CA Assemblyman Pulls Son From Public School Because Of Transgender Protections

Tim DonnellyIn an example of completely sensible behavior that is not in any way a pearl-clutching overreaction, California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is pulling at least one of his sons from public school this fall because of the newly-enacted protections for transgender students. Donnelly decided on this course of action when his two teen-aged sons were "horrified" after he told them that they might have to share bathrooms with female students. Which is, of course, an outright lie.

He asserts that the privacy rights of students “will be replaced by the right to be ogled,” though he fails to clarify who will be ogling whom. He also wrote in an article for World Net Daily in which he claimed that, “While trying to address a concern of less than 2 percent of the population, California is now forcibly violating the rights of the other 98 percent,” because as experienced lawmakers know, if a minority is small enough then their rights don't matter.

Donelly, who is considering a bid for governor of California next year, claims that he has heard from a growing number of concerned parents who are also removing their children from school. However, none of the concerned parents were willing to speak publicly about their decisions.

The law, which expands the rights and protections of transgender students, goes into effect on January 1, 2014. The Pacific Justice Institute of Sacramento and California-based Capitol Resource Institute both took actions last week to place a referendum of AB1266 on the California ballot in hopes of overturning the law.


  1. Pookie says

    Lying to your kids for the intended purpose of scaring them, and using them to further a political agenda…

    Someone should call Child Protective Services on the guy, he’s unfit to be a father.

  2. Joseph says

    It remains to be seen if a bill like this will really help rather than hinder the rights and livability of Trans students in
    CA schools. There is already a backlash in the press (LA Times opined that only 1 1/2% of the CA student population is impacted).

  3. Bob says

    From his official biography_____
    The third oldest of 14, Tim was born in Atlanta, Georgia
    ….In 2005, Tim answered the call of his country, and joined the fight to secure our borders. As the founder of the largest Minuteman chapter in California, he leveraged the media to bring national attention to the Federal government’s failure to enforce the border. Since then, Congress voted against amnesty, to improve the border fence and double the Border Patrol presence. The American public is acutely aware of the drug war, which has claimed over 40,000 lives in 4 years, and the violence that has spilled over the border into California

  4. renovato says

    Religion rots reasoning abilities.
    This guy is worse than ignorant he is willfully ignorant.
    Oh! dont mention intersex to him, his head will probably explode, …on the other hand ….

  5. DannyEastVillage says

    his poor kid is going to have a lot to get straightened out in his head when he finds out how full of s**t his ol’ man is.

  6. says

    future headline: “CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly buries his own son because he never learned to be a proper father instead of an anti-gay bigot.”

    he’s scum and his kid’s gonna grow up totally f***ed in the head.

  7. Francis says

    Trans students have it hard enough, so whatever backlash occurs if one does, they will likely be prepared for it. But no such backlash occurred in LA and SF that have had similar laws in place for years, so I doubt anything will happen in most Californian schools.

    Feel bad for this bigot’s kids.

  8. Mark says

    they must all have really small dicks if they are worried about it being seen by a “female” LOL.

  9. Jaysonn says

    “when his two teen-aged sons were “horrified” after he told them that they might have to share bathrooms with female students.”

    Have you ever heard of teenaged boys that would be Horrified at having a girl in their bathroom? ….Oh wait! I would have been. But I never had a problem sharing with hot guys.

  10. Geoff says

    Racing, at supersonic speed, to the very bottom…leaving any trace of intelligence as mere vapor…to be carried away on the next breeze (as humanity simply turns the page).

  11. emjayay says

    His district is out in the sparsley populated southern California desert. Ever go through Needles on Route 40 (Flagstaff to LA)?

  12. woodroad34d says

    Fine, then, put the hell spawn in a Kazikstan school. Some leader…he’s obviously emminantly unqualified to make decisions for his district.

  13. andrew says

    Tim Donnelly proves that some Irishmen can be such bigots. Oh he’s not Irish. His ancestors were just owned by some Irishman. Sorry. The history of bigotry can be so confusing. I hope his son doesn’t find out that his great grand parents and beyond suffered from the same kind of bigotry his father encourages.

  14. Robert says

    Why would your teenage son be horrified about sharing a bathroom with a teenage female…that guy kinda has gay face.

  15. Sean says

    Good riddance bigot. Go ahead and make sure your demon spawn is as uneducated and stupid as you are, barbarian.

  16. Bill says

    Those of us who live in California know that this guy is harmless – mainly because so few Republicans can get elected.

    While it is touch and go, the Democrats have had a “supermajority” in the assembly, which allows them to get something passed even when a 2/3 vote is required (true in some cases such as tax increases).

  17. Kai says

    It seems that many gay people are themselves not completely aware of transgender issues and guilty of the same kind of prejudice espoused by people like this CA assemblyman and Huckabee. Could Towleroad consider an article refuting their bogus claims – laying out why transgender laws will not result in bathroom issues – and explain the issues that transgender people face? Alternatively, could you point out links to some good articles for the benefit of everyone? A big thank you to the team for your help.

  18. JCF says

    Brian has “a mental condition which damages the gay rights cause”. Transphobia CAN be cured, Brian: seek help!

  19. JCF says

    Brian has “a mental condition which damages the gay rights cause”. Transphobia CAN be cured, Brian: seek help!

  20. andrew says

    BRIAN is an a^^hole that Towleroad permits to post on this site in the belief that the 1st amendment permits all B.S.

  21. Marc says

    I wish all of these loons would pull their kids from public schools. We might create a more welcoming and nurturing environment for the sane to excel.

  22. Jack M says

    I can imagine the conversation. “Do you boys want girls to be able to see your pee-pees when you go to the bathroom? No? Ok, stay home then and we’ll home-school you and teach you about what the Bible says about modern life.” Tragic!

  23. Hey Darlin' says

    I think if he fears what his boys might do to someone at school he should keep them at home. School should be a safe place for ALL students.

  24. Koskalaka Maricón says

    This transphobic tragedy redounds, as usual, to the innocent: Tim Donnelly’s sons. If his sons are pulled from their public school(s): (a) they’ll lose the daily company and social circle of their fellow students, friends, peers, and adult teachers and helpers in whom they trust and confide; (b) they’ll learn from dear old dad that it’s acceptable to act on one’s ignorance and to be phobic and anti-trans from their father; and (c) when Donnelly is up for re-election (or runs for governor), the boys’ father may be out of a job as an elected public official.

  25. mmike1969 says

    Yeah, perhaps you need to shelter your child in a private school since it’s obvious you bigoted people are incapable of being in public school in the first place.