1. Mike in nyc says

    Put that ugly bigot on a slow boat back to China. She will enjoy China’s Government commitment to civil liberties. Same as hers.

  2. Nat says

    Damn, how hateful can someone be? She’s definitely part of the big seed of evil in this world. Come to think of it, she’s probably a self-loathing lesbian who will probably get caught in some lesbian scandal sometime soon.

  3. ChrisQ says

    Wow. Just wow. The good news is, we have reached a point where even in Texas, the pressure for her to resign will grow and her career, except as a water carrier for the far religious right, is over.

  4. Chris says

    I’d bet $10k that this woman has never had an orgasm, or any positive sexual experience.

  5. Gino Tee says

    Get her out. Period.

    No excuses. NO apology bull. This is some disturbing, disturbing stuff.

  6. Concord says

    Hey LGBT,

    How about instead of pouring out vodka from other countries, we ya know, put pressure against city leaders that think we’re cesspool in our own country!


  7. Scott Landry says

    What are national LGBT groups & coalitions doing about this? I would hope these kinds of stories, as opposed to celebrity functions, is what they would take the lead on in reacting to…………

  8. Scott Landry says

    What are national LGBT groups & coalitions doing about this? I would hope these kinds of stories, as opposed to celebrity functions, is what they would take the lead on in reacting to…………

  9. Klien says

    Horrible commentary. Just awful and ugly. This is beyond ignorance, her comments reveal unfiltered hate.

  10. C.J says

    Her comments truly turned my stomach. I couldn’t even believe they are real. Is there enough resources for LGBT in Texas to voice their concerns about her and oust her?
    If not, can national LGBT groups step in?

  11. Veejay says

    And she’s close to being the mayor of one of the largest cities in our nation.

    This is a huge, huge problem.

  12. Junior says

    It’s great we’re so engaged in things happening in Russia, but can we also use just a bit of that energy to fight this kind of excessively nasty, bigoted, hateful homophobia right in our own backyard?

  13. hughes says

    Geezus. Even some republicans in conservative areas are not opposed to gay adoptions, realizing gays and lesbian loving families adopt children from the foster care system and give them loving homes.

  14. Fiat says

    I want to see Mayor Castro take the lead in encouraging this woman’s exit. He’s proven to be a strong leader in the democratic party and seeing how hisname is thrown around toward vice president potential; this is a great platform to show his leadership.

  15. George says

    San Antonio? and I always thought that was one of the more progressive areas in the state.

    If she stays, LGBT are not going to be well represented, and beyond that, it sends a very demoralizing message to our LGBT youth.

  16. Real Talk says

    Woah. That is some hateful sh-t right there.

    Can we spread the love by protesting LGBT prejudice that takes place here as well?

  17. TreesLightBlazer says

    We need to not get accustomed and accepting of militant hatred for our community. We need to vocally and visibly challenge such bigotry, and in this case, hate. What often happens in a sea of hatred is you become numb to it, which leads to complacency.
    This is not okay. Not in 2013. Not ever. Not toward any demographic. She has to step down. And unless consistent pressure is put on the city- she won’t.

  18. TX Steve says

    The San Antonio I know will not stand for this. We’re far more like Austin than Laredo. This is inexcusable coming from our elected officials.

  19. Javier says

    Protest. Be galvanized. Organize peaceful marches. Contact local city leaders. Get your voices and faces heard. We pay too much taxes to deal with this crap still.

  20. Michelle says

    Gay/lesbian parents lead to confused children and should be outlawed? Who does this woman think she is? This is revolting.

  21. ratbastard says

    Why isn’t TR reporting on the latest assault on gay men in Manhattan, Chelsea? The police have now released drawings of two of the suspects, but it was a group of guys. Google it if you’re interested.

  22. Matteo says

    Dreadful statement. Would Ms. Chan be happy if folk were to comment on Chinese behavior in public and lack of respect for those around them? Just sayin…

  23. Ciera says

    Get her out of office. Where there’s a will, there is always a way. If our community let’s this incident be brushed under the rug, she’ll hire a PR firm and put this behind her as she gets voted in as mayor.

  24. paul says

    Aside from anything her grammar is apalling…she’s close to illiterate. She can’t string a sentence together. She makes Sarah Palin seem like Tolstoy. How can such a cretin have a position of such authority ? Is any formal education at even a basic level not a pre requisite ? Can this woman read ?

  25. Kev C says

    This is what happens when we allow foreign born immigrants to run for office. They bring their foreign values and don’t understand and respect our constitution and laws.

  26. Patrick says

    Frankly, I don’t mind her hate as much as her blatant ignorance about human relations, family, society and sexual behavior. And her willingness to spew on and on and effect law and public policy based on her ignorance. San Antonio – you elected her. This is what you get. Now fix it. And those other dopes are equally ignorant. Even the mayor was astounded at them.

  27. Moz's says

    quick googles

    Chan is REPUBLICAN

    Julian Castro (DEM)is mayor NOW and is beloved, competent, gave the key note address at DEM presidential convention, supposedly on “watch” list of white house which led back to the tap to address the DEM convention 2012….

    In 2009, his first year in office, Castro served as grand marshal of the Gay Pride Parade. In 2011, he led a contentious push to extend city benefits to domestic partners, including gays and lesbians.

    Last year, in his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, Castro told millions that gays should have the right to marry. And in January, he appointed a senior policy advisor as his liaison to the LGBT community, the first in the city’s history.

    If Castro runs again for mayor (as vs a higher office) against challenger Chan then we should make sure to support Castro with donations etc

  28. shane says


    Use the following address to write to the campaign or donate by mail:

    P.O. Box 592147, San Antonio, TX 78259
    (Address donations to Elisa Chan Campaign)

    Campaign Office:

    2431 E. Evans Road, San Antonio, TX 78259
    Coming north on 281 outside loop 1604 you will take a right on Evans road. You will pass a Whataburger and Arbys on your left. Just past that you will see a Subway at the corner of Evans Rd and Encino Commons. Turn left onto Encino Commons. Once on Encino Commons you will turn right onto a private street just past the day care center on your right. This road will lead you to 2431 E. Evans Rd. Please come to the side door.

  29. rroberts says

    My question is who are those other voices? Ms Chan is unbelievably misinformed, but not really any more so than a couple of the others in the room.

  30. Bubba says

    Thats so funny, I never thought people were actually born Asian. I think it is a choice. I just can’t imagine it

  31. Kev C says

    Real chinese food is disgusting. Chinese people eat dogs and raw squid and aborted human fetuses. They are so poor, they have babies just to have something for supper.

  32. charlie says

    Many of the immigrants here in the US have no love for the gays. I wanted a ban on immigrants from certain countries based on their view of human rights.

  33. Ciera says


    They want to get a reaction out of you.

    I often wonder if the people trolling and those responding directly to the trolls are the same person.

  34. Carlos H. says

    Here’s a brave idea: Organize a massive protest/march (bring relatives, community leaders, LGBT organizers, allies, friends, thousands) and come with signs spreading the word. Ideally, get a few city officials who are LGBT friendly. Perhaps even the mayor. You’ll attain massive media attention, get the dialogue going, and send a firm message that this type of bigotry is unacceptable.

    San Antonio LGBT……..Time to organize and galvanize.

  35. Tia says

    Instead of emailing her, which she either won’t get or won’t care: it be more wise to get our message broadcast in a more prominent and collective manner. I like the idea of a monumental march in the city. Lord knows LGBT groups have the money to orchestrate something like that, and I’d say events like this would call for something like that.

  36. Tia says

    I agree. Ignore the trolls. They want to derail the convo. Don’t feed them.

    Keep the conversation about this woman, and the SA city councils ignorance.

  37. jamal49 says

    @RROBERTS Thank you for pointing this out.

    I’d hazard a guess that less than 5% of the xenophobe sexists posting their faux-outraged commentary didn’t even take the link and actually READ the transcript of the committe review and comments about the ordinance. Ms. Chan’s comments are practically benign compared to some of the other persons at that meeting.

    Typical of TW that it will take the obvious target, in this case a woman of Chinese heritage, then cherry-pick her most idiotic statements and toss them up in an wholly-inadequate summary of the committee’s deliberations over the non-discrimination ordinance.

    Folks, get up off your lazy asses and read the transcript! I’ll grant that Ms. Chan’s comments were stupid to say the least, but some of the other committee members? Their ignorance and blatant homophobia are worse than anything Ms. Chan says in this meeting.

    Pay attention, folks. Don’t always rely on TW’s hit-and-miss “summaries”. TW has a reputation for misleading sometimes and in this case, it’s a big one. Ms. Chan might be way off base but if you read the transcript of some of the other comments, I’d say we need to ask several other committee members to resign.

  38. Bryan L says

    First of all, there are millions of people in the US who agree with her…millions of Americans who are ignorant, misinformed, hateful, purposefully, willfully stupid, warped by religious doctrine, and virulently homophobic. Thankfully, these idiots identify themselves on a regular basis. Hopefully, the people of San Antonio will come together and fight such bigotry…as we all must every single day.

  39. northalabama says

    the only difference between her and many republicans is that she came out of the closet…as a bigot. this will happen more and more as politicians filter their news, restricting themselves to a diet of faux news, fellow republicans, and close friends and family. when you never hear opposing views, it lulls you into a sense of security.

    unlike being gay, being a bigot and councilwoman is a choice, the latter chosen by voters. i’m glad she is open and truthful about her opinions, and hope she seeks help to understand why she’s so wrong, about so many things. now, get her the hell out, san antonio.

  40. Tim C says

    Gotta love my hometown. All my old friends have been saying she should resign on Facebook. SA isn’t going to stand for that s**t.

  41. Mary says

    “… because personally, I think it’s just disgusting just to even think about.”

    Well, who said she HAD to think about it? But the ironic thing is that as more and more states allows gays to marry. people like her will see that it isn’t “disgusting” in the least. Same-sex love is as beautiful as hetero love. Which is why same-sex weddings look as touching as they do. When you think of what these couples had to go through in order to be together openly you realize that it’s even MORE beautiful. This is why so many people are becoming liberal on this issue. Tolerance enables people to join in on this couple’s happiness, which is more satisfying emotionally than crabbing about their “disgusting” behavior.

    She’ll find out when gays can marry in Texas – which will come in time.

  42. Roman Bolliger says

    Quote “I never bought in that you are born, that you are born gay. I can’t imagine it.”

    So that woman not only has too restricted cognitive capacities to read scientific papers and a really, really, really, really narrow imagination, but she even dares to define herself as a politician on the basis of that shocking lack of imagination. That woman is just a complete idiot. Who wants an idiot as a mayor?

  43. Steve says

    This is the exact some thing that happens in many other Republican offices. The only differences is that most of them don’t have people recording the meetings.

  44. Rick says


    Yesterday, it was the female Russian pole vaulter. Extolling Russia’s anti-gay policy–which was authored by another woman. Today a woman aspiring to be Mayor of San Antonio.

    At the same time that, on the same page, we see a story–utterly unthinkable even 10 years ago–of an NFL quarterback saying it is time for some “out” gay players in the NFL.

    As men increasingly discard the taboo against having sex with each other, women become increasingly threatened, angry, and hostile towards us.

    The trend is unmistakable to anyone who opens his eyes.

    And yes, this is also what comes of allowing non-white immigrants to swamp the country–as “good liberals” have done and continue to do–which will ultimately destroy the Western values that have made the eradication of homophobia at least a possibility…..

  45. Mary says

    “She makes Sarah Palin seem like Tolstoy”

    Are you sure Tolstoy deserves an insult like this?

  46. jayjay says

    the comments made by the lady is disgusting and appalling, but to find so much racist/ignorant readers’ comments in a blog like towleroad is just wow…hope it really is just trolls.

  47. Leroy Laflamme says

    What an unbelievably dumb bunch of people. They have no business in civic leadership. How come, though, this report is so one-sided? As this recording proves, Chan is not alone in her thinking. Why are the others not named? I refuse to listen to this stupidity, so I cut it off before it was halfway through. These are her advisors? Talk about the dumb leading the dumb. ‘Become a cultural warrior on this issue’ Ha!

  48. John says

    @Mike in nyc

    Clearly the irony of your own bigoted comments are lost on you? Perhaps you should have a moment of self-reflection and consider how you – and other LGBT folk who hold bigoted views – can also contribute to a tolerant society? The very kind of society in which we LGBT folk would like to live.

  49. Rick says

    “Chinese people eat dogs and raw squid and aborted human fetuses.”

    They are also behind the destruction of virtually all the world’s wildlife–they are wiping out sharks in the world’s oceans and by so doing, destroying oceanic ecosystems….so they can turn them into soup……they are wiping out elephants and rhinos in Africa and Asia by supporting criminal poaching gangs…….they are wiping out tigers in Asia because apparently, Chinese men are so impotent that even Viagara doesn’t work for them and so they drink soup made out of tiger penises in their desperation….and they are destroying the Amazon rain forest by buying massive amounts of soybeans from Brazil (the forest is cleared to make soybean farms, mainly)…..for use as animal feed as they stuff their mouths with more meat now that they have a little money to spend

    All in all, just wonderful, socially responsible people.

  50. Tia says

    The same people outraged by the “racism” in these comments are the same ones making the racist comments. They are the same troll. They infest this blog with racist comments to paint gay people as racist and derail the conversation away from the homophobia in the story. This trolling has been done fr years and needs to be called out.

  51. Marco says

    Oh please “jay jay” and John, your little concerned act is amusing considering you’re probably the troll posting the ignorant comments and now responding to yourself pretending to be all concerned.

    We know you trolls on here by now.

    Anyways, this witch needs to be out of office.

  52. Rick says

    “Clearly the irony of your own bigoted comments are lost on you? Perhaps you should have a moment of self-reflection and consider how you – and other LGBT folk who hold bigoted views – can also contribute to a tolerant society? The very kind of society in which we LGBT folk would like to live”

    @JOHN There is no irony, involved. What some of you have deluded yourselves into believing is that racial minorities see homsexuals as a legitimate “minority”. They don’t……and therefore don’t empathize with you as such……and so your attempts to “set a good example” by empathizing with them fall on deaf ears…..and you only end up looking like a utopian fool in the process.

    The bottom line is that the idea that homosexuality is acceptable is, at this point, ENTIRELY, a Western (i.e. white) notion…..there is no non-white country in the world where there is even a modicum of support for the idea….and if we continue to allow this country to be flooded by people from these cultural backgrounds, eventually, as they become the majority, they can ignore Western culture and impose their own homophobic cultures on us…..which is just what is happening, as the recent rash of attacks by Dominicans on gays in NYC demonstrates.

    Your liberal Utopia will never ocme to pass, any more than any kind of Utopia has ever come to pass in this world….and you had better realize that before it is too late.

  53. Maria Vasquez Conner says

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Back to this despicable act by this woman, she is the reason why a lesbian couple was recently attacked while walking their daughter near san Antonio. These kinds of monsters should not be leading our city!

  54. Junior says

    San Antonio LGBT are a beautiful LGBT that come in many different shades, backgrounds and types and they will not stand for such blatant HATRED by this woman representing them or this city.
    Keep the pressure on for her to resign.

  55. Mike In Texas says

    “Hate has no place in San Antonio. We cannot turn our backs on the existing divisions that have revealed themselves during this debate. We need to heal our divisions as a community, and we can only achieve that by revealing them and addressing them together.

    Our staff has experienced that today. Effective immediately, I have placed Jeff Bazan on an indefinite administrative leave. I hope that he will take the time to reflect and to heal. Our community must now engage in similar reflection over the issues that divide us. I believe that the successful passage of the nondiscrimination ordinance will be an important step in that process.”

  56. Gordon says

    I remember when Asians were considered un-natural and were also treated as disgusting. Too bad she is so “americanized” in her bigotry that she can’t remember her own history.

  57. thom says

    Elisa Chan: Get enrolled in an advanced English Class pronto!…Please, lady. Having an accent is never wrong and even charming but one’s grasp of the tongue of the people she wants to represent is imperative. Your thoughts are old, stale and archaic…and how dare any one insist that being gay is a choice!..HOW do they know this????It’s not like preferring wheat toast to white, sister!….Grow up and learn something before you try to represent people who live in today’s world, not some ancient kingdom that has all but vanished into the fading part of history.. (Russia and some of Africa excluded of course.)

  58. Rob says

    I wonder how she is with Blacks and Jews. I have a feeling I know. It would have been nice to record her saying racist, antisemitic things too, just to round it out.

    Ideally we are getting to a point where racist, antisemitic, and homophobic remarks by right wing officials would all have the same outcome. Unemployment.

  59. jjose712 says

    jayjay: Yes, they are trolls, the comments section of towleroad is full of them (unfortunately).
    If you read something so outrageous that it’s hard to believe someone can say that, you can be sure that it’s one of our trolls doing his job (they didn’t rest).

    And about this woman, it’s amazing how dumb are some people in politics. You can be a bigot, but at least a smart one

  60. says

    did anyone else meet those kids who, whilst attending university for the first time, in a bigger city/state/province, totally had no idea how to adapt to the real world because their small-minded parents never bothered to teach them about, you know, reality?

    raising your kids to be anti-LGBT is a surefire way to guarantee your kid becomes a pariah. for a change.

  61. Buckie says

    It’s interesting that she felt that everyone in the room was on the same page, and that what she was saying wouldn’t be considered offensive to the point of someone finding her so repulsive that they’d pretty much sacrifice their career to expose her and get away from her and the other people in the room that remained silent.

    What I find most disturbing isn’t just her remarks – as offensive and ignorant as they were. What I find just stunning is that nobody took issue with her at all. This is what it’s REALLY like behind the closed doors of government. This is what REALLY happens, day in day out.

    The whole concept of representative government is undermined by surrounding yourself with people too cowardly to challenge you, and by electing people in the first place that are essentially big fat phonies when it comes to representing themselves as capable of doing the job in the first place.

    This is a person who really feels the way she says. She’s not going to change, though you can count on her *pretending* that she has, if she doesn’t resign from her position, or find herself removed by the public outcry.

  62. candideinnc says

    It is simply nauseating. She is smart enough not to say these bigoted things in public, so she knows how her remarks will be understood. She knows her bigotry would be condemned, so she harbors it like a thief.

  63. ToddKnows says

    “Thief” is a good analogy I think…

    She has two options; she can stick to her guns and say she meant what she said, which would be the honest thing to do.

    Or she could pretend she’s sorry and has some transformative experience, which would be, uh, totally fake.

    Many people will side with her, so at least in that regard, she’s representative. And that’s an interesting thing to consider. Change doesn’t really come from the top-down in a representative democracy. It has to come from the people-up.

    We have a great deal of work to do so far as educating these people. Let’s face it, the progress we’ve made hasn’t been by forcing people to believe something they do not. It’s been by convincing them of something that is true and real.

  64. RBearSAT says

    Thank everyone so much for the comments and support for this measure and the protest against CW Chan. In some ways, her remarks have helped tip the balance towards passage of the non-discrimination ordinance planned for a Sept. 5th vote. Prior to Friday, there were only 5 Yes votes secured, one shy of passage. Right before the press conference at City Hall, CM Ron Nirenberg issued a statement saying he planned to vote for the NDO. The three remaining undecided votes are expected to also announce support after an informational briefing on Aug. 28th.

    This has been a rough road for the past two years to get to this point, including the opposition booing Staff Sgt Eric Alva, one of the key supporters overturning DADT, in a Citizens to be Heard session last Wednesday. But, as most of us working on this said, when it rains it pours.

  65. andrew says

    Fortunately for the great city of San Antonio the bigot Chan will never be mayor. I love it when bigots are so dumb that they self destruct.

  66. m says

    amazing. its 2013 can she really be as dumb as she seems. she confuses her uninformed opinion for fact. her political career is over unless she defects to russia.

  67. Carlos says

    In the 25+ years that I’ve been “out”, I’ve occasionally come across a woman from traditional cultures who bemoans she’ll never be married, in some cases these same women find gays repulsive.

  68. scott says

    YeS!!! Consider what’s in the Bible- Abraham and Sarai were a couple- AND brother and sister. Yep, always thought that was weird, but my Sunday School teachers tried to explain it away as they weren’t really brother and sister -or it “was a different time.” Funny, how people never bring THAT part of the BIble up.

    Anyways, hope Chan is raked over the coals over this. AND those disgusting guys in the audio clip- hope we can find out their identities and make sure they never find a job outside the GOP’s racist, sexist, homophobic club

  69. RBearSAT says

    Unfortunately, regarding Chan’s political career, she represents the most conservative district in the city. She is also exploring challenging Dr. Donna Campbell (SD25) in the Texas Senate, and a hard core tea party elected official. Campbell is the one who issued the final germaneness challenge against Sen. Wendy Davis during the infamous filibuster. That challenge was the one that ended the filibuster.

  70. WAKE UP says

    For the love of God people wake up! Now more than ever we are in danger. Not from the threats we publicly see and hear, but from those not seen and not heard, those that are kept behind closed doors. This woman is not alone in her distorted views of our people. Sometimes not discussing your sexual preference is the best way to find out who truly hates you. Just saying.

  71. WAKE UP says

    However, she was NOT ALONE in her views. WHy were the others not named and shown? If you conduct a witch hunt, then you need to expose all witches! Who are the men speaking? They are just as disgusting!

  72. Please Read People says


  73. Bob says

    She is Taiwanese — unfortunately, lots of missionaries went there and pushed “Christianity” on the people.
    Contact Information
    District Email
    Post Office Box 839966
    San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
    Phone: 210-207-7325

    PHONE FOR HER BUSINESS: Phone: 210-641-6003

  74. Kev C says

    Taiwan is just another word for China.

    They want to get a reaction out of you.”

    Yeah, a reaction called laughter. Do you autists emotion ever?

  75. Richard says

    Look at her smiling, yet sick and bigoted to the core. We’re surrounded by these creeps, from Tony Perkins to Putin. Anti-gay hate speech is the precursor to anti-gay violence.

  76. Bob says

    @Kev — Taiwan is a separate country, taken over by mainland Chinese many decades ago. It is NOT a communist country, which is how the missionaries got in strongly.

  77. Richard says

    Who’s the male idiot on the audio blathering about incest and beastiality? He needs a lobotomy. It sounds like a moron convention. Why don’t these people put down their bibles and read a novel?

  78. peterparker says

    xOkay, I’ve been reading this transcript, and I can’t believe how relentlessly ignorant these people are.

    Putting aside the anti-gay bias, they don’t know what ‘pantheistic’ means! They don’t understand ‘pansexual’! They think that what causes a man to be gay is having been raised with too much female influence! They are not just hateful–they’re dumb!

    The only one of them who has any sense at all is the woman named Jackie. She should be commended. The rest of them should be shown the door.

  79. Ninong says

    Ms Chan is a 1987 computer science graduate of the Beijing University of Technology who came to the US in 1988. She became a US citizen in 1999 and now she’s hoping to be the next mayor of San Antonio.

    Let’s hope the good people of San Antonio find someone less disgusting to be their next mayor.

  80. Hyacinth says

    What an awful person. Misery loves company, non? And for all the racist comments… You’re doing exactly what Ms Chan is doing, misplacing your anger/misery/emptiness/______ by trying to focus on bigotry against some other marginalized group. Please, do some critical thinking and spend the energy doing something useful for the LGBT community.

  81. gwrightg says

    ah, the irony of it all!!
    it was not that long ago that asians were barred from the usa and considered “disguting” for being who they are. does she have a short memory or what. (remember that during the gold rush in california, chinese/asians were sometimes shot as “vermin”.)

  82. Chevytexas says

    She’s not even close to being Mayor in a Latino city, even before the hateful comments. She has tried to align herself with John Hagee andocal Christians [like reformed whores, Asian Christians are rabid converts) but with limited success, she’s just too Asian for them lol.

  83. FunMe says

    I’m originally from that town. Even though I have been out-of-town since I left for college, I have followed each year and it’s been great to see how the town has gotten better for everyone. When you have hateful politicians like Elisa Chan with so much HATE and stupid agreements, they need to be turned off the loving and acceptance by the San Antonio politicians and other city residents. Elisa needs to be turned out of government and hopefully out of Texas. She has no role in politicians and especially San Antonio as they are showing that they are slowly but surely going to the equality for all. Time to get rid of her hate now!

  84. FunMe says

    That woman has been in the US since 1988 … basically 25 years. Sounds like that know she is wealthy and living very well in San Antonio and caring no one else but her rich self. She needs to be thrown out of any US government! SHE THIS OUT: “Elisa was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States in 1988. She became a U.S. citizen in 1999 and has resided in San Antonio for 20 years. She received her B.S. in Computer Software Engineering at Beijing University of Technology in 1987. She received her Master’s degree in computer science at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1993. For 13 years, she worked successfully in the computer software development field.

    Elisa, husband Clifford and ten-year-old daughter Nikola reside in North Central San Antonio.”

  85. bill_b says

    MIKE IN NYC wrote: Put that ugly bigot on a slow boat back to China.

    Oooookay…responding to ugly bigotry with…ugly bigotry. That’s certainly taking the moral high ground.

  86. bill_b says

    BEN NEVIS wrote: Welcome to the great state of Texas.

    Whose largest city has twice elected an openly lesbian mayor.

  87. Dave says

    The man speaking the most in this clip is clearly getting off with the content of the subject matter. The whole group of people sound painfully uneducated.

  88. G Wu says

    It’s sad that some people still take race (her being chinese/foreign born) as the issue of contention, rather her political stance and personal beliefs… sad