1. northalabama says

    the first straight ally i knew in college after i came out was a rugby player, and he used to invite me and my friends to practices. i, of course, brought binoculars – you wouldn’t want to miss a play!

  2. Meah says

    “Rugby star David Pocock, who in 2011 came out as an advocate for marriage equality and pledged not to wed his partner Emma til his gay and lesbian friends had the same right…”

    Wow… Putting your own marriage on hold like that… Wow…

  3. Thomas Cardellino says

    Having straight allies of deep conscience, like David Pocock, Hudson Taylor, Charles Barkley and so many more likeminded thinkers who have respect and love in their hearts for all of humanity, is essential to the LGBTI community’s fullest integration into the rights and privileges that any nation’s government offers its citizens. Integration into the fullest rights of citizenry is not assimilation and a loss of the unique benefits that the LGBTI people of the world have to offer their fellow citizens. The African American struggle for civil rights still relies upon the (hopefully) ever expanding education of their neighbors that we are all in this life together, and we have so much to share that enriches all of our lives. My gratitude could never be expressed in adequate degree for those allies every oppressed minority has because these allies see their own human commonality with all of humanity. As the Dalai Lama has said, we have the chance to make this a century of peace and harmony. Despite my own admittedly prejudiced misguided actions in the past, I feel redeemed when I see folks like David Pocock take on an injustice when he has no more personal an interest than the love of his LGBTI friends and a deeply rooted sense of righteousness for all of humankind. Thank you, a million times over, Mr. Peacock and your beloved Emma!

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