French Nurse Rents Out Breasts for Gay Men with Babies

A French nurse is charging  €100 per day for access to her breast milk and targeting gay men with children, The Local reports:

FranceA 29-year-old nurse describing herself as a “mother in full health” has caused a stir in France by posting a classified ad online, putting her own breasts up for rent to feed newborn babies.

What’s more, the unorthodox entrepreneur appears to be specifically targeting gay men, who are now allowed to adopt children after France's divisive gay marriage bill was voted in earlier this year.

The ad by “cecelia232” on the French website is entitled “Breast rental – breast-feeding – Boulogne”, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Paris where ‘Cecelia’ lives.

“I am a young mother in full health, a trained nurse, 29 years old, and I’m renting out my breasts to feed young babies. In one day I can offer you up to a dozen feeds for your baby,” the post continues.

“Gay men in couples are not able to breastfeed their babies…Breastfeeding allows babies to be in good health. Basically, breast milk gives them complete nutrition,” she adds.

“Contact me through the site. Don’t bother if you’re not serious,” Cecelia concludes.

Cecelia232 also allows clients to book blocks of time online via a web calendar.

Posted August 6, 2013 at 10:21am ETC by Andy Towle
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