French Nurse Rents Out Breasts for Gay Men with Babies

A French nurse is charging  €100 per day for access to her breast milk and targeting gay men with children, The Local reports:

FranceA 29-year-old nurse describing herself as a “mother in full health” has caused a stir in France by posting a classified ad online, putting her own breasts up for rent to feed newborn babies.

What’s more, the unorthodox entrepreneur appears to be specifically targeting gay men, who are now allowed to adopt children after France's divisive gay marriage bill was voted in earlier this year.

The ad by “cecelia232” on the French website is entitled “Breast rental – breast-feeding – Boulogne”, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Paris where ‘Cecelia’ lives.

“I am a young mother in full health, a trained nurse, 29 years old, and I’m renting out my breasts to feed young babies. In one day I can offer you up to a dozen feeds for your baby,” the post continues.

“Gay men in couples are not able to breastfeed their babies…Breastfeeding allows babies to be in good health. Basically, breast milk gives them complete nutrition,” she adds.

“Contact me through the site. Don’t bother if you’re not serious,” Cecelia concludes.

Cecelia232 also allows clients to book blocks of time online via a web calendar.


  1. Continuum says

    How is this any different than the wet nurses that the rich folks used to hire less than a 100 years ago.

    And, selling breast milk is still happening for those women who can’t produce enough of their own.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  2. Gay Dad ATL says

    Having gone through this issue with our three children, I learned that in parts of the world, it is illegal to sell breast milk, although if she’s “renting breast time,” not milk, then she may get around that. A group called the Leche League allows women to donate breast milk, and that is apparently done in the US. The controversy may be that there are health concerns with allowing your infant to consume breast milk from someone other than the woman who carried them. I would not engage her unless she were tested.

  3. ct says

    Given how much ink and faux-feminist outrage was spilled in France about the supposed “danger” of women leasing their body parts so that gay men can “exploit” them for childbearing purposes, I bet this ad is another provocation by the french Tea Party in their delirious campaign against gay marriage.

    Two weeks ago two notorious male murderers were married in a french prison with a notorious terrorist standing by as their witness. Smells like yet another media stunt by the homophobic lobby in order to portray same-sex marriage as “the end of civilisation”…

  4. Strepsi says

    I agree with @ CT, my first thought is she’s trolling.

    The French are MUCH more conservative than the U.S. when it comes to kids’ “right” to a natural mother and father, as well as more against commodifying reproduction: surrogacy is illegal for everyone, straight and gay couples alike, in France. This smells like a stunt.

  5. IJelly says

    Why would this woman care whether her clients are same sex or opposite sex couples? This smells like a stunt to me too.

    While things are definitely getting better in the Americas, it seems like Europe is getting crazier and crazier. Sad, because Europe has a long history of scapegoating unpopular groups during times of economic uncertainty.

  6. ct says

    @ strepsi

    Surrogacy is illegal almost everywhere in Western Europe, not just in France. Even places that don’t ban it (like Britain and Holland) let the surrogate keep the baby if she so wishes.

    Commercial surrogacy and pre-natal contracts may be legal in places like the U.S., Ukraine or India, but are deeply taboo over most of Europe.

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