Bald Eagle Released at Oral Roberts University Chapel Service Crashes Into Window: VIDEO


For some reason, bald eagles are part of the chapel service at Oral Roberts University to launch the new school year, and an eagle that was released last week flew into a window and fell to the ground as onlookers shrieked and chanted "U.S.A.".

Tulsa World reports:

“It was a bit shocking to see, but we’re thankful the eagle is OK,” said ORU spokeswoman Carissa Bratschun.

She said the eagle was supposed to fly straight to the trainer who was standing on stage. Instead, it circled the auditorium.

“It had practiced five or six times,” she said. “When the time came, we’re not sure what happened. It flew around the room and then hit a window.”

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Gregory in Seattle says

    “When the time came, we’re not sure what happened. It flew around the room and then hit a window.”

    Goddidit, obviously. Isn’t that their answer to anything they cannot otherwise explain?

  2. Meah says

    It’s just so crazy a thing to do, and the symbolism is so obviously lost on them.

    Not unlike the biblical symbolisms constantly lost on them.

    You’d think there’d be a law or something about abusing a national bird like that !

  3. Will says

    That’s the same way I would feel if I was in a room full of nut cases. Fly round and round and then smash my head in a window.

  4. screamingqueen says

    Obviously it realized where it was and what was going on and tried to commit suicide.

  5. AngelaChanning says

    From Wikipedia:
    Permits are required to keep Bald Eagles in captivity in the United States. Permits are primarily issued to public educational institutions, and the eagles which they show are permanently injured individuals which cannot be released to the wild. The facilities where eagles are kept must be equipped with adequate caging and facilities, as well as workers experienced in the handling and care of eagles. Bald Eagles cannot legally be kept for falconry in the United States. As a rule, the Bald Eagle is a poor choice for public shows, being timid, prone to becoming highly stressed, and unpredictable in nature. Native American Tribes can obtain a “Native American Religious Use” permit to keep non-releasable eagles as well. They use their naturally molted feathers for religious and cultural ceremonies. The Bald Eagle can be long-lived in captivity if well cared for, but does not breed well even under the best conditions.[124] In Canada, a license is required to keep Bald Eagles for falconry.[125]

  6. MArk says

    Are this people STUPID or sadistic???? really, what did they thought, that the eagle was going to exit by opening the door???

  7. woodroad34 says

    The American symbol of Freedom trying to escape a repressive and demonic organization like that…it’s all there.

    Dumb asses.

  8. says

    When they practiced, there were no people – only the trainer. On actual day, an auditorium-full of people. Very big difference for the eagle’s two main sense organs: sight and sound. Science should have guided the ceremonies, not religion/politics.

  9. WH says

    Andy: With your “love” of nature why do you show this? Guess it being the “enemy” makes animal torture okay. May this little hint of sadism be reflected in the next gay bashing.

  10. Phil says

    Fortunately there’s euthanasia for these type things. And a vet can also nurse the eagle back to health.

  11. unokhan says

    in light of the wikipedia article referenced here by angelachanning, exactly what is the legal pretext for keeping this particular bird in captivity?

  12. L Goethe says

    What´s happening?
    Thank heavens (any one you wish) the animal was not injured….has no business flying anywhere but outside in its habitat!

  13. Quicksilver says

    “For some reason”? Even a cursory search of the internet will reveal that ORU uses a “golden” eagle named Eli as their school mascot. Their athletes are called the Golden Eagles. Being moronically patriotic religious zealots, they seem to think that they unlimited and irresponsible access to live specimens of all eagle species to involve in their kooky cult hokum.