Harry Styles Locks Lips With British Talk Show Host


Fresh off his recent twerking tour de force at the Teen Choice Awards, Harry Styles joined One Direction band-mates Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson and sat down with James Corden for a taping of his talk show, A League of Their Own (which sadly has nothing to do with the 1992 Penny Marshall film). At some point in the banter, Harry, whose bromance with Corden is reportedly well known, popped over to sit on his lap and gave him a smooch. The show has yet to air (read: no video just yet).


  1. woody says

    these guys always zip their lips shut lest anyone think they’re really kissing. jeez, lighten up. chris meloni and lee tergesen (both straight) actually kissed each other at a press conference. they are up for fun and don’t care.

  2. Scooter says

    James Corden, last seen in the three Musketeers playing Planchet, was on an episode of Graham Norton flirting with Bradley Cooper, well, more unabashedly leering than flirting, saying to Bradley, “you’re awfully fit.” I thought he was at least saying he was bi, this James.

  3. Rick says

    Fantastic. Male homophobia is dying and social matriarchy–and all its derivatives, including the gay male culture of effeminacy–is doomed as a consequence.

  4. Rick says

    I just hate gay men, effeminates and women. How very dare they make themselves known and demand equal treatment and rights. Those out and proud fairies don’t seem to care that you’re supposed to be ashamed of being gay, like I am. I’m the straight-acting gay ideal: I hate empowerment, I hate strength, and I hate myself.

  5. Billy says

    Corden won a 2013 TOny award, and is going to be the male lead (The Baker) in the movie “Into The Woods” with Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt (who plays his wife), Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, and others. and yeah, i LOVE him in the History Boys.

  6. MateoM says

    Late Tuesday night, while leaving a movie theater in Chelsea, a gay couple was attacked and beaten by a group of 6 young men yelling homophobic slurs. This incident is the latest in a string of attacks against gay men in Manhattan over the last three months, including one in which the victim was shot in the face and murdered.

    And yet, Towleroad makes no mention whatsoever about this growing danger and threat to gay men in Manhattan, while breathlessly reporting that some sexually ambiguous boy-bander kissed a television host on the lips? You’ve gotta be effin’ kidding. If Towleroad really purports to serve the gay community, it should dispense with the nonsense non-news fluff, and report on issues of SERIOUS IMPORT to the community. Otherwise, it just becomes a less attractively designed version of Queerty (to which the new set of boi bloggers here at Towleroad seems to be linking with greater frequency).

    C’mon, Andy Towle….grow up, exercise some editorial leadership over you boi bloggers, get out of their undies, and make this blog be of service to the community it claims to represent.

  7. Matt says

    Mateom: I sent this Chelsea bashing story to Andy and Towleroad yesterday. They ran a story about some new animal discovered that is a cross between a cat and a raccoon. I think the boy bander is “someone’s” fetish. It’s a shame.

  8. MateoM says

    That MateoM wasn’t me, but Rick/Jason/Brian posting as me. That said, if that gay bashing story is true, why isn’t it being reported. If only Rick/Jason would post info like this more often, even if it is under my username.

  9. Randy says

    YouTube is a funny place. And here’s what it showed me today:

    The Janoskians, a comedy/boy band group, brought a (presumably gay) boy on stage in Dublin, May 28, with Justin Bieber’s song “One Less Lonely Girl”. They sat him down, gave him flowers, a banana, some grinding, and a strip show (no kisses though). The segment was called “One Less Lonely Boy”.

    Enrique Iglesias still did it the best (by far) but it’s nice to see this can happen with a cheering crowd.

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