1. Eric says

    He said later:

    “FYI – I typically laugh at shirtless selfies, but the photo on the left was a long lens shot that really violated my privacy. Thus, I’m willing to make an exception.”

    The scars and tattoos are make up after he was in character.

    He also recently tweeted that when he’s filming he doesn’t change clothes for several days at a time.

  2. Zeta says

    There isn’t that big of a difference. He sounds like he has body dysmorphia issues. I guess it doesn’t only strike women who think they are 5 pounds overweight and therefore shamu.

  3. Kevin says

    yeah, i was not even sure what he was talking about until i read the comments. i guess he is saying that he has a better body now. uh, ok – not that big a difference to me

  4. says

    I find this guy to be extremely lickable. His training scenes make me wanna. But, yeah, he’s hot, BUT has anyone else noticed that his oh-so-hard pecs have a droopy quality to them. This is not a criticism. It’s just something most of us would probably say right away if he weren’t famous.

  5. kode says

    Arrow is a great action/superhero show, and having Amell in it is a plus, but he’s certainly not the only reason to watch it. It was developed from comic books and it has managed to keep lot of the qualities good comic books and their storylines have. And the show does have a sort of good comic book feel to it, which is not easy at all to achieve. BTW I haven’t read Arrow comics but I’m talking in broader sense.

    So if someone is bitching here that the show is boring don’t just take it as a truth, but take a look at it yourself. You might not like what the show is like, but it doesn’t change the fact that the show is very well made with great actors and good storytelling. I love the show’s atmosphere and all the eye candy in it really is just a plus.

  6. shataqua says

    June 13th-July 15th….Was I a good person? get caught up on the world? any new words learned? Any charities donated? connected with any friends or family? Nope, just super insecure about my 1% body fat….problem solved! Does this arrow make my ass look big?

  7. rayyblon says

    Mr. Arnell is plenty hot, but I personally think Justin Hartley, the classically handsome and also muscular blond god who played the Green Arrow on “Smallville,” is 10 times hotter and has more personality to boot. But either one will do!

  8. rayyblon says

    I’m amazed that so many people can’t figure out why there are no tattoos in one picture but not the other. Have they never heard of body makeup? Do they actually think any actor would get his body permanently tattooed and/or scarred for just one role? For that matter, do they assume actors’ skin REALLY looks as flawless, as unmarked by the process called life, as beautiful as it does on TV without body makeup?

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