The OXD Mirror: New Music for 7.12.13

Jonas Rathsman: 'Yes I Am'

In line with the previous warm-weather-inspired tracks of this week's column, tropical house producer Jonas Rathsman's new single 'Yes I Am' just made it to my summer playlist.  With tracks like 'Tobago' and 'Since I Don't Have You,' the Swedish producer made it to fame as part of the French Express label run by fellow tropical house producer Perseus.  'Yes I Am' is beautiful in its simplicity, with even the faint sound of seagulls used in the background to evoke a mood that Rathsman had distinctly made a part of his namesake.


Patterns: 'Sunny Days (Fred Falke Remix)'

After having listened to Fred Falke's remixes and original productions for the past 9 years, I have yet to find one production of his that I haven't liked.  He has remixed scores of artists popular with with the gay community like Lana del Rey, Robyn, Katy Perry, Kelis, Robbie Williams and Jamiroquai, so I think it's fair to say Falke shares a musical sensibility not far off from ours. His upbeat, groovy, disco-inspired production never fails to take a song to that next level.  Dance-pop newcomers Patterns' first single 'Sunny Days' is no exception to that, with Falke's signature synths and pounding basslines giving the song the added boost to help these newbies make a splash in the music world. 

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  1. Stuart says

    Yacht Rock? Seriously? Since when was classic R&B with its dance grooves, retitled Yacht Rock? Is this yet another moment where White America appropriates something, prunes away the roots and calls it theirs?

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