Ben & Jerry’s Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Russian Law On Facebook


With many Olympics corporate sponsors choosing to stay silent on the issue of Russia's draconian anti-gay "propaganda" law, it's nice to see that not every company out there is afraid to speak out on behalf of LGBT Equality. Ben & Jerry's posted an image on its German Facebook page yesterday, expressing its disdain for Russian president Vladimir Putin and his anti-gay law. 

Berlin-pride-gay-russia-protest-1The caption, which reads "Mr Putin, tear down this law!", of course alludes to the famous quote by President Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", which marked the fall of the Berlin Wall. The image and caption come from a protest sign held by demonstrators during this year's Pride Parade in Berlin. The company, which is based in Vermont and owned by the multi-national Unilever corporation, has not yet posted anything similar on any of its English-language sites. That said, the photo still remains on the page approximately 24 hours later. Had the image been due to a prank or hack, it would have almost certainly been taken down by now. 

This is not the first time Ben & Jerry's has expressed its support of the LGBT community. The ice cream company has previously released two flavors to celebrate same-sex marriage: "Hubby Hubby" in the United States and "Apple-y Ever After" in the U.K. The company's chief executive, Walt Freese, told that the company has supported equal rights “from the very beginning of our 30 year history.” The company has also scored a perfect 100 out of 100 on the HRC's 2013 Corporate Equality Index


  1. says

    Solidarity (with LGBT Russia)

    WARNING: Some images are graphic and may be disturbing to some individuals.

    Sadly, social conservatives in the U.S. and elsewhere applaud this legislation.

    We are born pure, taught to hate!

    Please watch and share…

  2. says

    Whoops, forgot to add to my remarks above that it is truly wonderful that a corporation has some scruples. Ben & Jerry is my choice for LGBT Corporation of the Year. Coke et al other Olympic sponsors, including NBC can pack it! Besides, I prefer Pepsi, and have a SodaStream LOL!

  3. jleo71 says

    Many thanks to Ben & Jerry’s for their support over the years and especially now in this effort to fight back against this growing international hatefest.

  4. Ben Nevis says

    What about the treatment of women around the world? Women are treated like third class citizens in many areas of the world. Where is the outrage? Where are the protests?

  5. dean says

    “…Trite and useless. Stick to Ice Cream. Leave Vermont out of it.


    The only thing Trite and Useless is you, pal.

    take your tea-bagging troll-paid opinion elsewhere, moron.

  6. dean says

    “…What about the treatment of women around the world? Women are treated like third class citizens in many areas of the world. Where is the outrage? Where are the protests?….POSTED BY: BEN NEVIS | AUG 24″

    Since you are a Tea-Bagging Troll, you would completely ignore the world-wide protests for women’s rights, held BY women and their supporters over a variety of issues and crimes against Women. Like Genital Mutilation, Sex Slavery and Abuse.

    But then perhaps you are too busy trying to support women’s rights by refusing them Safe Access To Abortion. Equal Pay, Maternity leave.

    ‘Cause Baggers think so MUCH of women that women shouldn’t control their own bodies, money and lives….Which BTW leads to the removal of women’s rights and security that you BLAME US for not fighting for?

    The pretzels you Tea-Baggers twist out of logic, just to make a point to yourselves, is astounding.

    Hey, isn’t their an ‘Pro-Life’ rally you could be attending? Cause that’s showin the women how much you reaaaaallly love them.

    So, no, Fail, Moron.

  7. Joe says

    Ben and Jerrys is owned fully by Unilever, Ben and Jerry are just names, they run a very fine line with Unilever who are very conservative British based company. I commend Unilever for allowing Ben and Jerry to make these statements and have yet to pull this down. Kudos Unilever!!

  8. renovato says

    I have re-sourced ALL the Proctor & Gamble (Sochi sponsor) products I use and will not be purchasing any more!
    Fairy washing up liquid and non bio Washing Gel, Lenor, Pantene Pro-V hair care, Always, Dreft washing powder Gillette care items; to name but a few.
    I have writen an e-mail to tell them so and had it acknowledged by a reply.

    Unilever, the AngloDutch multinational (Owners of Ben&Jerry Icecream) seems to be the benificiery of quite a few of my swaped products!

  9. Junior says

    Our family just went and bought 10 various big pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after reading this for our a party we’re having tonight.

    I support those who support our family.

    Thank you B&J

  10. USC Trojans Fan says

    @ Dean

    One of the best posts/responses I’ve read on this site. And I’ve been a contributor for 8 years now. Please become a regular on here. You are wise.

  11. Kyle says

    This is amazing on so many different levels.

    Ignore the conservative trolls guys. They just make us more galvanized & united as a community.

    Gonna go buy me some cherry Garcia right now.

  12. Bama Man says

    Ben & Jerrys has spoken up for LGBT rights nearly a dozen times over the years. The first time they did so was about 10 years ago and the backlash the received was monumental. Yet it never stopped them from continuing to stand up for equal rights. That their ice cream is absolutely flawless doesn’t hurt either.

  13. Jerry6 says

    I have not watched the Olympics since the one in Washington State when the loud mouth TV announcer talked over the Stadium announcer during the opening ceremonies; Thereby completely destroying the TV audiences appreciation of a well planned and executed program. Therefore’ I will not watch the upcoming Olympics, either.

    However, since I agree with the current protest of the Russian treatment of GAYS, I have downloaded the list of corporate sponsors, and will be boycotting my usual products, and buy from their competitors.

  14. José Luis Santos says

    I agree with your campaign. That’s why I would like you to help us to withdraw one of the most important prizes in Spain, given in 2009 to Yelena Isinbayeva.

    Our petitions at

    Thanks for your support!

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