollow, Mr. Obama, when the reality is that the people you need to be 360 times more afraid of in Philly, at least, is other young black men.

    And it pains me to say that as someone who voted for him twice, who supports gun control, who’s active in gay rights. He needs a reality check. The black community needs a reality check. Trayvon Martin has turned into celebrity gossip rather than a call to really accomplish something. It makes me sick.

  43. MateoM says

    Wow. Andy has traded fair minded commentators for pro gun nuts like Carl and anti Obama racists like mike and Kev C. Mr. Towle must thrilled about the change in demographics. Towleroad, home of GoProud.

  44. ratbastard says

    SHAMELESS. POTUS in fact has FAR MORE in common with a multiracial guy like Zimmerman and his upbringing. POTUS did not come from an underprivileged background and had all the standard privileges and connections of an upper middle class background.

    There was a fair trial, prosecution couldn’t prove their case to the satisfaction of a jury that was hand picked by the defense and prosecution. End of story.

  45. Hagatha says

    Did they get justice for their son? No, but they tried by taking responsibilty.

    And maybe they’ll try again.


    They got justice, they just didn’t like it. I hope Benjamin Crump does talk them into suing George Zimmerman. Under Florida law, when they lose they will lose the money they extorted from the Retreat Homeowners Association and then some.

    Before you get self righteous the Martins lost the respect and privacy of mouring when they went on TV with the scumbag Crump and renewed their association with Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton.

  46. AZXPAT says

    Trayvon could very well have been Satan incarnate. But that night, he was just a kid walking home. Innocent until proven guilty, except if you are black, and then you just get what you deserve from a pathetic vigilante. How any thinking person can justify Trayvon’s death… oh, asked and answered.

  47. Frank says

    Just out of curiosity, did any of you actually listen to the whole press conference, or did you just read the sounds bites of the points you didn’t like?

  48. Brian in Texas says


    Obama’s mother was on food stamps at one point and raised him as a single mother. Trayvon Martin came from a middle class family with two active and loving parents.

    President Obama is not speaking out to the outcome of the trial, but the way Trayvon Martin was profiled as a criminal just for walking down the street and being a young black male…which ultimately led to his murder. He simply shared his common experiences today.

    He also spoke about the disproportionate rate of young black males who get caught up in violence and crime.

    It was very nuanced and measured, and politically it would have been better for him not to say anything at all.

    I don’t see what you see as “SHAMELESS” about that.

  49. LAWDYLawdLAWD says

    You go on and fan those racist flames, King Hussein! You go boy! I’m SO glad that this racist failure of a president and his AG are showing their true, um, colors. By choosing to inject his valueless opinions AGAIN into this tragic situation, Lord Barry has officially become a Sharpton-style RACE BAITER. Of course, it’s all about dividing Americans from other Americans, and distracting, distracting, distracting from the emperor’s crumbling “achievements” and the ongoing scandals that won’t stay hidden. So yeah, keep on keepin on, y’all. Keep drinkin that kool aid.

  50. gomez says

    i don’t even really like him but obama absolutely did the right thing and spoke well. It’s way past time we had a national conversation about race, crime and profiling. there’s recognizing to be done on all sides, but to say that justice was served and trayvon deserved what he got is abysmal

  51. ryan shulman says

    Why cant we all agree with the justice system?? He attacked that man. He met hus match. U dont hear him talking trrash now? He would have been in jail for the rest of his life in jail a month. One less tax payer burden

  52. MIke says

    Notice how the Divider in Chief chose a Friday afternoon to fan the flames of racial divide before the weekend Trayvon-wilding-fest. Wonder how much blood and damage will be on his hands by Monday morning.

  53. Armando says

    Trayvon was walking home. Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch. He was literally looking for people who might be trouble. He had no access to Trayvon’s record, what was on his phone, none of that. He decided that a young black man walking down the street was somebody suspicious enough to call the police and follow.

    What’s truly chilling about people saying that Zimmerman was justified is that they are basically saying that they would do the same thing.

  54. jamal49 says

    SAMIAM and LONGBEACH, go f*ck yourselves.

    For the record, there is NO, absolutely NO, comparison between the “Marley Lion case” and what happened to Trayvon Martin. Lion was the victim of a robbery. He was the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. His robber would have as likely robbed anyone, black or white. It doesn’t make Lion’s death any less tragic AT ALL but it doesn’t compare to Trayvon Martin’s death. Martin was murdered in cold-blood by a self-appointed neighborhood watch patrol named George Zimmerman who stalked Martin solely because Martin was black. Zimmerman shot Martin in cold blood when Martin stood his ground with his fist to confront the predatory Zimmerman.

    Leave it to the right-wing, the bigots, the racist and the Obama-haters to find something/anything they can equate to the outrage Travyon Martin’s death has provoked.

    Believe me, all you butt-boy bigots, the murderer of Marley Lion will never go free and will most likely, if convicted, get the death penalty. That should curl your toes and then some.

  55. ratbastard says

    @Brian in Texas,

    President Obama in fact throughout his life went to some of the finest schools available, prep school on up. His mom was not really poor, and her family had money and where middle class. I understand the need to use anything…anything, to give the man some cred on the street, but the fact is he led a far from typical life, especially compared to most black males. He lived his formative years, a place still calls home, in Hawaii, which has a TINY black population. When doing ‘community’ work in Chicago, he had the opportunity to live in the ‘community’, but instead chose to commute from a nice upscale neighborhood of the city. The closest the president ever got to living a ‘ghetto’ life is living on the outskirts of Harlem while attending Columbia U. or living in Union Sq, Somerville while attending Harvard, which at that time was strictly a working class [white] neighborhood.

    Trayvon Martin’s family didn’t know what his extracurricular activities were? They didn’t know he posted online as No Limit N-word? They didn’t know he posed with guns and gold teeth? They didn’t know he was busted in school with stuff in his backpack that suggested he robbed people?

  56. says

    Interesting to compare the comments here, where anonymity is the rule, with the same comment thread on Andy’s Facebook Towleroad thread, where you have to own your comments, and your racism. It would also be interesting to see how the race-related comment threads here would change if posters could no longer hide behind anonymity and multiple personalities. I suspect the knee jerk racism on display here (which sidesteps the President’s actual remarks because that would require thought) would go swiftly underground.

  57. James E. Pietrangelo, II says

    Obama again shows that he is an out-and-out racist, and a horrible president. He and Holder are supposed to be government officials/leaders for all Americans–Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Tribal Nation members, everyone–but all they do is pander to Black racists, and make racist generalizations in favor of Blacks and against Whites.

    Obama and Holder “honor” a Black man whom the evidence arguably if not clearly shows was in the process of illegally beating a White/Hispanic man to death (a man whom Martin had called a “cracker”), yet they say nothing about explicit racist social-media threats by Blacks to kill Whites in cold-blood in retaliation for a legal verdict rendered by a jury. Obama and Holder say nothing either about the numerous explicitly racist attacks by Blacks on Whites that occurred both before and after the Martin shooting; nary a word about the OJ Simpson case either.

    The truth is that as many Whites and other races in this country are victims of Black racism and violence as Blacks are victims of White and other races’ racism and violence. Obama and Holder should have been equally condemnatory of each/any race’s bigotry and equally supportive of each race’s victims. Yet all they do is pander to Black racists.

    All Obama and Holder have done is increase racial strife and diminish the legacy of MLK, Jr. and the Black civil rights movement of decades ago. In light of Obama/Holder’s and the Martin camp’s explicit racism, the country is realizing that, for many (but not all) Blacks, the Black civil rights movement wasn’t about justice and equality and ending White oppression, it was simply about Blacks becoming oppressors themselves and perfecting the ability to be racist to Whites and other races. Obama/Holder/the Martin camp actually grievously insulted MLK, Jr. by imposing his face into a hoodie, comparing Dr. King to Trayvon Martin. Outrageous! MLK, Jr. was a great American who courageously and selflessly preached equality and justice, he was a eloquent writer and speaker, a preacher, a Nobel laureate no less; Martin was a wannabe gangster, an illegal drug user, who posed with a handgun, who called White/Hispanic people “cracker,” who got in trouble in school, who attacked a White/Hispanic man simply because he was White/Hispanic.

    The only thing that Obama got right in his comments was his comparison of himself to Trayvon Martin. Like Martin was, Obama is a cowardly racist who supports attacks and civil-rights violations on Whites and other races.

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