1. will says

    I never heard of the gay blood drive.
    But I’m glad we’ve decided it was a success.

    side note: This may be unfair, but this guy’s voice is whiny, irritating, valley-girlish, lecturing, and completely oft-putting. His voice in large quantities is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

  2. Steven says

    I went to college with him. He’s just as annoying in person. I like the messages he presents, but he is so self-involved. I know the main reason he makes these video projects is to draw attention to himself, so I just can’t with them.

  3. says

    Good god, well I don’t hate this guy for any superficial reasons. This is really important work and there really haven’t been a lot of people trying to challenge this.

    I wish I heard of this before the 12th! I am gonna go do it this week.

  4. DW says

    Worthy effort, but I’m putting my time and donations into campaigns (the few I can find) to combat the outrageous rise in HIV infection among young men. At current rates, half of all college-aged gay men will be HIV+ by age 50. Where is the outrage about that? The current infatuation with “barebacking” is far more damaging to our community than not being allowed to give blood. Frankly, it’s not surprising that some medical officials are still afraid of our blood.