1. Fancy says

    You all cared enough to comment declaring how much you didn’t care. So, at least that much.

    Let people have their fun. A lot of people find it entertaining. So what? Take your moral superiority elsewhere.

  2. JY says

    It’s breaking news because it’s happening now, obviously. As for who cares? I do.

  3. Mike says

    @ACORLANDO. You must be new to Towleroad. This site covers ALL news, not just gay news. As hopefully, you consider yourself as MORE then just gay.

  4. ernstroehm's ghost says

    @Acorlado The royal family is VERY relevant to gays. (1 The baby’s great-great grandmother (Elizabeth the Queen Mother) was famous for her support of gays. 2) The baby’s grandmother (Princess Di)helped AIDS patients. 3) Many gays love the pomp and ceremony associated with the monarchy — a kind of camp, maybe. 4) We’re naturally sympathetic to Queens. :)

    God save the Queen!

  5. joel says

    All news doesn’t have to have life altering impact or be groundbreaking. There’s so much wrong in the world and sadness is thrown at us all the time it’s nice to follow a happy story. Plus with the rule of succession changed this baby, girl or boy, will some day be an international figure. They seem like decent people, best of luck to them!

  6. ernstroehm's ghost says

    And come to think of it, the baby’s great-great-great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, made LGBT history by refusing to sign a law criminalizing lesbianism.

  7. David From Canada says

    Kate is okay, but she and hubby William are just a knock-off of Princess Diana who was the Real Deal. If their baby is a girl, I hope they call it Diana, whether first name, or middle, or somewhere in there. It’s only fitting.

  8. Zeta says

    Elizabeth, Diana and Victoria are not William and Waity Katey. I understand why this is news, but a part of me is offended that someone is being rewarded for fame-whoring and gold-digging. She’s no better than Kim Kardashian; in some ways, she’s worse.

  9. Jack M says

    To say that Kate is no better than a Kardashian is preposterous. I hope it’s a healthy, happy gay baby.

  10. Zeta says

    Jack M, why, because Kardashian’s pursuit of the Almighty Dollar via her Golden Pussy was directed towards black men instead of white men? Don’t be fooled, Jack M. Kate Middleton’s entire life was a set up to Marry Up, orchestrated by her momager, who also Married Up herself.

    No different from the Kardashians. Only the object of pursuit is different.

  11. Dave says

    @ ernstroehm’s ghost: that’s an urban legend. The possibility that women might want to have sex, let alone with each other, was never even discussed in Parliament; and even if it had been there was no practical way Vicky could have vetoed it.

  12. Will says

    The Duchess of Cambridge is in labor, which means poor Prince Harry is about to be knocked down a peg. One sexy, sexy peg.

  13. Jim Elliott says

    The Law of Succession has NOT yet been changed. All the countries which have the Queen as their monarch have agreed to the change, but it has not yet gone through any o the legislatures to become law. It will be made retroactive when these are all passed (and it does not take affect until ALL 16 countries change their laws.

  14. Zeta says

    Besides, Kim Kardashian (for better or worse) is a business woman. She makes publicity appearances for her brand because that’s what you do when you try to grow your business.

    Kim Kardashian does it with just a high school education. Kate Middleton went to college, but she didn’t go to college to better her mind, she went there in pursuit of a man — and in pursuit of one man in particular. And when she got tired of the pursuit, her mother forced her to take it up again. There was only going to be one man besides her father in Kate’s life, if her mother had anything to do with it, and so it went.

    They’re both golddiggers, and both got pregnant for ulterior motives, but Kate doesn’t get a pass because the object of her pursuit is of a ‘better bloodline’ than the objects of Kim’s pursuits.

  15. Fancy says

    @Jim – it does not require passage from all 16 Commonwealth countries. Theoretically, they would just not recognize the child as the heir (assuming it is a girl) unless of course William and Kate have no boys, in which case, the current law would allow the daughter to inherit. But as long as the UK recognizes it, the daughter will be Queen. Regardless of the law, the daughter born to them is the heir to the throne. It only matters if they have a boy later.

  16. SamIan says

    I care. It’s fascinating! I can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl. CONGRATS Kate + Will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    This is only interesting to white people, and feminine gays–which means I love it! I hope they name the baby Treyvon! Prince Treyvon I!

  18. Randy says

    We should care, any time an anti-democratic institution is prolonged.

    It’s time to dump the monarchy.

  19. MateoM says

    With any luck this royal will look like Harry, and screw like Edward (backdoor!).

  20. Gabe R L says

    Neither Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton are about money. That’s a mistake.
    The difference between the two is that Kim is interested in fame, and she mostly pursues very nouveau riche Black American men (with the exception of her ex-husbands and Gabriel Aubry)who have more money than breeding, culture, and education to be famous. Kate is about social climbing and achieving better bloodlines for her children, and she was educated in the tradition of the British aristocracy in order to achieve her, or her mother’s goal.