1. Zeta says

    If her son had been touched by an older man, then she needed to contact the police and file a statutory rape report. I realize it’s the South, though, and black folk trust the police not at all down there (or anywhere).

    Getting her 12 year old to beat her 15 year old sounds very old school rural. Where’s daddy at?

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    “She said … she would never harm her children.” She was “trying to protect her son by beating him.”

    Statements very frequently made by abusers. They genuinely believe they are acting in the best interests of their victims, and cannot understand the harm they cause. Almost a textbook illustration of the psychotic mindset.

  3. MIke says

    She was probably a victim of child abuse, her 11 year old will grow up and abuse his children. Sad to say it’s a learned behavior – like a genetic trait.

  4. ratbastard says

    For whatever reason, many ‘poor’ rural southerners [black and white] are obsessed with wuppin’, which means not a mild spanking you’d give to a small child to get his or her attention and focus, but to literally beat with a belt or some other object. Add to this the prominence of evangelicals and pentecostals and you have yourself a deadly mix.

    I’m not saying this type of attitude doesn’t exist among people elsewhere, but it’s especially prominent ‘down south’, and in the north among black Americans with strong cultural connections to the south. Some people will say it all dates from the times of slavery, etc., but it isn’t just southern black people and it in my opinion has more to do with the influence of evangelical protestantism and how everything is a sin, and how ‘respect’ especially for ‘elders’ has to be beaten into you.

  5. ucepitus says

    Hey that’s my local new station! And Gavin is our local gay news anchor. Did not realize that happened. I have accepted living in the South is just one messed up thing after the next. You adapt, but this is just ridiculous. What is it with people in my state wanting to beat the gay out of people or wrangle them up in a fenced in area and starve us to death. Maybe I should move. At least Wilmington is one of the more tolerant places in the state, percentage wise. OK, my random train of thought is complete. 😛

  6. woodroad34 says

    Ignorance is no excuse…there’s no love when you’re willing to hurt someone. I love the fact that she says she wouldn’t harm her children, so she has her younger son do it. What a witch.

    Again, this situation reminds me of the film that was done about 20 years or so ago, where the filmmaker went to a prison to talk with people who were put away for killing or severly assaulting gay people. They inevitably all said the same thing–they thought they were doing right and that society would applaud them and not put them in prison. Their thinking was so warped and sociopathic. No compassion or empathy.

  7. NotSafeForWork says

    I hope she also took his secret ring that has the secret blade to secretly cut someone when shaking hands to secretly transfer HIV.*

    *citation: Pat Robertson, Towelroad, 8/27/13

  8. Meah says

    I don’t know, drunk 15 year old that’s whoring around with older gay guy comes home and gets a beating hardly sounds like something to make excuses for either side for, much less pick a side.

    I’d give my 15 year old a good belting too if he came home drunk and was screwing around with an older guy.

    And those of you who are all about calling the cops and bringing the entire small town focus into your private lives are no more fit to raise a kid than you think she is.

  9. Art says

    And the F’n Christians go on about “Family Vales”. The kid would be better raised in a Gay household where he would actually be wanted.

    Choosing your family usually works better than accidental sperm depositors.

  10. Rowan says

    It’s a biblical thing. And cause ‘blacks’ LOVE religion EVERYWHERE….blah.

    But it’s always pick and choose isn’t it? Do you eat shellfish? Are YOU unwed? etc etc

    I wish one frigging journo would counter these questions back to them cause they will never learn and think they are victims of a liberal propaganda!

  11. walter says

    especially bad using a 12 year old to beat his brother. people like this shouldn’t have kids as part of her punishment she needs to be prevented from having having any more children .

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