1. Hagatha says

    What kind of an idiot brings a Bible into a legal discussion these days? If I were an evangelical I would be well practiced in making my case without the Bible or God references.

  2. MikeKV says

    The kind of idiot that ‘believes in the Constitution”, well, until the part about everyone getting to practice religion how they wish — then they’re all to happy to ignore that while trying to inflict their religious beliefs upon everyone else…

  3. says

    All of the RED STATES that we have written off as hopelessly rightwing have large progressive communities in their urban and academic centers.
    This should be a lesson. Support those movements where change can take place locally & (sooner or layer) the rest of the state will follow.

  4. NVTodd says

    Note that a Baptist minister was one of the voices of reason here.

    We need to support our friends, and they are everywhere.

    We do not need to live like everyone of faith is the enemy.

  5. Nelson says

    I would also like to point out something, as the atheist uncle of a minister in a progressive UCC church. We have got to the point that when we hear the word “Christian” in conversation, we all automatically recoil because what we hear is “fundamentalist hate-monger”. There are plenty of Christians in the more mainline churches who are not hateful bigots. The problem I have with them is that they do not speak up loudly against the crazy faction.

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