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Two Boston Men Charged With Robbery and Hate Crime After Anti-Gay Attack

Ruiz and Hayes

The two alleged perpetrators, Colin Hayes, 21, and Derek Ruiz, 28, were identified and arrested earlier this morning after an anti-gay attack that took place on July 20th. Police say the two men taunted the unidentified victim with anti-gay slurs as he waited for a train. After being told to go away, the two allegedly returned and punched the victim in the face before stealing his cell phone. According to the Patriot Ledger, Hayes and Ruiz are expected to be arraigned later today in Boston Municipal Court.

The attack took place at the South Station commuter rail station at approximately 6 AM. The victim was taken to Tufts Medical Emergency Center after suffering multiple facial injuries and a fractured nose. No word has been released as to whether this incident is at all connected to other anti-gay robberies taking place in Boston earlier this year, during which victims are lured online into inviting the attacker(s) into their home before being drugged. 

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  1. Why are homophobes always some dude and his boyfriend?

    Posted by: Kev C | Jul 25, 2013 9:16:38 PM

  2. Welcome to Boston. Wonder who'll share a cell with Arron?

    Posted by: Gary | Jul 25, 2013 10:24:44 PM

  3. These two sure look like winners. I've seen better looking donkey asses.

    Posted by: bambinoitaliano | Jul 25, 2013 10:26:13 PM

  4. Sometimes you really can tell someone is scum just by looking at them.

    Posted by: JMC | Jul 25, 2013 11:40:07 PM

  5. Look at the mugs on those guys! You can just tell by looking at them that they're total dumb asses with low IQ's. What a couple of
    losers with absolutely no prospects for the future.

    Posted by: Tom | Jul 25, 2013 11:49:00 PM

  6. they look gay to me.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage | Jul 26, 2013 4:43:08 AM

  7. The black community is so homophobic.

    Wait a minute...

    Posted by: Adam | Jul 26, 2013 5:12:05 AM

  8. What?!!?!?!?!?! An anti-gay hate crime in Boston? That's a city in Massachusetts, right? I thought MA was the "Canada" of the U.S., and every child at 6 years old is required to sing "Kumbaya" at a gay wedding.

    Posted by: Avi | Jul 26, 2013 5:34:45 AM

  9. *Top* of the gene pool, these two. DANNYEASTVILLAGE, they don't look gay. They look gross and stupid.

    Posted by: Munro | Jul 26, 2013 7:01:20 AM

  10. South Boston is where they ban gays from the yearly St Patrick Days parade....any thing with the word "South" in its name appears to be white trash, lots of Irish who hate gays, blacks and non-Christians. Though its literally a few minute walk from the "normal" part of Boston, I've only driven through it a few times. As for the dudes, they look like repressed homos to me.

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Jul 26, 2013 9:37:26 AM

  11. DISCLAIMER: forgot to mention their are exceptions to the rules, like where I live the South End of Boston proper was considered the Gay Ghetto at one of course as always is the case, after the gays fixed it up the yuppies, 99.9% white hetero yuppies have taken over... and I and many others aren't happy about our once safe, welcoming predominantly gay neighborhood.

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Jul 26, 2013 10:03:03 AM

  12. @Corey...

    South Station is NOT in Southie... it's basically downtown.

    Baffling to me is why at 6am there weren't more people around. The station serves as the major connection to southbound commuter trains & is just about always bustling.

    Posted by: Pete N SFO | Jul 26, 2013 10:34:56 AM

  13. Corey, you're a moron. South Station is NOT in Southie.

    As for Southie being "Irish white trash" (nice 'tolerance' you have), Southie is mostly young professionals now and has changed A LOT over the last decade.

    You're clearly from Worcester or Springfield or somewhere else. A queen that isn't really a Bostonian.

    Posted by: Otterman | Jul 26, 2013 11:11:52 AM

  14. @Corey,

    It's hard to believe you live in Boston but don't know where the train station is. It's really hard to miss.

    Posted by: Brian1 | Jul 26, 2013 11:13:12 AM

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